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Annual 11:11 Portal~ Higher Consciousness, Light Body Activation, and Spiritual Alignment

November 11th 2021

Every year, the November 11/11 portal is a time of alchemy, self-evolution, and ascension. We are given a chance to elevate and expand our consciousness through this “cosmic gateway.” The veil of illusion is believed to be thinner during a numerologically significant portal, as are the dimensional barriers that separate us from the subtle and extrasensory planes of Spirit; and the Divine...

11:11: Twin Flame Synchronicity

11:11 is the universal symbol and divine message of Twin Flames. Is your twin flame near, are you currently with them, living out your soul mission’s together, or have you been dreaming of your twin recently? Twin flames, if you aren't already aware, are your soul’s counterpart. They’re the people we’ve chosen to journey with in this lifetime, undergoing psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and transformation with.

This portal to higher consciousness provides a doorway. This doorway is a bridge- it’s a gateway to deeper parts of yourself, psyche, and soul. You can access these through your twin flame. Your twin is a reflection of you, your ‘yang to your yin, or your yin to your yang’ depending on whether you’re female or male. When you unify with your twin flame, you find unity within.

So, make sure you use this portal to your advantage, by:-

  1. Strengthening your bond with your twin flame: Make love, join forces for a greater service, meditate together to align your energies, and hold space for each other for deeper intimacy, healing, and growth; your vibration raises the collective vibration!

  2. Take steps to find your twin: Engage in tantric breathwork and sexual healing, increase transcendental meditation, self-therapy, and healing activities, participate in a shamanic ceremony or circle, and seek to heal & unify your mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Connect to your twin through dreams: Whether in a loving bond with your twin or not, dreamwork is an amazing way to increase serendipity and spark channels of higher consciousness, both of which are necessary for a twin flame love to develop/manifest. Buy or recharge your crystals that amplify the qualities of the Heart, Third Eye, Throat, and Crown chakras- your upper higher chakras, and place them on or near your pillow at night. You might even want to put them directly onto your chakras, such as Aquamarine on your throat chakra or Amethyst on your third eye. Anything you do to your subtle energy bodies and auric field has a holistic effect on your overall well-being. This includes your ability to manifest and magnetize your twin flame in...

Magic, Big Shifts, and Awakening!

The tarot cards associated with the 11:11 power portal are the Magician and the High Priestess. Manifestation is the start and end game with November’s power portal; you are better able to connect to subtle, ethereal, and multidimensional forces for manifestation. Think big. Go after your dreams. Energize your hopes, plans, and aspirations. Be fearless! The universe rewards people who are brave and devoted to their mission, who live up to their destiny.

If you’re still early on your path, that’s ok. Make a vision board to connect to your innermost self. Authenticity, spiritually, and self-alignment are called for… And don’t compare yourself or your path to others. Everyone is different. Focus on your skills, passion, and gifts, the things that make you and your path original. It is from here where the most magic and new opportunities present themselves to you.

11 is of course a Master Number, so 11:11 symbolizes double the power of a master number. You can look to the essence and energetic qualities of Master Number 11 for deeper discovery.

Master Number 11 (Key qualities!):-

  • Intuitive and instinctive; gifted in the ‘4 clairs’ (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance).

  • Highly imaginative with unique artistic gifts.

  • Multi-talented, usually in the intellectual, creative, and musical fields.

  • Natural healers, psychics, shamans, energy workers, channels, and masters of esoteric wisdom.

  • Life Path 11 is the life path of seers, astrologers, mystics, shamans, energy healers, spiritual teachers, musicians, story-tellers, and empaths. Divine gifts can be channeled for service to self and others…

  • Visionary, charismatic, and enlightened with a speaking, healing, and teaching nature!

Number 11 (in numerology) also holds the vibration of number 2. 2 brings the themes and qualities of harmony, teamwork, companionship, partnership, and thriving and supportive relationships. What does it mean? It signifies that you can use the energies of “2” to solidify, integrate, and strengthen the qualities of “11.” This is essentially using teamwork, harmony, and relationships to expand the gifts & qualities outlined in Master Number 11!

