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ARIES: March 21 - April 19

Remember that you can read this Astrological Wisdom for a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising placement!

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Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Ruler: Mars

House: 1st

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac ruling the head and represented by the glyph of the Ram. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, vitality, will, passion, and masculine sexuality (at a higher vibration), and lust, war, competition, aggression, and force (at a lower vibration). Aries is courageous, bold, passionate, confident, expressive, intelligent, innovative, and independent. They are self-autonomous, yet companionable, further making excellent leaders. Aries choose to lead instead of follow. Further strengths include being determined, strong-willed, tenacious, competitive, and adventurous.

As a fire sign, Aries loves to take initiative, inspire others, and step into self-leadership as well as self sovereignty. This fiery sign loves being number 1, there’s a “me-first” attitude with Aries, and this has both positive and negative effects. Positively, this reflects their courageous, independent, and self-respecting nature. They’re the most competitive of all 12 signs, so don’t try to get into a love triangle or compete for a lover! Also, they often channel this immense life force and energy to succeed and win into sports, business, and intellectual or motivational pursuits. Negatively, Aries can be extremely self-centered, self-serving, and selfish, moreover egotistical, impatient, and straight out aggressive. They’re one of the most angry, quick to temper, and domineering Zodiac signs, least to mention the most lusty (alongside fellow fire sign and soulmate Sagittarius).

Each sign has light attributes and shadow ones. Being aware of Aries’ shadow can help you heal and transcend comfort zones, or gain the wisdom in knowing how to navigate a friendship, connection, or relationship with an Aries. Other shadow personality traits include lacking sensitivity, humility, empathy, and gentle-feminine qualities. They are so headstrong and dominant that this can lead to bullyish or tyrannical tendencies, especially before matured and emotionally and spiritually balanced. They need to work on being less selfish and more selfless. Despite their follies, however, Aries is one of the most loyal and generous star signs if you’re in their good graces.

Fortunately, this fearless Ram has a pioneering spirit, which makes them inventive, innovative, intellectual, imaginative, and interested in mastering their mind and body. They can lack emotional intelligence and depth, in addition to spiritual understanding and holistic vision, at times, yet this is only because they excel in and on the psychological and physical planes. Their strengths lie in higher reasoning, logic, and intellect, as well as sports, physical activity, and so forth. If in a position to direct a conversation or group activity, they will almost always tune into some mental/psychological or physical aspect. (Unlike Cancer who operates on a primary emotional frequency, for example, or Pisces who is attuned to a strong spiritual vibration.)

Positives of this innovative and cerebral frequency include thriving in business, finances, and pathways that require a boss and leader. Aries possess the ability to detach from their emotions and think rationally. Logic, analytical thinking, observation, problem-solving, organization, and management are top areas for this vibrant and energetic sign. Further, they love and actively seek the limelight, which is great when mature and emotionally balanced. Some issues in being a team-player need to be resolved, including overpowering others, believing they’re always right, and not being able to take advice, direction, or guidance from others. Passionate, motivated, and supremely confident, Aries has a surprisingly sensitive side, however. They just don’t like to show it in public or to new people they don’t trust or know. In public and social settings, they prefer to be seen as a strong and fearless warrior over anything sweet, gentle, and nurturing.

Some Aries especially see super-sensitivity and selflessness as weaknesses, while most Aries are passionately against over-givers, people-pleasers, and people without a backbone. They view courage and assertiveness, as well as the ability to speak up and defend yourself, as strengths. Aries is loyal and an excellent friend and partner, with caring, compassionate, and generous tendencies. They are more importantly very affectionate. Aries requires a lot of physical touch and intimacy in a romantic and sexual bond. They’re equally very sexual with a powerful libido, one of the strongest of all star signs, in fact! While other signs might prefer a light-hearted and upbeat sexual bond (air signs), a romantic, sweet, and emotional or spiritual sexual bond (water signs), or a grounded and modest type of romance (earth signs); Aries is passionate and fiery beyond belief. Physical instincts and vitality are highly evolved in this star sign. They take the lead, are very bold, and need a lover who can keep up with their powerful life force. Intimacy, companionship, and compatibility are deeply important to them.

The most compatible star signs are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Libra is the sign Aries can find most balance with, learning about (and integrating) qualities they themselves lack. This is because Libra is Aries’ “opposite.” Water signs can be a bit too sensitive and spacy or wishy-washy for them, yet can teach them emotional vulnerability and empathy as well as brings creative and imaginative magic into their world. Earth signs seem to suppress and uncenter Aries, making them feel restricted and limited; however, they do show impulsive Aries how to be more grounded and rooted.

Aries does not suffer fools gladly, however can be prone to impatience, irritability, impulsiveness, and aggressive to violent outbursts. Temper tantrums combined with the inability to handle triggers from a calm and rational or emotionally intelligent space are common, especially when younger. And until they can learn self-control, inner balance, and serenity repeat situations may occur (the same is true for all signs). For example, the same type of energy or experience will continue manifesting in different people and relationships. The message? Aries needs to control their temper, slow down, and become more mindful of how their frustrations,

anger- regardless of how justifiable, dominant, and forceful energy affect others. Again, this sign can be incredibly insensitive, apparently lacking all sense of empathy and understanding when they’re focused on ‘me, myself, and I.’

