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Life Path 8

Life Path 8

Strengths and Gifts

Life path 8 is the path of great material and physical success, abundance, and ambition. Congratulations! If this is your life path, this is the one many want to have. 8 symbolizes infinity, infinite possibilities, and limitless potential. Life path 8 represents achievement, prosperity, and being your own boss, essentially. It’s the most ambitious life path alongside the master numbers, and signifies that you're destined for great success. Whatever you put your mind to, whatever you focus on; success, achievement, and recognition are yours.

Life path 8 represents a successful CEO or business leader just as much as it symbolizes someone who chooses to work in some charitable, environmental, or caregiving field (or any other!). Success is equated with satisfaction with life path 8, as well as public recognition and rewards for hard work done. Your intentions do not go unnoticed. Absolutely anything you put your mind and heart into will reap fruitful rewards, emotional satisfaction, and praise and approval from the right people. You carry considerable personal power and authority. Life path 8 people are self-autonomous, hard-working, ambitious, dedicated, and incredibly devoted. Achievement and prestige make up your life.

Abundance, financial blessings, financial security, determination, will power, and evolved inner drive are some of your greatest attributes. You're destined for success and prosperity. Again, it doesn’t matter what job you do or profession you choose, prosperity and success come through the power of your thoughts, intentions, and faith, moreover real belief in that what you do serves a purpose. You’re further an amazing planner, organizer, and natural manager. You may find yourself taking on leadership roles throughout your life without having ever asked for them. Responsibilities and leadership positions fall into your lap, and you’re perfectly capable of fulfilling them. Creating order and organization is one of your best qualities.

This is a very lucky life path, yet you equally need to work hard and be disciplined. Luck can come to you out of the blue and simultaneously through patience, diligence, and practical conscious action. It’s a mixture of both. Blessings flow to you effortlessly… You magnetic, create, and attract, and you may be a bit of an alchemist. 8 is a feminine number, which suggests you can magnetize and attract all you need to you. Your thoughts hold incredible power- your intentions matter! Life path 8s have mastered the laws of attraction, moreover the art of manifestation. Your manifestation gifts are strong, you’re intellectually and cerebrally gifted, and you have many gifts and skills linked to the higher mind. For example, you’re analytical, observant, and very perceptive, but you’re also an excellent problem-solver. And, you’re imaginative and intuitive beyond belief.

Practical wisdom, pragmatism, careful planning, long-term vision, and dreams and aspirations that can benefit society or mankind are strong with life path 8. You have an air of natural authority and magic, yet it’s grounded and very down-to-earth. You can be controlling and demanding (more on this in shadow traits), but you are generally very self-assured, direct, and humble; qualities that are appreciated by others. You command respect and attention. You speak with confidence and clarity too, and you are bold and somewhat fearless in expressing your views and beliefs, or standing up for the underdog! Many life path 8s fight for justice, social cohesion, or conscious change.

You’re wise, intuitive, and a real problem-solver, in addition to being innovative, inventive, and original. With abundance and avenues to self-leadership and personal autonomy as part of your destiny, it's natural for you to seek out new opportunities and connections. Fortunately, they are everywhere- you truly are incredibly lucky. 8 is the number of universal flow, feminine energy, receptivity, infinity, and unlimited potential, so these traits reflect in your personality. In addition, you’re extremely resourceful, always using your brilliant mind coupled with keen wit and observation to expand, grow, and alchemize. The more you align with your highest joy and follow your passions, the more resources, connections, and prosperity you seem to attract.

Ultimately, life path 8 is the sovereign and independent boss who takes charge. You like to be in control, further lead, guide, or teach. At the highest vibration, you are an excellent speaker, teacher, and way-shower for others. You're generous and loyal in intimate relationships too, more than happy to share your wealth, knowledge, and inspiration. Because 8 is feminine, you have well developed nurturing, caring, and supportive qualities; you’re a provider and protector to loved ones. This is also a deeply domestic life path, suggesting you would make the ultimate family person, head of household, or wife or husband.

You aren’t afraid of hard work. You're courageous, charismatic, and a charming self-leader who strives for perfection, abundance, and personal and professional victories… This makes you loved and respected by many. Expertise and mastery are two things you seek to reach. Without goals, passions, or visions for accomplishment, you can become lost to your shadow traits (flaws). Living with purpose and intention are integral to life path 8, while being friendly, outgoing, open-minded, balanced, and modest are keys to your success. Further, you’re sensitive to the needs and feelings of others combined with maintaining impeccable boundaries.

As 8 is the number of infinity, you should never stop learning; always seek to grow, evolve, and embody significant life lessons. This is quite a karmic path, but, luckily, you can use strong self-assertion, respect for others and tradition, and creativity to create positive karma for yourself. Being a boss while keeping integrity and humility in focus, as well as being as empathic and considerate or compassionate as possible, will unlock golden portals for you throughout life. You are blessed with unlimited potential! This is a very powerful life path to have, and with great power comes great responsibility. Integrity, modesty, and humility are three traits to live by; speak them as daily mantras to keep you aligned and on course.

Follies, Weaknesses, and Shadow Traits

The first main shadow area or folly with life path 8 is centered around taking the need for fame, success, or material abundance too far. The second lies in the abuse of power, seeking control over others, and being much too dominant in your dealings and mannerisms. There are issues of control and bullyish behavior, you may become a tyrant or dictator in your pursuit of public recognition, professional victory, or climbing the social ladder! Despite being a feminine path with many nurturing and caring qualities, you appear to lack sensitivity and empathy. You can become a bulldozer, moreover supremely competitive. Your desires and ambitions are so strong that you may have your eyes solely set on the end goal, forgetting the people combined with basic human decency and etiquette along the way. Of course, if your natal chart (personal astrology) signifies a lot of water and earth placements, which are yin or feminine in nature, you have some natural soothing energies and balanced vibrations to calm this tendency down. But, if you already have a lot of masculine energy, this is a big area for self-development to work on!