The Magician

Manifestation, power, inspiration, conscious action and alchemy are the main symbols of the Magician. This is the energy of a master manifestor, he is resourceful and in tune with all of the elements. You can work with elemental energy for your best life and soul plan, using and channeling fire for passion and inspiration, earth for grounding and wealth, air for intuition and higher mind gifts, and water for enhanced emotional and spiritual connection.

The message: balance spiritual truths and awareness with the material world. Get in tune with your higher self and the divine mind, and your needs in the physical realm… Your inner Magician can help you to create the life you long for right now. You just need to know your power and connect to the subtle energies of the universe. Keep a clear vision in mind.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is your divine inner feminine (regardless of gender!). This significant universal archetype represents sacred knowledge, wisdom, intuition, the subconscious mind, and your connection to the subtle and feminine planes of Spirit. You can connect to this tarot symbol to enhance your connection to these things, plus stepping into self-leadership as a teacher or wayshower for others. She (the High Priestess) is a shape-shifter and bringer of divine light, higher wisdom, and astral knowledge. Deep intuition and awareness of the sacred life force comes through working with High Priestess energy…

Synchronicity and Soulmate Connections

It’s also a time of synchronicity, sensuality, and soulmate connections. Synchronicity is highly common leading up to, during, and after the 11:11 portal. You may experience profound moments of deja vu, feelings of having a conversation in another time or being exactly where you are in another moment. A swooping, subtly encompassing feeling like a bubble surrounds you, and you instinctively know- a gut feeling- that you’ve been here and now before.

These sensations are due to the fact that time is non-linear. It’s also multidimensional, eternal and infinite. Who’s to say what our souls have experienced in another dimension, or where we have been? Linked to synchronicity is the experience of “waking up,” as if you’ve just awoken from a dream. Distant memories and subtle echoes of ancient times might come swimming back to you, or you might meet a soulmate (romantic or otherwise) that reminds you of your divinity.

As for sensuality, sensuality is strongly linked to spirituality. Spirit is birthed from the senses, both the physical senses and our extra-perception ones. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience may become more powerful and frequent, and you could be sharing these innate gifts naturally with others. Telepathy is expanded during the 11:11 ascension period. Soulmates will come into your life now, and existing bonds will amplify and strengthen. You’ll be seeing similarities in your path and journey; shared psychological, emotional, material, and spiritual themes will become common, and you’ll be able to realize that there is an interconnected web unifying us all.

Spirit Guides and Angelic Guidance?

There is a rare opportunity to connect with spirit guides, animal spirit helpers, and light beings from the angelic realm. Mystical and supernatural energy is amplified, while signs, messages and subtle sounds like (benevolent) voices, or the voice within- your higher self- will most likely be coming through. They will certainly be accessible! Intuition is taken to the max during the 11:11 bridge to higher consciousness, unity consciousness, and spiritual consciousness. As an angel number, 11:11 anchors in light codes. These are light codes of divine consciousness.

DNA can be activated, self-awareness can be sparked, healing can begin or evolve, and new heights and levels can be reached. And, such intense light frequencies can activate healing on the deepest of levels. This is a positive thing, so if anything ‘negative’ comes up, like discomfort, pain or tension, know that it is your body healing itself. For example, you have a stomach ache; it’s your body’s way of telling you to either eat less and/or more healthily, or that your digestive system is working and cleansing- continue eating well and detoxing if this is what you’re doing. Or you have a cold, cough, or similar flu-like symptoms; it’s your body healing and ridding itself of toxins and impurities.

So much emphasis is put on the illness and not on the healing process. Yet, living consciously implies being fully aware of the root cause, the root of the problem, and that the symptoms are steps towards wholeness. Cleansing, clearing, releasing and transforming are integral to getting better. The higher vibrational frequencies are a catalyst towards inner harmony and wholeness.

You’re being given a powerful chance to transcend to 5D; 5D consciousness, being, mind, emotion and spiritual alignment.


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