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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Scorpio

A Scorpio moon is a time of emotional intensity, spirituality, and potent intuition. Scorpio is one of the few signs with two planetary rulers; Pluto, a modern one, and Mars the ancient one. Scorpio is a caring, nurturing, and loyal water sign, yet they also have high levels of passion, resourcefulness, and physical instincts! Fixed signs are affected the most, so check out which planets, if any, fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in your natal chart.

Self-Mastery and Soul Alignment

Scorpio is the sign of the shaman with immense spiritual intensity. Even Scorpios who don’t consider themselves spiritual have a deeply soulful essence. They are intuitive beyond belief, naturally psychic, and gifted in the 4 clairs- clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. A Scorpio moon is about tuning into psychic and intuitive gifts while aiming to transcend toxic and shadow behaviors. It’s about soul-alignment… self-mastery… spiritual illumination. Being a water sign ruled by one of the outer planets, Pluto, the energy of this New or Full Moon asks us to go within; to search deep within our souls and psyches for answers, and to cut out distractions. The universe asks us to transcend limitations and restrictions of the 3D physical-material realm and world, which can be incredibly toxic.

And, Scorpio symbolizes shadow work. This lunar cycle asks us to go deep within ourselves, exploring our shadow personality traits. Also, exploring our wounds, past pains, traumas, toxic attitudes and behaviors, and most authentic soul yearnings. Introspection and soul-searching are called for. The shadow self is something every one of us have to come to terms with. It’s the less desirable, darker, and often repressed, denied, and rejected parts of ourselves. We deny and dismiss the individual and collective shadow because it’s considered unholy or impure. Yet, Scorpio is a master of shadow exploration! They are a yin, feminine, and introspective sign, so they know that life involves light and darkness, and shine and shadow. They’re not afraid of their own or others’ shadows, and neither should you be.

Journaling, meditation, yoga, nature therapy, music and art therapy, mindfulness, and even deeper forms of transformational work like shamanic journeying with drumming or plant-medicines are advised. Actually, it’s the perfect time for these things. It’s useful at this stage to be aware of Scorpio’s key qualities to tune into and embody, or work towards healing and integrating.

  • Determined, ambitious, resourceful, and hard-working.

  • Passionate, soulful, instinctive, and psychic.

  • Highly intuitive with strong shamanic roots and tendencies.

  • Loyal, intimacy loving, compassionate, nurturing, kind, and generous.

  • Courageous, high-flying, and high-achieving.

  • “Shadow traits” to watch out for: jealous, resentful, vengeful, manipulative, secretive, and possessive.

So, Scorpio represents self-mastery and spiritual illumination. Pluto is the planet of rebirth, transformation, and intensity, soul depth and emotional intelligence too. Inner alchemy is available to you, and this can be as small as changing from a negative mindset or belief system to a positive one, or shifting timelines! For example, say your laptop breaks or the internet goes down. Your regular pattern of thinking may be, ‘oh no, I have nothing to do! I’m going to be bored and irritable for the next three days…’ to, ‘oh cool, I can use this as a chance to elevate my consciousness, work out, learn a new subject, or begin that life-changing project.’ There is opportunity everywhere and in everything: this is the true meaning of alchemy. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or negativity and getting lost in Scorpio’s shadow trait, which- as is common for all water signs- is pessimism and minor depression; you see it as a chance for change.

A Scorpio moon is about elevating your consciousness, moreover choosing to raise and expand your vibration. Our journey’s are unique, but through soul work, shadow healing, introspection, and spiritual activities you can find your true path and passions.

Metaphysics and the Occult

Linked to the above is the main theme of finding wisdom and pathways to higher truth coupled with self-evolution in the occult. The occult is not something dark or negative, it’s not black magic or witchcraft, for instance. The occult is on par with metaphysical and spiritual values, as well as ancient knowledge. We are ancient, limitless, and eternal beings, and Scorpio knows this instinctively and intuitively. The ability to ascertain hidden truths as well as life’s deeper meanings and mysteries is tied into our level of intuition. Scorpio is one of the most instinctive and intuitive signs- arguably the most, alongside sister sign Pisces. They have a gift for seeing below the surface, uncovering information behind masks, social facades, manipulation or deception, etc. Instincts are heightened now, while new levels of intuitive and psychic ‘Higher Self’ awareness are available in potent force.

It’s the ideal time to learn about the Hermetic Principles, 12 Universal Laws, or ancient philosophies that can expand your soul and mind. Mind, body, and spirit and our desires for harmony and unification come into focus. Wonderful transformation is one the horizon if you open yourself up to the spiritual and quantum realms. Further, seek to begin or perfect a meditation, spiritual, or holistic practice. Astrology, numerology, tarot, divination, and dream work can benefit you greatly. Spending more time in nature and less time on technology is also advised. Research the spiritual and energetic meanings of the Owl and Snake spirit animals too, as these are two power animals associated with the shaman. The owl relates to astral and feminine energy, including the realms of spirit, dreams, the subconscious and ether, and feminine gifts... knowledge of sacred and ancient laws too. The snake symbolizes masculine energy linked to masculine sexuality, self-protection, assertiveness, dominance, and self-preservation… Also, the kundalini, which ultimately leads to psychic and intuitive gifts.

Emotional Intelligence, Caring, and Loyalty

Many people think Scorpio is some independent lone wolf who is only concerned with fame, success, and material wealth. This may be true on some level, as Mars is their ancient ruler (Mars currently rules Aries), yet Scorpio has a very sweet and even soft side. They’re the most headstrong and determined to succeed and achieve out of all the water signs because of their ancient ruler Mars, but they are still primarily a caring, nurturing, and gentle sweetheart. Scorpio is incredibly, extremely loyal. A Scorpio moon can therefore teach you the power of loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness in a relationship, or your relationships in general. Emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion are three of the greatest qualities that can be learned and integrated during a Scorpio lunar cycle.

