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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Virgo

A Virgo moon is a time of hard work, dedication, becoming your own boss, stepping into high responsibility levels, and focus. Virgo is the grounded and practical earth sign with the symbol of the Virgin or Maiden. This brings strong levels of purity, sacredness, and perfection into the equation. Remember to check out your natal chart for wisdom on specific life areas for you, based on planets falling in the Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Be Your Own Boss!

It’s time to transition to the boss level. Stepping into self-autonomy and self-leadership for your own projects, goals, and endeavors are key to a Virgo moon. This signifies becoming a boss or leader for you, not to lord it over others or express repressed or unhealed control and order wounds. Virgo is extremely modest and humble, one of the most out of all 12 star signs, in fact! So, combined with such potent levels of ambition, hard work, and commitment, you can achieve a lot. Determination, perseverance, and tenacity levels are strong during a Virgo moon, while financial security and flow tend to come naturally as a result of hard work. This is not a time for slacking or giving into idle and lazy tendencies. Stay motivated, work hard, and don’t be afraid to stick to the tried and tested.

Some of Virgo’s best strengths include creating order, organization, and strong physical and material foundations. This earth sign is extremely practical, furthermore with amazing listening, observational, and manifestation powers. Virgo is the sign that “gets stuff done” without fuss or too much complaining. They are aware that for long-term goals and plans to succeed you must be willing to attend to the smaller, sometimes trivial and boring or mundane details. It’s not about instant gratification or sacrificing focus and dedication for a life of fun or pleasure; it’s about healthy sacrifice, service, and working towards something greater than the ego’s needs... If you want to succeed in your personal and professional life, you will need to get comfortable with the routines that serve your future self, even if they may lack joy in the present. This is the key to being your own boss and creating a life of abundance, bliss, beauty, and so forth.

Linked to this main first theme is the respect and support you’re able to gather from peers, mentors, bosses, colleagues, or employees. Teamwork and harmony feature strongly, as does gaining respect and admiration through practical action. People are very instinctive and intuitive to energy and intentions over a Virgo lunar cycle, so don’t think you can be all talk and no action! You actually have to be or do the things you claim and say. If you can follow through and live up to your true potential, you will find a lot of love, support, and opportunities for growth, connection, and expansion. At a higher vibration, Virgo is supremely modest with advanced levels of humility and grace, which makes them very liked and successful in life. Play to Virgo’s strengths.

Sacred Space and Purity

Despite Virgo being one of the least spiritual signs, at least when standing alone (without taking into account Moon or Rising signs or their life path), Virgo represents purity on a higher level. Their glyph is the Virgin, which is also known as the Maiden. This is a symbol for sacred energy within and around, sacred space, and daily rituals and habits that can contribute to a bigger vision, result, or goal. Virgo is a perfectionist who focuses on the small details- the more trivial matters, but this teaches us the importance of hard work and perseverance from the ground up. The image of a bee working diligently and devotedly towards something greater and bigger than the individual should come to mind. Through this self-realization and commitment to service, we begin to see and understand the sacredness in life and self. You may be guided to physically create a sacred space, altar, or shrine in your home so you can engage in daily meditation and prayer. Sacred space outside leads to enhanced sacredness within. This includes awareness of sacred laws and the importance of kindness, virtue, patience, integrity, loyalty, modesty, and intentions.

Healing, self-care, and self-alignment are integral to a Virgo moon. There’s an increased inner drive toward self-healing and reflection, moreover creating and establishing daily health and self-care routines. Order and cleanliness are two themes to tune into for the best results in work, love, and well-being matters. There are two types of Virgos; the ‘Mercurian Virgos’ who are attuned to a more analytical and logical reality, and the ‘Inner Priest/ess Virgos.’ The latter are the ones who embody a unique type of grounded spirituality focused on purity, excellent well-being routines, and respecting order, positive habits, and routines that serve emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual health in some way. At their best, Virgo embodies a Priest and Priestess energy that can lead to enhanced manifestation, self-love, and meditative powers. Also, a range of gifts birthed from being a pure channel.

From cleanliness, order, and positive emotional and mental health, a number of powers emerge… enhanced imagination, sensuality, a deeper need for self-care and self-love, empathy, compassion, powerful creativity, and enhanced self-awareness, to name a few! Virgo is excellent at self-mastery when it comes to a specific craft, such as mastering a musical instrument, skill, or hobby. This influence affects us all, so tune into this energy for personal growth and self-development. The key is to create a sacred space coupled with order and a sense of purity. You may also want to consider doing a 3 or more day fast- a water cleanse or detox. A Virgo moon is the perfect time for purifying your mind, body, and spirit for self-evolution and abundance.

Kindness, Charity, and Selflessness

Birthed from purity and sacredness are the Virgo qualities of kindness, charity, and helpfulness. Virgo lives for service, to be of service, and help. They are very selfless in this respect. Loyalty, caring, and nurturance are key qualities to tune into. You can align with being a helpful and sincere spirit without falling into self-sacrifice. New and Full Moons are an opportunity for growth, and one of Virgo’s shadow traits is being self-sacrificing and helpful to the point of resenting it later. Balance and moderation are key to any earth sign moon. There’s a strong aversion to violence and hatred with this sign too, so a Virgo lunar cycle is a call towards compassion and empathy.

