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Poetry & Self-Expressions

I Surrender 


Unravel my body 

take me slowly apart,

put all the pieces together 

keeping me close to your heart.

Dive deep into my soul

you’ll find sacred hidden truth;

Your heart holds the answers

as I am a reflection of you.


I surrender to you fully:

to you I give my all;

explore me like a treasure chest 

but catch me when I fall.

With dominant powerful energy, 

the strongest I’ve ever felt-

when I stared deep inside your eyes 

I knew with your touch I’d melt.


Heaven echo's softly in your voice,

so Angelic and Divine. 

Run your fingers over my body

and tell me that you’re mine...


Written By Gia Khay 


My Protector 


Morning and evening 

he stays on my mind,

so heavy on my heart;

a feeling deep inside.

I missed a man so gentle,

I missed a man so sweet.

If he could feel what I’m feeling- 

what a feeling that would be.

A secret kept so hidden,

truly sacred in my soul;

an energy so powerful-

his presence makes me whole.


Written by Gia Khay 


I See An Emperor 

I see an emperor, a leader-

a man with great strength.

I see authority, an Alpha male,

a man full of depth.

I see masculine sex appeal, 

a lion, a dominating beast;

I see a family man, a great dad,

my best friend to say the least.

I see kindness and purity...

I see a gentle soul,

I see a man with a fragile heart,

who is patient, who is whole.


I see the divine in him, 

a great leader with a plan.

I see heaven in his aura.

I see an authentic man.

Written By Gia Khay






Take Me 


I woke up this morning 

with a dream come true;

that I would finally meet 

a beautiful soul like you.

I want to heal your body,

I want to kiss your heart.

I can feel you inside of me 

with all this time apart. 

You can own my body,

it is your temple to discover.

I surrender my strength to you,

I want to be your lover.


Written by Gia Khay 






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