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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Sagittarius

A Sagittarius moon (Sag for short) is all about fiery optimism and passion. It’s a highly creative time of artistry, life force, and inspiration, and there’s further a lot of excitable energy in the air. Sag’s glyph is the Archer who reaches for the stars. Jupiter, their ruling planet, represents philosophy, higher learning and truth seeking, wisdom, spiritual ideals, and expansion. Luck is strong now, and you can consult your natal chart to see which planets lie in the Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This will give you further insight into what you should be working on and integrating!

Philosophy, Spiritual Ideals, & Higher Learning

Sag is the sign of philosophy and spirituality, in addition to higher learning. This is one of the most visionary and ‘big picture’ thinking lunar cycles of the year. There’s a strong desire to dream big, be bold, and reach for the stars. You will have your mind set on higher things, like tuning into your holistic and philosophical mind to co-create with others and the universe. A Sag New Moon is the perfect time to enroll on a new course, start a new educational journey, or partake in an educational training event, workshop, or field of study. Thinking about your future in terms of educational and professional career expansion are key. A Sag Full Moon represents a sense of completion and coming full circle in your career or education, or seeing significant milestones accomplished.

The Higher Self becomes active and awakened. Your mind turns towards greater visions and ideas & ideals above and beyond the trivial. At a lower vibration, Sag loves drama and a bit of chaos; it’s a natural manifestation of yang and fire. But, an evolved and higher vibrational Sag dislikes drama. They would rather focus on less petty and mundane matters and more on things that contribute to the global and planetary shift in consciousness. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion, so these qualities are available in large doses. Jupiter’s light beams seek to expand and energize anything you’re giving your time and attention to, whether it’s a diploma, professional pathway, relationship, personal project, or health and fitness regime! Take note, as now is the time to really go for victory.

Intellectual and optimistic, there’s a lot of upbeat and enthusiastic energy to tune into. If you’ve been dealing with some struggles, hardships or setbacks, or if you’ve been going through a pessimistic or depressive cycle, a Sag moon is ideal for positive thinking. Sag always see the bright side of life, and this can help you in any life area. In addition, it’s a yang lunar cycle, meaning there’s a lot of passion, inspiration, and zest. Do be mindful of being overly zestful, however. Yang people (fire and air) should stay conscious of aggressive and impatient tendencies, always toning down the need to dominate or control others. This is part of Sag’s shadow. Yin people (earth and water) can benefit from a spark of fire. Other shadow traits linked to seeking higher truths and wisdom include bluntness and self-righteousness. At their worst, Sag is too blunt and direct, moreover somewhat self-righteous! Learn, but understand that others have wisdom and expertise to share. Be open to the wise counsel, advice, and knowledge of others.

If you are already a teacher or expert in your field or are working towards an elevated social status, use a Sag moon to perfect and fine-tune. You can become a real guide and mentor to others because Sag is the sign of the expert teacher, seer, and sage. As long as you can steer away from self-righteousness- the belief that you know best or are the only one who has wisdom and expertise- you can be an inspirational and guiding light. In fact, the best scenario is finding new connections, self-esteem, opportunities, confidence, and empowerment to become the best at what you do. Step into self-mastery within, then expand on your new found success. It’s not about controlling others, dominating them, or “telling” them what to do; it’s about being a way-shower with poise, grace, and tact. Humility combined with both self-confidence and self-knowledge is a fundamental goal of a Sag moon…

Creative Life Force (Dream Big!)

Be bold, dream big! This is the message of a Sag moon, and something you would be wise to do. As the fiery and highly creative Archer, Sag is all about self-expression, passion, and creative life force. There’s no-one quite as upbeat, energetic, and innovative as Sagittarius. They are the life and soul of the party, also having many creative talents. From inventiveness to imagination, originality to innovation, and intuition to intellect, Sag sees a vision or idea and goes for it with full force. This is the message here. There is a tendency towards shallowness, impatience, and superficiality, however. There’s a strong possibility of seeing many ideas or being so excited that you begin something without seeing it through. Sag lacks staying power, moreover they can be highly impractical. This is one of the most non-commital and frivolous signs, therefore be very mindful of short-lived bursts of excitement and inspiration. Slow down, tune into your Higher Self, and evaluate whether it’s realistic- something you can practically and consciously achieve.

In truth, Sag represents our impulsive nature. They’re similar to Aries ‘the Child’ in this respect, and people with a lot of air and fire in their charts, which is a masculine quality; always charging full steam ahead, can get lost in swirls of optimistic energy that lack longevity or rational thought. This wisdom won’t apply to everyone, but it is something to consider. On the other hand, people with a lot of emotional intelligence and sensitivity (water signs) and patience, endurance, and discipline (earth signs) can really benefit from such positive vibrations. A Sag moon is excellent for feminine and yin signs in the sense that there is an extra dimension to tune into. A Sag New or Full Moon brings the YANG energy in powerful measures, which provides cosmic portals to life force and pure talent that can create ripples of empowerment, creativity, and healing… both literally and metaphorically.