Find ways to be of service or engage in charity. Seek out community connections and groups that can bring you emotional satisfaction. Virgo is ruled by the 6th house of daily work routines, habits, and regimes, as well as health and well-being routines. You can use this lunar portal to get clear on your passions, interests, and needs in health and work. It’s a gateway to wholeness and personal self-realization within, further asking us to focus on the small details, taking note of our histories, political and religious divisions, and “wars on consciousness” that have led to the current state of our world and planetary unification (or divide). In other words, it’s the practices and routines, including our mindsets and belief systems, that begin ‘ground up’ that affect the collective. Once we get into flow (and routine) we start to see how it’s the societal and planetary or collective structures and foundations that influence our daily lives, and our individual worlds… Hopefully you can see how powerful Virgo energy is for financial security, health, and longevity!

Intellect Vs Emotional Intelligence

A main theme is the balance between intellect and emotional intelligence. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a masculine sign symbolizing communication, analysis, and the higher mind. Yet they’re a feminine earth sign with strong ‘yin’ undercurrents, including magnetism, receptivity, passivity, sensitivity, empathy, and emotional wisdom and intelligence. Virgos are sweet, kind, and genuine. They’re good natured people who seem to show different versions of themselves to different people. For example, some people will know an independent and level-headed boss who is all about work and ambitions. They’re disciplined, totally focused on the task at hand, and ‘all work and no play.’ This serious and ambitious demeanor commands respect, although it makes them appear a little cold and emotionally distant.

On the other hand, many others will know a sweetheart- a kind, selfless, and extremely warm-hearted individual who places their friends and family and their value above all else. It’s this apparently opposite aspect that comes into the spotlight during a Virgo lunar cycle. The message: it’s time to explore and introspect on how connected to your masculine cerebral, cognitive, and mental gifts you are, and how in tune with your magnetic, emotional, and feeling-based abilities you simultaneously are. Are you balanced? Do you feel strong in both areas? Does one or both need improvement? Do you feel comfortable and confident showing either side of yourself, or do you feel imbalanced? It’s time for integration and harmonization when a Virgo moon comes around.

You may be surprised at how little attention you’ve paid to this significant set of skills. Balancing opposite energies is a gift, and as Virgo is so detail-oriented it would be wise to spend some time healing this (potentially) missing or imbalanced part of yourself. The other possibility is that you start to receive intuitive or instinctive messages and clues regarding some imbalances in your life. You may start to naturally pick up on how you’re inclined to be more one way or another, such as how you’re overly kind and helpful to some people, while being cold and even rude to others. Or vice versa. Emotional intelligence, empathy, and sensitivity do not have to be separated from intellect or higher reasoning… If you want to find success, manifestation, and accomplishment, work on unifying your mind and emotions- mental powers and the realm of feelings and instincts. This is a majorly significant ‘yang-yin’ influence that is only present with signs of both masculine and feminine nature!

Conscious Criticism… Sound Judgement

Virgo is all about judgment, intellect, and the higher mind; how can you navigate life and its various currents with the correct level of logic and intuitive guidance combined? At a lower vibration, Virgo is cynical, judgmental, and highly critical of self and others. In addition to perfectionism, it’s one of their worst traits. So, a Virgo moon provides an opening to self-exploration on a deep level, specifically centered around the mind’s powers. Subtle perception, key observation and problem-solving skills, fine-tuned intellect, innovative and inventive gifts, analytical thinking, and rationally sound judgements; these are all where Virgo excels, and where the focus should be. Take some time out for contemplation and self-reflection to examine where you’re currently operating in this area. For instance, are you thriving and shining, or do you need some more assistance?

Also, explore how these themes create harmonious and positive or distorted and chaotic experiences for you. With a Virgo moon, the focal point is on the way we perceive, think, and observe affects our relationships. We can either create harmony and unity, moreover a sense of teamwork, collaboration, and compromise, or havoc and chaos! You don’t want to succumb to Virgo’s shadow now, which is believing you know best and are always right. Virgo can be incredibly small-minded. They only focus on the small details, failing to see the larger picture. They lack visionary and idealistic insight as well as big picture thinking. They’re one of the least spiritually perceptive and insightful signs too, further choosing to focus solely or primarily on practical details and responsibilities. All of this comes into conscious light during a Virgo moon.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a problem with any of these issues, the cosmic task is to learn how to be more rational and logical. Become more intellectual and discerning, because you may be lacking common sense! (Or similar.) Virgo is extremely discerning. If you do have issues in these areas, you may need to ease the forming of logical and rational opinions or belief systems, in exchange for something more holistic, spiritual, and all-encompassing. The key thing to note is that any self-development work done in this area during a Virgo moon will have lasting effects; it will positively affect your love life, family and friendship bonds, career, work life, health, well-being, and all other life areas…


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