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The Power of Intentions

Intention Candles

There is a subtle and invisible, spiritual, energy flowing through everything… Your mind and thoughts give shape to that energy. Your mind is a powerful tool- it is a conduit and channel for consciousness, and everything is influenced by consciousness. Physical matter itself is rooted in the non-physical; this is something great mystics & shamans, seers, and spiritual teachers have known for centuries, thousands of years too. The universe is mental, i.e. everything (and nothing) begins in the mind.

Intentions hold the key to manifesting the most wonderful future and the best version of yourself. Of course, you still need to ‘do the work,’ engage in healing, self-development, and self-mastery. But intentions are a hugely significant part to your well-being and accomplishments. Whether you’re choosing to connect to the power of the mind, your Higher Mind, for health, love, career success, personal achievement, or growth and self-development of any kind, intentions are the root. We all need roots.

Your mind is a channel, transmitting and receiving ideas, subtle thought forms, and impressions and knowledge from the universe. It has the power to create, destroy, heal and unify, create chaos, change, shift, and alter reality…

Setting intentions as part of a daily meditation, self-care, or spiritual practice can align you with your Higher Self, inner spirit, and God. If you don’t believe in God (or simply prefer to take a more holistic perspective), then intention setting connects you to the vastness of the infinite, the universe, and the cosmic forces and energies all around; and within! Creating a sacred space with your Intention Candle, or any other healing tool you may want to sit with, will center, align, and revitalize you. It is a form of self-mastery in itself.

Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who found that our thoughts and subtle intentions are powerful influencers and shapers of reality. He tested the affects the human mind has on water, and produced incredible findings. Positive, loving, and encouraging thoughts- words and intentions projected at the water with kindness and caring, actively changed the molecular structure of the water crystals. Beautiful and geometric shapes and patterns formed. Yet, “nasty,” ‘negative’ and ‘destructive’ (harmful) thoughts produced distorted patterns in the water. Absolute chaos! As both our own bodies and planet earth are over 70% water, this has some profound implications...

This is not the only experiment that has been done on the power of our mind and thoughts, or “mental projections.” If empathy is the highest vibration (optimum frequency) of “emotional projection,” and empaths hold incredible power to heal people and offer words and intentions of love; imagine what can be achieved when we’ve mastered our mental projections?!

The flowers, herbs, crystals and symbols in my Intention Candles have been created specifically to do so; to raise your vibration and heal your mind, heart, and soul.


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Gia Khay has always been drawn to discovering life's hidden mysteries, unveiling truths through her role as a VH1 entertainer and Hollywood reporter. She also has a Criminal Justice background!


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