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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Libra

A Libra moon has many qualities and areas for self-development and integration, as Libra is one of the most balanced signs. They are a masculine quality (air) with a feminine planet (Venus), further having a glyph representing balance and equilibrium itself; the Scales. The Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn and their planetary placements in your natal chart are most affected, so consult these for further guidance. Onto a Libra moon!

Chameleon-like Communication and Creativity

Libra is one of the most communicative and colorful signs, meaning they possess very upbeat, imaginative, and colorful personalities. They’re curious, philosophical, open-minded, idealistic, intuitive, and perceptive. They’re observant, intelligent, and logical, but just as imaginative and connected to the ‘free flow’ realms of ideas and information. Libra is skilled in the art of self-mastered communication, so this is a main theme of a Libra moon. They know how to interact and talk with many people, and they are generally charismatic and optimistic with shiny personalities. This means that the focus is on how you use your natural charm and confidence to find and maintain deeper connections. Libra is a very social sign, which gives them a chameleon-like character. They’re one of the most sociable, charming, and friendly signs of the zodiac after all, qualities that make them well liked.

There’s a dual part to this, however. As Libra is one of the 3 dual signs (signs of duality), a Libra moon is a chance to work on your shadow self; to heal the shadow attributes associated with this cerebral and charismatic air sign, in other words. This includes superficiality, manipulation, and people-pleasing tendencies. At a lower vibration, Libra is a real people-pleaser. They’re adaptable and empathic nature makes them want to help everyone, and this leads to problems. If you want to overcome this natural negative or toxic trait the best thing you can do is work on your communication skills. Self-mastery of communication improves all areas of life, from work to finances, love to family, and friendship and circle circles to health and well-being.

Use a Libra moon to release blocks to ultimate self-expression. Remember that Libra is an air sign, so despite the next themes mentioned there is a strong emphasis on psychological and mental gifts. Some key qualities to tune into and seek to embody: higher reasoning, logical and analytical thinking, fine-tuned perception and observation skills, problem-solving, innovation, inventiveness, profound imaginative and artistic vision and gifts, intellect, wit, a positive mindset, courage, confidence, charm, charisma, and idealistic and intuitive abilities.

If in doubt when alone or in any social engagement, tune into Libra’s empathy and altruism. They may be logical air signs, but they’re also extremely sensitive and considerate to the needs of others. This can help you navigate any drama, chaos, or illusions the moon may bring! A Libra moon can bring distortion and drama when enough people in a social group or circle don’t wish to heal or integrate their shadow sides, or work through their wounds and toxic traits to integrate the light. This is something to be mindful of so you can attune to the positive characteristics of a Libra moon, to either become a leader for others or hold an evolved level of empathy and sensitivity to steer the group dynamics in more caring and supportive, or inspiring, directions.

A Love Of Beauty and the Arts

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, romance, sensuality, female sexuality, and pleasure. Venus is the most feminine, magnetic, and soulful planet in the skies, arguably. She is Mars’ counterpart, so everything related to beauty, romance, and a need for depth and intimacy, both sexual and platonic, is highlighted during a Libra lunar cycle. Venus brings the gentleness, soul, and grace… A Libra New Moon is an excellent time for fresh starts and new beginnings in love, friendship, and romance. A Libra Full Moon is an opportunity to smooth out any distortions, imbalances, or disharmonies in love and your intimate bonds, in addition to finding harmony and solidarity in differences and disagreements. Ruled by the Scales (Libra’s glyph), this lunar cycle is all about harmony. Unity consciousness, peace, and longevity are birthed from real harmony too.

Creativity, self-expression, vision, artistic gifts, imagination, and the Arts are further linked to a Libra moon. Libra represents our need to shine and seek the spotlight in a gracious and socially elegant way. For instance, Libras make excellent actors, public speakers, diplomats, musicians, artists, spoken word poets or performers, illustrators, designers, presenters, radio or t.v. hosts, and coaches or counselors. There’s a strong sense of sophistication, elegance, and social style and etiquette associated with a Libra moon. You will find opportunities to expand on your skills if you work or have passions in any of these areas, while new opportunities will find their way to you the more you connect with inner beauty. Sensual self-expression as well as self-care are very important to you at this time. If they’re not, if you don’t get an inner drive or instincts to engage in such things, you should actively try to fit more into your life.

Venus rules the Arts, therefore all matters of inner and outer beauty coupled with self-expression linked to pleasure, wealth, and luxury are amplified. Our souls need expression and deeper connection, intimacy and a bit of seduction, sexual chemistry, or soul-sparking friendship as well! The more you honor such needs the more finances, abundance, and self-worth increase. Self-esteem and personal prosperity are tied into how much you’re being fulfilled emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Oh yes, Venus’ energy brings a spiritual vibration into the mix. Libra’s are, in fact, deeply spiritual; they just tend to show their spiritual wisdom and maturity for their intellect, imagination, or cerebral and innovative qualities. All of these themes influence you when the moon is in Libra, so take note. Make sufficient changes where necessary, while recognizing the multidimensional aspects of life available to tune into for self-evolution.