This no-nonsense approach can be channeled into business, work, and practical chores. Physical movement and exercise are essential for Aries too, so trapped energy and emotions can be released regularly, in addition to sexual energy. Positively, Aries is a bold leader who inspires others when at their best. Their key to long-term happiness and success is to lead from the heart, with sensitivity and grace, without losing touch of their advanced levels of self-assertion. As a masculine sign with a lot of energy, vitality, and passion- least to mention evolved optimism, enthusiasm, and genuine excitement for life, Aries should focus on how they can inspire, educate, help, encourage, or teach others; or, at the very least, shining their own light in a way that shows off their talents. Aim for more selflessness and sensitivity for true harmony and prosperity.

Furthermore, Aries is incredibly fun-loving! They are full of wit and love to laugh. They are not so much into peace as they are into adventure, travel, and social interactions. They can be attention-seeking and overly extroverted, perhaps not knowing when to be quiet to give others a chance to speak. But they are the life and soul of the party with a charismatic, charming, and friendly persona. People view them as bold, independent, and very attractive when balanced, when they have harmonized and integrated their masculine and feminine attributes. Aries will always be more dominant and expressive than anything particularly modest, passive, or reserved and shy- it’s just their nature, and don’t try changing them…

The best (highest vibration… most evolved…) type of Aries is one who is working toward their goals with determination, inner strength, and clear sight for an abundant future. They tend to be financially and practically savvy. They are able to finish a project through to completion, while gaining mental tenacity and focus, concentration, and extraordinary levels of willpower. They are ambitious beyond belief, coupled with being able to see the bigger picture. There are some idealistic and imaginative gifts that can take an Aries to new levels, yet there are also arrogant and egocentric traits that need to be worked on. With light comes darkness. Integrating their spiritual body including spiritual perception, vision, higher perspectives, intuition, imagination, and a sense of charity and selfless services are also key to their self-mastery and self-evolution. Personal growth manifests when they recognize that, although they may excel in the intellectual and physical realms, they also have an emotional and spiritual body.

As a parent, Aries has immensely strong maternal and paternal instincts. They’re protective, supportive, somewhat strict, and loving. They like to provide lots of educational, creative, and sporty/physical avenues and pathways for their children. They don’t mind pushing their kids either, which can be excellent for some, but not the most suitable parenting style for others. It’s advised to research your children’s Natal Chart (birth chart) to see what Sun and Moon signs they are. A sensitive Cancer or Pisces child, for example, doesn’t thrive in such a stern and unemotional environment, despite genuine Aries believing they are doing everything in their power to provide the best upbringing for their children. Each child requires a different parenting style, so adaptability may be called for, which also gives Aries, who is a Cardinal sign, a chance to improve and self-develop; becoming more self-aware, sensitive, and flexible.

So, as one of the most ambitious, resourceful, intelligent, headstrong, and self-assertive signs of the Zodiac, Aries would make an excellent business manager, speaker, motivational coach, boss, or CEO. Finding income and supporting themselves and loved ones is never a problem. Aries doesn’t have any problems with practicality or real-world responsibility. They are also much more rational and logical than prone to fantasy or mysticism, etc. They tend not to suffer with escapism, unlike some others; they exist in the real world, choosing to delve into imaginative and spiritual frequencies as a way to explore themselves and the world on a deeper level. They don’t get lost there. Clear sighted, Aries sticks at a goal or path once they’ve made a decision. They’re dependable, committed, loyal, instinctive, and devoted in love, family, and career.

One final thing to take note of is becoming overruled by their emotions and desires. Although wanting to project the image of not being super-sensitive, Aries feels things in a raw and vulnerable way- they have their insecurities just like the rest of us! They like to feel in control of their life, personal energy, emotions, beliefs, environments, and others. This can lead to controlling tendencies, yet it also creates an individual who is able to listen to their gut feelings, raw emotions, and instincts to make the best decisions. They don’t suffer from indecision, for example. Aries key is to trust in their inner world sensations and their intuitive hunches. Desires and passions run deep, and it can often be a tricky thing to accept, considering they are simultaneously independent and fiercely self-autonomous. Accepting the need for companionship, intimacy, and harmonious connections is paramount to transcending the tendency to fall into extremes, such as codependency Vs supreme independence, indifference/ a lack of apparent caring Vs seeking to control and dominate those they love (through caring so passionately!).

Final thoughts:-

● Aries corresponds with the head, skull, and brain.

Aries colors: Red. Red provides confidence, boosts and enhances passion and zest for life, and amplifies hidden strengths and gifts within. Aries is deeply primal, so red can help to bring out physical vitality and instincts while staying grounded and centered. Orange is perfect for increasing emotional warmth and connection, and/or sexual vitality and libido with emotional depth, sensitivity, and self-awareness. Both of these colors are energizing and stimulating therefore work well with their natural energies.

Gemstones and crystals: Diamond, Garnet, Hematite, Black Onyx, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Ruby, Bloodstone, Malachite, and Amethyst.

● Aries rules the 1st house in astrology, which is the house of beginnings, the Self, personal appearance, self-identity, and our primary personality. It’s the house of the persona and personal and social/public character we project out to others and the world. This house, just like Aries, is very concerned with physical beauty, public image, and qualities some more spiritual or sensitive signs might perceive as ‘superficial.’


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