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"I believe life is like Sound and Color... We are a range of frequencies and vibrational notes, just as the colors of the rainbow flow through our bodies and souls..."  ~ Gia K

Gia Khay is a loving mother and passionate Aries woman. She is unique in that, despite her fiery spirit and being the first sign of the Zodiac, she also has a lot of Libra and Pisces in her natal chart. This makes her a balanced individual and Old Soul; she is a being of light and self-expression. Gia is both religious and spiritually in tune… Her debut book A Twin Flame Mystery has been written as a manifestation of her soul, of her connection to God, and of her belief in Spirit. 

 A star seed and ancient soul who is simultaneously completely grounded, Gia, the creator of Ethereal Starseed & Co, believes in the power of intention. The beautiful objects she has created reflect her philosophies in life: that we can use fire to transmute, cleanse, and alchemize (Intention Candles) and subtle energy and the subsequent wisdom, which arises through the spiritual and astral realms, can be used to heal and empower ourselves.

Gia loves to sing, dance, paint, write, hike, take long strolls in nature, and connect with trees. She loves nature and animals, smelling the fresh air of the natural world, and journaling under the stars. She adores the moonlight and the sunshine equally. One of her favorite pastimes is sitting outside in the evening and looking at the stars and the moon. Although she draws a lot of her inspiration from her fiery Aries nature, she is also in tune with her mystical and peace-loving side. The stars and celestial entities up above feel like home to Gia. Hopefully, her personal beliefs and views inspire others to find resonance in both traditional and religious roots and New Age self-realization and understandings. Gia loves both the Bible and its teachings and the wisdom of metaphysics, esotericism, and beliefs that link to the existence of Star Seeds here on earth. The universe is her home. 

Ethereal Starseed & Co’s message? ~ We can all spread unconditional love and vibrate at a higher frequency. We can heal the planet and see everyone as our brother and sister, extended family members from the same tree of life. Social media, news & media and governments no longer have to program us, telling us who we should love or hate! It is Gia’s belief that we can rise above this and transcend into higher states of love, and unity consciousness.


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Poetry and reflections...

I See An Emperor 


I see an emperor, a leader-

a man with great strength.

I see authority, an Alpha male,

a man full of depth.

I see masculine sex appeal, 

a lion, a dominating beast;

I see a family man, a great dad,

my best friend to say the least.

I see kindness and purity...

I see a gentle soul,

I see a man with a fragile heart,

who is patient, who is whole.


I see the divine in him, 

a great leader with a plan. 

I see heaven in his aura.

I see an authentic man.

Written By Gia Khay

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