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AQUARIUS: Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Symbol: Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruler: Uranus/ Saturn

House: 11th

Quality: Fixed

Color: Silver/ Light Blue


Aquarius is the air sign ruled by the glyph of the Water-Bearer with the planetary ruler Uranus (with the ancient ruler Saturn). Aquarius is a visionary, idealist, and humanitarian with strong altruistic, intellectual, and imaginative gifts. Innovation, inventiveness, originality, logic, higher reasoning, the imagination, and problem-solving all define Aquarius; they possess a colorful and upbeat personality with balanced levels of independence and cooperation.

Aquarius lives for community, teamwork, and working towards something greater than themselves. Yet they are also very independent, a real boss. They are autonomous and independent with evolved self-leadership skills, and have a number of abilities connected to the higher mind. Aquarius is colorful, optimistic, imaginative, artistic, intuitive, perceptive, observant, and intelligent. They’re bright, witty, and enthusiastic, further being extremely individualistic! Aquarius is one of the most original, quirky, and charismatic Zodiac signs. Solely regarding the intellectual and psychological realms, in which they excel, they are excellent problem-solvers and planners. They have natural skills in management, organization, and analytical thinking, as well as being able to observe and perceive the smaller details and the bigger picture. They possess vision, higher sight and awareness, and spiritual knowledge. Aquarius certainly possesses emotional intelligence and empathy, but as an air sign they will always consciously decide to tune into the mental realm coupled with seeking psychological connection when given a choice. This is their primary vibration or frequency.

Regarding emotions, one of their main shadow traits is becoming emotionally withdrawn, detached, and aloof. Despite being emotionally intelligent, deeper feelings- specifically accepting and expressing their vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and raw emotions, are difficult. It’s one of their weaker areas. They find it easier to have sympathy for others than they do being “deep” and completely vulnerable in the realm of emotions and inner world sensations (with their own feelings). Aquarius is altruistic, compassionate, and always concerned with the bigger picture, you see. This is the sign of the humanitarian and practical dreamer. As the Water-Bearer, they observe and reflect on the instinctive, subtle, and emotional cues and impressions, and then transform them into higher mental ideals, concepts, and belief systems. Emotion is conceptualized, compartmentalized, or rationalized into intellect, in other words.

This skill helps them to make sense of the world, yet it can also disconnect them. Positively, being able to use fine-tuned analysis and observation to alchemize emotions and feelings in such a way is excellent for pathways that require higher intellectual understanding. Psychological and mental forces are an essential part of life, right? Not so positively, this also manifests as neglecting the realm of emotions altogether. The result is that they become superficial, shallow, and insensitive. Insensitivity and superficiality are two major flaws of this usually optimistic and warm sign. Also, as someone who is known for being compassionate and empathic, they can apparently lack empathy- a direct result of the overuse of analytical and rational thinking.

In love, Aquarius is playful, upbeat, inspirational, full of zest, happy, charming, kind, and loyal. They are affectionate and more childlike than deep or romantic. They do have a nurturing and romantic side, however prefer intellectual and upbeat connection. They possess intense chemistry which they love to share with their lover. Somewhat detached, Aquarius is emotionally intelligent without the super-sentimentality or overuse of feelings and emotions. They are intuitive to their partner’s needs and extremely practical, providing, and financially supportive.

Most compatible star signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. As their “opposite” sign, Leo is another soulmate to Aquarius who they can learn from, developing balance and harmony, and further integrate the qualities they lack. Water signs provide them with a powerful sense of magic, mystery, imaginative and artistic inspiration, and spiritual awareness, yet can be too emotional and sensitive or wishy-washy for Aquarius’ ideal taste. Earth signs help to show them the true meaning of security and create strong foundations for a future result, yet can limit and suppress them short-term, also making them feel trapped. Compromise and mutual harmony and respect are needed.

As an altruistic humanitarian, Aquarius is concerned with service, helping the earth, charity, environmentalism, and spiritual pursuits. Alternative and holistic health often spark a deep interest. Community is an intrinsic part of their life too, and many leave society along with all of its traditional and conformist values to join a commune, eco-community, or off-grid land environment. “Alternative” and ‘visionary” are two keywords to describe the Aquarius sign. At a higher vibration, Aquarius represents conscious rebellion, as well as global revolution and quirkiness, eccentricity, and originality birthed from inventiveness. The archetype of the brilliant inventor or wacky yet wonderful scientist comes to mind! At a lower vibration, they can be reckless and anti-conformist in an immature way, solely for the sake of being rebellious.

Aquarius is pragmatic, progressive, somewhat peculiar, independent, and a bit of a lone wolf. They present the image of the black sheep of society, choosing to distance themselves from groups, social norms, and rules that will limit their spirit and suppress their mind. They crave, need, and desire freedom and liberation from oppressive regimes. They don’t mind routine or structure, in fact they have a deeply practical and responsible side; they just don’t tolerate anything that seeks to restrict them. Self-evolution, self-respect, and personal freedom are very important to them. As the lone wolf, they require solitude, time for introspection, and sufficient periods for soul-searching as well as study. Introspection serves their higher mind and soul. Spending time alone to study, learn new philosophies and worldly subjects, and master a skill or trade is integral to most Aquarians.

Aquarius is extroverted, not introverted, although they do have an introverted side. The purpose of significant periods of time and chapters of their life spent in isolation is to gain wisdom and self-knowledge. Expertise is formed from these reflective moments. Aquarius is genuinely interested in the world around them, including societal and world affairs, cultures and languages, music and arts, sports and history, religion and politics, and so forth. The occult, metaphysics, spirituality, healing, and discovering or learning about new technologies and sciences are just as fascinating to them. As a cerebral and inquisitive air sign with a strong sense of autonomy and purpose, Aquarius usually finds a specialist subject topic and becomes self/mastered in it. Either they study it to an expert level in their own time, solo, or they undertake a university diploma and qualification in it. Boss mode is obtained regardless!

