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A Twin Flame Mystery

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A Sneaky Preview:

A new paradigm is here, and this might be scary for some, especially for those of us who have become attached and reliant on old systems and stories. There’s a lot of conditioning that has been ingrained manifesting as codependent and delusional cycles, unfortunately. Even our beautiful great-grandparents, grandmothers and grandfathers, those from the older generation who grew up on racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred, violence, oppression, and other prejudice and abusive regimes, have left us. A lot of old people passed over to spirit leading up to and during the covid-19 pandemic. Yet, there is so much beauty and soul-warming connection in store. There is a shift, an awe-inspiring global one. It’s up to us as individuals to choose which world and paradigm we want to exist in. Do we wish to align and co-create a new reality for Gaia, a heaven on earth? 


You can open up to your self-healing abilities NOW. You can open your Third Eye, your energy centre and portal of vision, higher wisdom & awareness, spiritual insight, and intuition. You can start to see the world for how it really is and not how others have painted it for you, transcending the illusions those without integrity and soul have created for you. Your best life and twin flame is waiting for you! You are worthy of love, of a soul connection and a bond that transcends time and space. You’re worthy of beauty, bliss, abundance, financial prosperity, freedom, and joy experienced on a daily basis. You are so worthy it’s not even a question anymore. Bliss is your birthright! And it doesn’t matter how far you are along your journey, every step matters; every step is significant to your continued growth and self-evolution. 


The recent pandemic was a wake up call for humanity to shift to higher states of consciousness, to heal, and to evolve through the illusions and deceptions of the past…. There is a new timeline in play, a story for humanity that is rooting for our survival, prosperity, and success. 


Gia Khay's personal story and motivation for writing her debut book

A Twin Flame Mystery 

Faith, Spirituality, Inspiration

A Twin Flame Mystery: Becoming the psychic detective of your own life is a revolutionary book guiding you to your deepest awakening. Drawing on themes and teachings from a variety of schools of thought, this book is an in depth and informative account of the Twin Flame Awakening; the journey a soul goes through to merge on the physical plane with their soul’s counterpart. 

“Release the idea that you are a victim of your life, and take back your power! Higher perspectives, healing from past wounds & trauma, releasing karmic & toxic cycles, opening up to soulmate love and true love (within and around), and stepping into your divine self-sovereignty are all available in this book. 

It’s time to release outdated and self-limiting systems and step into the unknown. In the darkness, there is light. You can break generational curses, ancestral and karmic negative cycles, and activate powerful self-healing mechanisms within. You are the healer and creator of your destiny…”

You can buy A Twin Flame Mystery at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other various bookshops online and in store. You may also want the author to send you a personal signed copy

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