December 2021

Updated: Feb 5

A Fiery & Exciting New Moon Solar Eclipse + An Emotional & Sensitive Full Moon


New Moon in Sagittarius: December 4th

We’ve just had a Lunar Eclipse in grounded and mature Taurus, but this doesn’t mean you should slow down and distance yourself from the buzz… December is another magical month, this time with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in fiery, self-expressive, and extroverted Sagittarius. Let’s see what this means.

Sagittarius is the Archer who reaches for the stars…

Sag’ glyph is the Archer, the half man and half animal Centaur who points his arrow towards the stars up above. Sag always has their mind set on higher learning, philosophy, spirituality, and moral ideals. They’re adventurous, spontaneous, and excitable and they love to travel. All of these themes are present during the month of December.

Some key qualities of Sagittarius include being:-

  • Bold, bright, and blunt; they are happy and optimistic spirits, yet can be incredibly blunt.

  • Travel loving, adventurous, spontaneous and upbeat. Positive and full of vitality & optimism too.

  • Direct, slightly confrontational and aggressive, and masculine by nature, which allows them to take conscious action when channeled positively.

  • A natural visionary, philosopher, and dreamer!

  • Highly creative, artistic, and multi-talented. Many Sag’s make excellent performers, entertainers, musicians, and artists.

Ultimately, you’re being guided to get in tune with your charismatic and idealistic side so visions can shine through. Inspiration is powerful during a New Moon in Sag, as are imaginative and intuitive gifts. Set your mind on higher heights, dream big, and see the greater picture. (“Vision.”) Stay positive and be open to new levels of professional or social success, achievement, and accomplishment. If you’re able to travel, do so, because travel and adventure allows for new cultural opportunities and expansion.

Anything to be mindful of?

Yes! Sag is a great friend when they're vibing at their best. They can be loyal, devoted, and honest, however they are known for their frivolous and restless natures too. A lack of commitment may result from seeing too many possible paths and opportunities. If you’re currently in a new relationship or have roots in love, friendship, or a project, but are not wholly committed; be careful of losing interest and being disloyal. A love of the grander things in life can lead to superficiality, shallowness, and cutting ties (unconsciously) with the people and environments that have had your back.

Be mindful of impatience, impulsiveness, restlessness, and changing direction without conscious thought or consideration. The Sagittarius sign is often insensitive and overly zealous, disallowing for deeper connection & intimacy and breaking cords with long-term companions, lovers, and friends! Just something to be mindful of.

Jupiter symbolism

Jupiter is Sagittarius’ planetary ruler, and Jupiter symbolizes luck, abundance, expansion, travel, philosophy, and higher learning. Jupiter is all about culture, connections, and community- your place in local communities closer to home and the global community as a whole. Philosophical values rooted in esoteric, celestial/planetary, and metaphysical activity and concepts will be coming to light! This is my prediction for you. And, if they’re not, you’d be wise to start reconnecting to these inner aspects of Self.

December is also the time to take creative and artistic projects, hobbies, and passions to the next level. Strengthen, energize, and align. Tune into your soul and inner spirit where visionary gifts are rich. Vision is a combination of intuition, inspiration, and creative life force combined with practical wisdom… Don’t close yourself off from the source of creation and pure potential right now.

Stay clear of excessive Netflix watching, too much passion, intimacy, and romance, or too much idleness and laziness. Everything should be engaged in, in moderation, this month, so you have time and inspiration to follow your dreams. A hobby or vocation can turn into gold and achievement if you nurture the seeds of change flowing to you. Keep your mindset and self-talk positive as well, because low moods and pessimism may take over- especially towards the end of the month. There may be times of the year when total rest, “doing nothing,” and hedonistic pleasure-seeking or the like might be acceptable, but now is not the time!

Solar Eclipses represent bringing unconscious forces to light:

A Solar Eclipse is literally seen as the Moon blocking out the Sun. This symbolizes unconscious and hidden forces coming to light. Because, just after a Solar Eclipse the Sun comes back into focus, and the Sun represents the conscious mind and willpower. The message is that change, transformation, and significant personal (and collective) awakening are on the horizon. It’s all about the inner to outer projection of the self; unlike during a Lunar Eclipse where the focus is on your “inner world”- the world of feelings, emotions, and subconscious forces- a Solar Eclipse signifies your public & social image. Your main personality- the ‘you’ that everyone sees.

Take time to energize your talents, hopes & aspirations, ideals and visions, strengths and unique abilities. Higher Self/Mind qualities are desperately wanting integration and expression now. Take steps towards self-mastery, self-autonomy, and independence…

Primal VS Spiritual; Lower Self VS Higher Self

The second or dual aspect to the Sagittarius glyph is the Centaur. The Centaur symbolizes our primal, animal, and instinctive natures. We all have a lower or primal self, so if you’ve been denying or rejecting this you may start to experience some growing pains! Discomfort and tension are signs of healing though, so even if you have been neglecting your primal needs, acknowledgement and mindful acceptance are great steps towards wholeness (healing). The Centaur represents animal instincts are needs surrounding sex, intimacy, companionship, security, and survival.

The opposite end of the spectrum is the characteristics linked to the Higher Self. Thus, Sagittarius’ astrological glyph can help you to balance, integrate, and harmonize your lower & higher self. The moment you start to make peace with the traits that are often considered dark, undesirable, and impure; the moment you can step into the light. We are both animal and spiritual creatures.



Full Moon in Cancer: December 19th

In contrast to the fiery Sagittarius New Moon, there’s also a Full Moon in emotional and sensitive Cancer. Cancer is the Crab who has gifts in the artistic, caring, counselling, imaginative, and spiritual worlds. Let’s take a look at what this astrological influence means for us!

Close relationships

Close relationships are coming into focus, and there is a wonderful chance for real harmony and understanding. Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, full of compassion, and empathic. They possess skills in listening to and counselling others, psychic and intuitive ability, and powerful instincts. These psychic and sensitive subtleties allow Cancer to read people and feel their energy, which includes pain, illness, worries and fears, internal imbalances, and states of emotional, psychological, and spiritual ill-health. Combined with their extremely advanced empathy, they use these psychic gifts and instincts to help others; offering wisdom, kind advice, and intuitive counsel.

The way you relate with others will come into focus. You could be examining your intimate bonds and personal, professional, and family relationships. The type of advice and care you give others will come into the spotlight, in addition to how compassionate and sensitive you generally are. Consideration, nurturance, and sincere empathy increase under this Full Moon… Qualities like loyalty, devotion, affection, and a desire to protect those you love also amplify. Your inner mother and the maternal instincts that come with it shine bright! It’s a very positive lunar cycle for intimate relationships.

Cancer key qualities to reflect on (and embody):-

  • Kindness, caring, nurturing and empathy.

  • Sensitivity, instincts, and psychic gifts.

  • Fierce protection.