Luck and Expansion… Broadening Your Horizons

Travel, adventure, and the desire to move around are also key to this lunar transit. Luck is one of Jupiter’s core gifts, as is travel and adventure. We feel more spontaneous and zestful- full of energy and vitality. You may decide to take a trip to expand your horizons, or go traveling short or long term for culture, education, professional expansion, or love. Learning and career can be combined with travel for the best results. It’s a life-changing time if you’re a yes person, i.e. say yes to life and all its opportunities!

A Sag moon makes us feel the energy of Jupiter; we want to connect to our higher minds, and further philosophies and spiritual ideals that lead to consciousness expansion. With higher and more developed & evolved consciousness comes new connections and opportunities. It’s important that you take time to reflect on your long-term goals… energize your dreams, both actual dreams you’ve had through sleep and your dreams & aspirations. Don’t play it small- the stars are aligning in your favor! As for travel, don’t worry if you can only go somewhere local, like a local nature reserve, park, beach, forest or national park, or a weekend getaway and road trip. Any and all travel will give you the soul boost you need. Sag hates restrictions, so too much routine and structure is not advised. You crave freedom and new experiences. Follow your gut feelings while listening to your intuition, and, whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. It’s not the time to stay stuck, blocked, or stagnant. It’s all about movement, fresh perspectives, and new connections.

If you choose to go somewhere that soothes and energizes your soul and spiritual self such as a holistic retreat or trip to a monastery, place infused with temples, or meditation retreat, reflect on the following qualities. These are available for integration:

  • Bold, independent, freedom-loving, adventurous, and courageous.

  • Intelligent, wise, intuitive, logical, and highly perceptive.

  • Philosophical, honest, moral, and ethical.

  • Creative, talented, and artistically gifted!

  • Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and full of zest and life force.

  • Open-minded, adaptable, friendly, sociable, and extroverted.

  • And, they have an infectious laugh coupled with an optimistic spirit.

Balancing the Higher & Lower Self

Sag is ruled by the glyph of the Archer, which symbolizes reaching for the stars; dreaming big, having high hopes and aspirations, and wanting to leave a legacy behind. Success, achievements, and fame or prestige, in short. Yet, this inspirational fire sign is also fueled by the symbolism of the Centaur, their dual glyph. The Centaur is half human and half animal, specifically horse, and this tells us a lot about the characteristics and lessons available. Both the Archer and human part of the Centaur represent higher learning, philosophy, and spiritual & truth-seeking pathways to self-realization. The animal part of the Centaur symbolizes primality, instincts, and physical vitality.

This males Sag one of the most, if not the most, balanced sign in terms of the Higher and Lower self or needs of the mind, soul, & spirit and desires of the flesh. Part of you will be pulled towards community, culture, language, learning, and spiritual, creative, and mental gifts (your Higher Mind) and the other will want physical movement and expression. You might feel restless, so watch out for impatience, irritability, and impulsiveness as well as sexual frustration (more on this in the next topic!). Self-expression is essential to find inner harmony and balance, which can be achieved through dance, imaginative and artistic expression, yoga, sports, love-making, travel, study, educational projects, or career and professional intentions for advancement. Just make sure you express yourself!

On this note, an additional aspect of Jupiter is the link to strong morals, social justice, and ethics, thus try not to tell others what to do. If you’re a teacher you might feel like commanding or bossing everyone around, while being told how to live your life could ensue if around elders, teachers, and those already in an elevated career or social status. No-one likes being told their wrong, and this advice applies to everyone. Stay clear of intellectual superiority, avoid self-righteousness, and work on your communication style and skills. At a higher vibration Sag is mindful, full of tact, and blessed with direct, assertive, and honest communication.

Visionary and Idealistic Qualities (+ Sports)

Sag is a visionary and idealist. This means that seeking higher pathways and perspectives are integral to a Sag moon. It’s all about rising above the ego and 3D world of distractions, illusion, and chaos to reach higher states of consciousness. Linked to this is tantra and tantric practices, such as more conscious love-making (tantric sex) and conscious breathwork. As they are ruled by the glyph of the Centaur, Sag has a lifelong issue of an over-active sex drive or libido. They can be very lusty, one of their worst character traits. They enjoy passionate and primal excitable sex, yet this keeps them stuck in their lower self, also disconnecting them from their Higher Self. One of the doorways to self-growth available for you, therefore, is to recognize your own primality and then seek deeper spiritual and soul connection, within sex and (platonic) intimacy. Depending on your personal astrology, this will be easy or a bit more hard. Overall, exploring tantric intimacy and breathwork is one of the best ways to transform lower impulses of the flesh into deeper and greater intimacy, self-expression, and connection.

Furthermore, our ability to perceive, think, and communicate with a sense of vision coupled with holistic sight is interlinked with transcendence. I.e. transcending lust as well as excessive primal desires. Energy, enthusiasm, and vitality levels are high during a Sag moon. Additionally, it’s a great time for sports, particularly for athletes wanting to master their. If you are a professional sportsperson you can use a Sag moon to take your ventures to the next level.


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