As a feminine sign, Scorpio is affectionate, caring, devoted in love and friendship, romantic, sensitive, and very loving. It’s important that you address your needs for emotional connection and deeper intimacy during this time, because shadow traits can come out in full force if we don’t get our needs met. A New Moon symbolizes new romantic and platonic connections- deeper emotional and spiritual connection. A Full Moon is a time of cultivation and accumulation, such as seeing amazing developments, energetic contracts, and progress made. Emotional intelligence and empathy can be applied to all relationships; business, professional, personal, platonic, family, and so forth. There’s a pull and inner drive for sensitivity, soul, and authentic relating. Scorpio is not superficial and prefers intimacy and vulnerable sharings as opposed to anything superficial. This includes being overly upbeat, positive, and optimistic, qualities fire and air signs believe are essential.

This Scorpio moon is about recognizing that yin and yang flow through all things, there is a darkness and light to everything. Moments of negativity, despair, low mood, melancholy, depression, and grief or connected emotions are normal. In fact, they’re perfectly natural. We must come out and through, first entering the less welcome and even trickier emotions in order to find the light. Life is not all rainbows and sunshine! There is darkness as well. A seed must be planted in darkness to find the light and transform into something beautiful. Simultaneously, the Moon is surrounded by darkness and only shines at night, yet is just as magnificent and life-supporting as the Sun. A Scorpio moon asks us to accept the darker places of the human soul and psyche, and to further acknowledge that with such emotional intensity, maturity, and sensitivity there is bound to be some heaviness.

Empathy is a fabulous gift that can be learned now, however with empathy comes some heaviness. Scorpio feels things very deeply. Again, this sensitive water sign has psychic and telepathic abilities. This is both a gift and blessing and a potential curse, i.e. it can overwhelm the best of us. Your key to growth and personal transformation is to become more empathic, moreover emotionally intelligent, wise, and open (vulnerable, sensitive, honest…) without become lost to other people’s emotions (or your own). Be deep, but not down. Feel, yet don’t get absorbed into other’s sob-stories or pity-parties, or their suffering. Stay compassionate and caring, however retain some boundaries so you remain positive and in high spirits. Emotions are amplified, which can lead to psychic and instinctive revelations that lead to deeper connections- and abundance!- or getting pulled into the energy currents of everyone else. At the highest level, such advanced emotional sensitivity can lead to beautiful partnerships and intimacy that nurtures your soul.

Resourcefulness, Determination, and Ambition

The other side of Scorpio is them being a fiercely independent and self-autonomous person who takes (healthy) pride in their self-sovereignty. They are as ‘lone wolf’ as they come. They enjoy their own company, and it’s from this space where their passions, purpose, and determination arise. Mars blesses them with vitality, perseverance, high energy, and a competitive spirit. They enjoy gathering resources, wisdom, talents, qualifications, etc., so they can be of service and make a name for themselves. Scorpio is extremely hard-working with strong motivations for wealth, social success, fame, prestige, and public recognition. If you want to set yourself a challenge for the purposes of self-mastery and self-evolution, you should consider how you can merge and combine a need for emotional connection and depth with power, success, and achievement. There’s a big need for power & self-autonomy and vulnerability in equal measure. You don’t want the world to turn you cold, yet you don’t want to be a pushover or doormat either. A flaw associated with water (the water signs) is becoming everyone’s emotional dumping ground. There’s a tendency to sacrifice your own needs and mental and emotional health, or spiritual and physical well-being, for others.

Personal power, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance are key characteristics of a Scorpio moon, thus try to tune into these without becoming abusive. At a lower vibration, Scorpio can be manipulative and vengeful, which can manifest as minor forms of psychological and emotional abuse. The key to successful prosperity, good health, and harmonious relationships is to stay in your own lane, while only giving small amounts of your time, love, and energy out. This is very useful to know for more empathic and sensitive signs who can be over-giving, over-caring, etc. Focusing on your own abundance and resources will help to guide and steer you into self-alignment, specifically, onto pathways and courses of action that move you out of codependency. A Scorpio moon can lead to minor or major codependency in addition to super-sensitivity combined with hyper-emotionalism. A natural block to this is taking steps to be more self-providing and autonomous (without losing your emotional sweetness, kindness, and empathy!).

Powerful Creativity and Desires for Intimacy

A final main theme is potent artistry- musical, creative, and imaginative gifts. Scorpio is one of the most creative signs. They use their advanced instinctive, spiritual, and psychic self-awareness, as well as their connection to the divine and mystical energy available, to create extraordinary things. Work on your Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras, your “upper” chakras, if you need some help accessing subconscious and higher wisdom. New and fresh perspectives are available and amplified now.

Secondly, Scorpio is one of the most sexual signs! Therefore, it’s an excellent time to find intimacy and harmony in platonic and romantic relationships. Explore (research) your shadow personality traits based on your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Rising signs and your life path. Then, reflect, meditate, and center yourself daily so you can move away from your shadow, embodying your strengths in the process. Remember Scorpio is the sign of self-mastery, which signifies you can really evolve during this lunar cycle. Scorpio is wild, primal, passionate, soulful, and spiritual, therefore it’s a great opportunity to find peace and unification of many different romantic and sexual needs, styles, and attributes. A new lover or soulmate could make their way into your life- this is a real possibility, especially if you work on yourself. Alternatively an existing bond could strengthen. As a Fixed sign, wildness and independence can be balanced with commitment and longevity.


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