So, you can be tyrannical, bullyish, and way too headstrong. You take being assertive and dominant to new levels, forgetting the importance of compassion, kindness, grace, and other ‘yin’ qualities in the process. How much importance you place on success, fame, and so forth are linked to this. Your desires to dream big and achieve public and professional recognition can get in the way of personal, intimate, and family relationships. Fortunately, knowing this early on helps you avoid crucial mistakes and setbacks along your journey. Aiming for a balanced life is the key to your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health and well-being, and this begins with finding harmony between home & family life and your work & service.

In addition to these two main shadow setbacks, you can be arrogant, condescending, and judgmental, in addition to believing yourself to be superior. You may have many gifts and talents, but no-one is more or less superior than another; we only have differences that can connect and unify or disconnect us. Your problem is that you judge others for their economic or social status, or their career choice(s). This can help some of the time, as healthy judgment is excellent for discernment and logical, rational, thinking, yet it also hinders interpersonal relationships. It can also hinder your own success because you’re creating unnecessary conflict, tension, and separation. Being bossy and stubborn are also common with this life path.

Indulgence, excess pleasure or fame seeking, and hedonism are associated with life path 8. A competitive nature defines you, and as a sensual and magnetic person you tend to seek a lot of pleasure, whether in the form of luxury spending, material comforts, food, sex, intimacy, company, and excess. In your pursuit for material stability and security, your love life may suffer or be virtually non-existent! Family and friendship bonds can equally diminish. Control issues are linked here too. You can be deeply controlling and demanding, expecting a lot from others and yourself. Letting go and relaxing, moreover easing up and ‘taking a chill pill’ (metaphorically speaking) are difficult for you.

Mental stress and anxiety, burn-out, over-working, and exhaustion may be minor things you need to tackle. You would benefit greatly from gentle healing activities like meditation, mindfulness walks in nature, yoga, energy healing, yin martial arts such as tai chi or qigong (also known as chi kung), and anything that helps to soothe and strengthen your emotional body. Your emotional and spiritual health are linked to your psychological and physical health, therefore making improvements in one area will lead to positive results in many others. Furthermore, aim for more teamwork, harmony, and adaptability in both your personal and professional life. Showing your wonderful feminine qualities in business and work wouldn’t hurt you! Be more magnetic, gracious, adaptable, yielding (surrender… going with the flow), nurturing, compassionate, and warm with colleagues, employees, or collaborators. Business doesn’t have to be separated from pleasure or living a fulfilling emotional life.

Additionally, be more open and receptive to accepting the help of others. Learning to delegate more is key to life path 8; others have skills, wisdom, and expertise to share and offer- you’re not the only one. Seek to embody more of a cooperative, open-minded, and receptive spirit & mindset. The dominance and arrogance mentioned will be eased up, and you will find more potential partners, collaborators, and supporters. Finally, egotistical and narcissistic characteristics are linked to this life path. This all stems from your inability to release control coupled with always needing to win, be the best, or excel, however. Know thyself! Work on your mood, personality, and habits daily, and you will see that it’s very easy to shift in frequency.

Finally, you are surprisingly sensitive, for someone who puts on such a cold and boss-like front, therefore you may have issues in projection- unconsciously mirroring or projecting your insecurities onto others. Lightening up through dance, self-care, and creative expression are ideal for you to come into your body more, becoming more sensual, and further feeling more content and at peace with the people you interact with. Flowing with your romantic, down-to-earth, and sensitive side will also powerfully assist you in releasing greed, ego, and materialism.

Ideal Careers:

  1. Boss, CEO, manager, organizer, event planner or host, presenter, radio or film host, leader or co-leader, public motivational speaker, or head of household.

  2. Teacher, lecturer, writer, journalist, author, publisher, scientist, innovator, politician, or social servant.

  3. Musician, performer, spoken word artist, entertainer, actor, charity worker, recruitment specialist, rally or social justice and freedom movement speaker/motivator, or being self-employed in any chosen profession and field.

Life Path 8 and Love

You’re magnetic, charming, romantic, sensitive, and nurturing in love, despite the public image you present. You need someone who you can share your life with, meaning they need to respect your career and out-of-home hobbies, connections, and partnerships. When you find a compatible soulmate who understands your strengths and follies simultaneously, you are the ideal husband or wife. You provide, support, and nurture- you’re incredibly protective with powerful instincts for offering care, in addition to creating a secure and stable home environment. You like to lead but can be equally submissive. Contrary to all the information presented, which is accurate, you have a surprisingly submissive side when you feel safe, loved, and seen. You need to feel understood in love to open up fully, and when you do you are an amazing lover and partner. You don’t mind a dominant or submissive partner, yet would ideally like a balanced partnership.

You have your own hobbies and friendships outside of your relationship, however love planning dates, get-aways, and pleasurable and luxurious activities to share with your soulmate. Romance, ascetics, beauty, and shared sensuality favor strongly. You like good company, good food, and good conversation; you have a deeply traditional side, while enjoying music, art, and culture simultaneously. You’re quite balanced in love, and having someone by yourself grounds and centers you. If you want smooth sailing- harmony and mutual respect, explore your numerology and astrology compatibility to make sure you choose a partner that will compliment you. You don’t like unnecessary drama of any kind…

Associated Star Sign Personalities: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Most compatible life paths: 4,2, 6, and 8.

© GIA KHAY, Ethereal Starseed

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