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Ethereal Starseed & Co's Vision

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Self-help, spirituality, faith, spiritual awakening, reincarnation, higher self, religion, inspirational stories, finding faith, authentic life, the power of spirituality, life lessons, life’s mystery, psychic detective, purposeful living, path to higher self, self-care, self-discovery, meditation, personal growth, journey of self-discovery, finding God, personal development, life lessons, making life changes, life planning, life challenges, mindfulness, peace and tranquility, looking for answers, belief systems, connecting with God.


A Twin Flame Mystery, Gia Khay's debut book, can lead you to your deepest Awakening, alignment with God and your Higher Self, and feelings of bliss and unity, daily. Release the idea that you are a victim of your life, take back your power! Look at life from a higher perspective- see the soul within everyone and everything, as there is a lot of illusion in the world. There is a global shift in consciousness occurring, a global awakening. Our purpose is to unite with Gaia, with Spirit & the divine, and reestablish a connection to sacredness once again; for joy, peace, and unconditional love. Higher perspectives, healing from past wounds & trauma, releasing karmic & toxic cycles, opening up to soulmate love and true love (within and around), and stepping into your divine self-sovereignty are all available in this book.


The author, Gia Khay, has reached a space of inner tranquility- her spiritual path is authentic. This is her vision. Ethereal Starseed & Co's Intention Candles and other healing tools & books can help you get there.

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