Pleasure Seeking, Wealth, and Luxury

A love of and for ascetics is part of a Libra moon’s symbolism. There’s an inner yearning and desire for wealth, money, and financial security and comfort. But, integrity and righteous behavior are also linked here, so the way we make money and approach earning a living will be (or should be) centered around good ethics and morals. The shadow side of Libra is superficiality and manipulation, thus a Libra moon is a window to overcoming deceptive and darker traits associated around business, partnerships, and related life areas. At the worst of lowest vibration, Libra is a con-artist who cheats, deceives, and manipulates to get what they want… think ‘dirty politician,’ ‘evil corporation,’ or ‘trickster banker!’ OK, these are extreme examples, but they exist in the 3D world where greed and ego replace more pure and just intentions.

Justice, fairness, and social equality or grace are core to Libra’s desires and motivations in life. The Scales literally depicts an innate need for fairness and equality. A balanced Libra will seek harmony and cooperation in all they do, choosing to be compromiseble, just, and righteous over anything dark or impure. There’s a great lesson here. This isn’t about being selfless to the point of self-sacrifice, living in poverty or poverty consciousness, or succumbing to people-pleasing tendencies (and if any of these are things you need to work on, now is the time to transcend them….). It’s about balancing needs of the Self with needs of the other, which always includes a need for justice and empathy. Overly logical or rational decisions and tendencies can be soothed with compassion and harmonious belief systems.

Start or strengthen a meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual healing practice. The holistic and healing fields & therapies can give you the wisdom, inner peace, and self-awareness you need to move away from any toxic or 3D paradigm mindsets. These are frequencies, mindsets, and attitudes that accumulate from birth for most of us. As Libra is a very social and analytical sign, it’s quite common to get lost or absorbed in such “lower dimensional” behaviors. Try to be like Pisces- the sign where Venus, Libra’s ruler, is exalted (at its best/highest vibration). Pisces is in this world but not of it; they are another duality sign, with the two fish swimming in opposite directions. This essentially means that they have one foot in this world and one in another, in the spiritual, divine, and transcendental realms. Seeking pleasure, wealth, and luxury can be elevated to new levels where spiritual insight and awareness are integrated.

Relationship Healing and Harmony

Libra lies on the relationship axis with Aries as their opposite sign. Aries represents the ‘self’ while Libra symbolizes the ‘other,’ therefore a wonderful balance is available, if you’re willing to do the inner work. All types of relationships come into focus. Libra is ruled by the 7th house of marriage, partnerships, contracts, business bonds, karmic bonds, soulmates, and connections within society. This signifies the capacity you have for building, forming, and strengthening partnerships. Love, business, platonic, romantic, and family bonds can all get a boost, and you will find yourself wanting to work on any recent or past disagreements. Conflict is a no-no for Libra, they hate it! This makes it the perfect time for using enhanced communication to smooth over any disagreements or confusions. If your relationship has recently been going through a tricky patch, make the most of the Libra moon to find peace and understanding.

Some of this sign’s best qualities include kindness, empathy, caring, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence. Despite being a charming and innovative air sign who thrives off of psychological connection, Libra is surprisingly emotionally intelligent. They’re more emotionally open, transparent, and mature than all of the other air signs, at least. This puts the focus on conflict resolution, moreover using your voice and mental abilities for deeper intimacy. You may find contracts, obligations, and responsibilities tied into shared resources or commitments come into the spotlight. A Libra moon is a chance to find lasting solutions that make all parties happy, to some extent. It’s not about winning or wanting to control another, but about teamwork and compromise.

Mediation, Peace-Keeping, and Diplomacy Skills

A final set of qualities yet to be mentioned is how easy-going, relaxed, and down-to-earth Libra is. They can remain as cool as a cucumber with endless drama and chaos going on around them. This is because they don’t like drama, so they simply don’t engage. They prefer to observe, reflect, and stay centered, connected to their own light. It's from this space where sound judgment combined with the best combination of logical and intuitive analysis can be ascertained- and Libras are pretty excellent at this! Thus, take a leaf off of Libra’s tree and see how you can apply this theme in your own life, where it’s needed, and where it’s not. Sometimes you may need to step in and be more assertive. Assertion and self-leadership are two of the most evolved qualities of Libra.

And, with the weakness of indecisiveness (another shadow attribute) it’s important to recognize when you’re succumbing to toxic tendencies, such as letting drama play out when you could be changing the entire mood and environment with your emotional intelligence, wisdom, or cooperative and empathic nature. Alternatively, not making decisions may let more egotistical, arrogant, or brutish characters take over….

It’s all about assertion Vs compromise, action Vs passivity, dominance and force Vs receptivity and gentleness, and willpower Vs adaptability. These dualistic forces want to be integrated and balanced as best as possible. Sometimes being the observer creates the best diplomatic solutions and harmonious social setting dynamics. Other times, a leader is called for. A Libra moon helps you develop discernment combined with sound logic and intuitive powers to know why, when, what, who, and how. Finally, remember to remain gracious, charming, and peace-loving in all social interactions; business, work, recreational, fun, social, home, and in one-to-one partnerships. It’s perfectly ok to take a few deep breaths, distance yourself, and think and feel before speaking or responding. This is true self-mastery.


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