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Updated: Apr 30

Get ready for a big lesson in the romance department. Your love horoscope for 2022 is here to tell you that the year ahead brings a unique flavor when it comes to all things romantic due to the year being sandwiched between two intense retrogrades. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty to look forward to.

As we enter 2022, Venus- the planet of love and pleasure - will be retrograde- in the sign of Capricorn. This intense transit will expose manipulations and underlying issues within relationships with the finality of teaching us how to establish and sustain healthy boundaries. Venus will turn direct on January 29, so we can expect things to fully return to normal by the time Valentine’s Day arrives.

Our other cosmic lover, Mars—the planet of sex and drive—will go retrograde on October 30 for the rest of the year, which is another of the important astrology events of 2022. So, during November and December, expect certain romances to fizzle out and sex to be somewhat awkward at times. On the positive side, Mars retrograde is an amazing time to deal with repressed anger that was previously swept under the rug.

As you can see, there will be tough love from the cosmos when it comes to relationships. However, this year will also bring us one of the dreamiest and most positive influences for manifesting love in 2022.

This year’s big news is heralded by magnanimous Jupiter! Being the epitome of fortune, when Jupiter is in a positive sign placement, it increases our ability to attract abundance. Since Jupiter will be in romance-obsessed Pisces from January 1 to May 10, we can expect our attraction factor to be through the roof during this time. This will be especially true around April 12, which is when Jupiter will meet Neptune to bring romance, glamour, pleasure, and seduction our way. Mark this magical date on your calendar!

Here you go!


As the South Node of Destiny activates your eighth house of healing sex and transformation, get ready to do some shadow work when it comes to relationships, Aries! You are so ready to shed your old beliefs about partnerships—and trust me when I say that will happen this year. By the time Venus enters your sign in early May, you will be ready for a complete reset when it comes to love and romance. Mars, your planetary ruler, ends the year in retrograde motion, bringing a two-month period of revision in the way you assert yourself.


As the year unfolds, Venus’ retrograde might have you in a little bit of a funk. But trust me when I say things will get not only better—they will get oh, so exciting! As the North Node activates eccentric Uranus in your sign, you’re about to see some of your wildest behavior unfold when it comes to dating and relationships. For you, attraction hits a climax when Venus enters your sign between May 28 and June 22. If you dare, this would be a great time to try some kinky stuff in the bedroom—or alternatively, connect with someone who would normally not be your type.


The year ahead will be busy for you career-wise, Gemini, so make sure to leave room for romance to keep a healthy balance. Lover Venus visits your sign from June 23 to July 17, making these days ideal for taking a vacation either alone or with your other half. Driven Mars will be in your sign starting August 20, until the rest of the year. While still direct, Mars could make you oh, so hungry for action—and while it could be fun to serial date, its retrograde motion (starting on October 30) could get you involved in some serious relationship drama. Choose your romance ordeals wisely!


You love a good romance Cancer, and in 2022, you will get to focus on all things love! The January retrograde of Venus will have you review your approach to partnership, so don’t hide from doing the work. Because with the cosmic lovers—Venus and Mars—meeting twice in your relationship sectors in February and March, you get the chance to build the kind of love that will stand the test of time. By the time November rolls around, get ready to release all the deep-seated fears and insecurities you have left as intense Mars retrogrades in your sector of the subconscious mind.


If relationships have been difficult, you must be feeling the presence of stern Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships. And Leo, this trend continues in 2022. Good relationships take effort so don’t shy away from doing the work. That being said, if a relationship feels asphyxiating, it might be best to move on. Use the March 6 Venus-Mars conjunction to figure out what you really want. After all, Jupiter in Pisces might have you realize that what you need is someone who you can merge with completely at a spiritual, soul level. And this year, that person could very well arrive by the fall, if not the summer.


Love is looking sweet for you this year, dear Virgo. Jupiter blessing your seventh house of partnerships is what dreams are made of. Mark the week of April 12 in your calendar as an incredible time to take a relationship to the next level or even meet someone who would be perfect for you. On March 6, you also receive a beautiful merging of the cosmic lovers—Venus and Mars—in your fifth house of fun sex. You’re a busy bee and a hard worker, Virgo, but in the year ahead, you get more out of life when you dedicate more of your time to romance, connection, and fun!


You begin the year on an intense note, Libra. With your ruler, Venus, retrograde in Capricorn during all of January, changes around relationships may take a lot of your energy. The good news is that your efforts will soon be rewarded. The vibe around your love life gets better as soon as Venus meets with Mars first in mid-February, and then again in early March, setting off the sexy fireworks all around you! However, your absolute best time to fall in love or commit to someone new comes in the fall, once Venus spends time in your sign between September 29 and October 22.


Get ready to leave everything you know (or think) about love behind! As the South Node of Destiny parks in your sign, old beliefs are up for release—including those around partnership. As 2022’s eclipses instigate major changes in this area of your life, one of your focuses for the year is commitment. You’re learning how to merge with someone in a freer, more liberated way. If you’re single, you could end up meeting an eccentric but fascinating personality. This is especially true around the February 17 Jupiter-Uranus sextile, when the cosmos could put you face-to-face with your own destiny. Will you open the door to it?


You are heading into an interesting year when it comes to love, Sag! In 2022, your romantic life could feel like a dichotomy as your ruler, Jupiter, switches back and forth between your fourth house of home and your fifth house of fun. At times, you will feel ready to commit and nest with someone—and then you will want to be free and want to go out all the time and flirt! The truth is that it’ll take a special kind of person that can keep up with your pace—so keep this in mind before fully committing your heart.


You begin and end the year with Venus, the planet of pleasure and love, activating powerful Pluto in your sign. During the year ahead, focusing on your own self-worth will empower you to pursue the kind of romantic experiences that might transform your life. This includes having (or finding) a partner who, like you, is not afraid of going deep. But things don’t always have to be so serious—as this is not a year for keeping the same ol’ dating routine. Whether single or already partnered, this is a year to expand your horizons in romance, dating, and sex. Go for it!


Life will be moving at such rapid speed for you this year Aquarius, that at times, you might not even be that interested in the dating scene. But with Juno—the asteroid of commitment—in your sign from February 1 until April 9, you might feel torn between the momentary need to be with someone, and the side of you that wants to remain a free social butterfly forever. That being said, you do have some pretty stellar days for love. Some come as early as March, when Venus and Mars visit your sign—and then again in October when Venus graces your fifth house of sex and romance.


Welcome to your year, dear Pisces! In 2022, the stars will be shining upon you as both of your planetary rulers—Jupiter and Neptune—have a rare and gorgeous meetup in your sign on April 12. If you are single, this could be the time you meet someone special. If you are partnered, taking your relationship to the next level or expanding your family could certainly be in the cards! Then Juno, the asteroid of commitment, will be retrograde in your sign from July 25 to October 23, bringing an important period of readjustment to your most important bonds.

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