The ultimate life goal is to become a teacher, wayshower, or expert in their chosen field. Service is the highest level of attainment and accomplishment they can achieve. Further, they are sincere in their passions and intentions. Although they can be a bit chaotic and rebellious, Aquarius holds a high level of practicality, responsibility, and duty. Also, respect for tradition because their ancient ruler is Saturn. They’re disciplined, mostly self-controlled, and hard-working with the ability to commit and work towards an end goal with longevity. Saturn’s influence allows them to stay disciplined and aligned with their future, work diligently towards long-term goals and aspirations, and cut out distractions where necessary. Their ancient ruler also gives them their “boss” energy and evolved sense of boundaries.

At their highest vibration, Aquarius alternates between logical, analytical, and acutely perceptive/observant (intellectual) to imaginative, inventive, and intuitive. They’re psychically-inclined too, however they are not psychic in a water sign type of way. Their psychic gifts and instincts arise from subtle and subconscious self-awareness, which they then channel into some specific outlet. If it’s not an educational or professional project, it will be art, music, publishing, writing, poetry, speaking, or teaching. These are perfect career choices for this bright air sign.

Charming, funny, and very attractive, Aquarius has a colorful and friendly personality. Their emotional aloofness as well as their ability to detach enables them to form many informal friendships. Sociability, appearing in a positive light, and showing their assertiveness and boldness in a social situation is important to them. As a natural inventor, they might make original works of art, or discover new ideas and blueprints in the realm of science, innovation, health, or technology. As the 11th sign, Aquarius is in the final levels when it comes to evolution of the soul, just one sign before final ‘Old Soul’ Pisces. This gives them unique skills in the poetic, musical, and artistic fields, as well as in spiritual sight and perception.

Connecting to new ideas, concepts, and archetypes and integral to Aquarius’ life path. They live with passion, soul, purpose, and power, resourcefulness, and ambition, even if they appear bored, uninterested, or dull momentarily. They know how to keep their cool and further play their cards extremely close to their chests. Despite being so friendly, bubbly, and extroverted, they are very private individuals. Later in life, Aquarius are put-together individualistic self-leaders who co- create regularly with the universe, also making great parents and family wo/men. Key careers include poet, wordsmith, writer, author, speaker, teacher, lecturer, philosopher, scientist, IT or computer specialist, humanitarian, environmentalist, astrologer, metaphysicist, academic, photographer, musician, or manager! Oh yes, Aquarius has a reserved and shy side yet is multi talented.

Being controlled is something that scares you and can also lead to some of your less desirable traits. You need companionship, however hate to be controlled, dominated, or oppressed. You’re fiercely assertive and won’t stand for any possessive or codependent behaviors. You believe in justice, which shines into your professional and personal life. You can believe you know best coupled with being a bit superior, but your intentions are for harmony and togetherness. For example, you might think it’s natural for you to be the leader in a relationship, because you’re charming, upbeat, kind, and optimistic. This may work with compatible signs, yet cause problems, tension, and confusion or separation in more sensitive signs, such as water and earth signs, who are incredibly intuitive and psychic (water) and humble and gracious (earth). They know that they’re naturally submissive, so become used to letting you be the dominant and charismatic one (primarily). This then causes them to feel bullied or victimized when you “forget” how much they give or let go from their spiritual awareness, generosity, and emotional intelligence. Dominance is seen as a gift for some and something that needs to be worked around for others. Just something to be mindful of.

Aquarius is an incredible listener when at the top of their game. Freedom, self-expression, and respect are three things that are non-negotiable in their lives; without these, they can fall into acts of rebellion, aggression, or isolation and detachment. Aquarius needs to be surrounded by like-minded and free-spirited people who possess vision, a sense of idealism, and artistic and creative talents. They are full of energy, inspiration, zest, positivity, and passion, and require a healthy give and take energy for successful relationship dynamics. They are deeply generous and protective to those they love. Immaturity, irrationality, impulsiveness, and anger problems are something they need to work on to become their best selves (shadow personality traits to

transcend…). Finally, an overall life theme is balancing and harmonizing the need for routine, structure, and commitment (Saturn’s influence) with complete freedom, self-sovereignty, and pragmatic movement (Uranus’ energy).

Final thoughts:-

● Aquarius corresponds with the lower legs and ankles, and circulatory system.

Aquarius colors: silver, light blue including turquoise and aquamarine, and violet. All of these colors serve inspiration and love of educational, intellectual, imaginative, and scholarly pursuits. Light blues, turquoise, and aquamarine can help with communication and self-expression, as well as opening them up to the realm of feelings and emotions. They help to lighten their mood and can calm intense feelings or an overactive mind.

Violet is wonderful for intuition including the ability to see from a higher, spiritual, and holistic perspective. Violet and purple aid in higher cognition, subtle perception, and access to subconscious wisdom and self-knowledge. Silver connects Aquarius to the divine and celestial heavenly realms for inspiration…

Gemstones and crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Emerald, Black Onyx, Obsidian, Turquoise, Jade, Labradorite, Amber, Opal, Sapphire, Azurite, and Rhodochrosite.

● Aquarius rules the 11th house of friendships, technology, global affairs and communications, groups and organizations, innovation, science, social cohesion, and humanitarian interests. Dreams, aspirations, hopes for mankind, and inner purpose too.


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