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CANCER: June 21 - July 22

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Symbol: Crab

Element: Water

Ruler: Moon

House: 4th

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White


Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and with the glyph of the Crab. The Moon symbolizes emotions, feelings, inner world sensations, dreams, the subconscious mind and realm, the imagination, instincts, psychic ability and powers, and intuition. Everything related to the “inner world” represents Cancer’s primary personality. They are gentle, sensitive, nurturing, super kind, and empathic. Many Cancers are actually empaths, signifying an emotionally evolved individual who can read minds, sense hidden energy, and feel exactly what it’s like to be another person.

Cancer is unconditionally loving and a symbol for universal compassion. They can be super- sensitive and hyper-emotional, also prone to depression and mood swings, but they are spiritually gifted and soulful. Cancer is deep, magnetic, and a natural caregiver. This sweet and psychic sign has incredible instincts, which are largely used to provide for loved ones, coupled with protective qualities. Domestic, caregiving, healing, counseling, spiritual, and creative fields are where they thrive. They’re amazing artists, poets, dreamers, musicians, and creative individuals who know how to tune into the subtle realms for extraordinary creative vision. They can further connect to subconscious wisdom, profound imagination, and universal archetypes and ideals, all of which are channeled into self-expression.

Cancer is both creative and compassionate, imaginative and nurturing, and psychic and practical. Their chosen pathways for connection are the emotional and spiritual bodies. They can lack logic, analytical thinking, rationality, and cerebral gifts, specifically intellectual functioning. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent, they are deeply wise and intelligent- they just choose to perceive, live, and interact from an emotional frequency. Cancer is the most emotionally intelligent, mature, and empathic sign of the Zodiac. They possess natural healing abilities, impeccable listening skills, and a strong sense of service and helpfulness. They are genuine in their intentions to help, heal, nurture, care, and provide for, and they tend not to discriminate between family & loved ones and strangers.

This is a beautiful gift, yet it also leaves them depleted, further lacking boundaries. Boundaries combined with hyper-emotionalism/super-sensitivity is a big issue for such a sweet and soft sign. Cancer absorbs the emotions, pain, and internal energies of others. They’re psychic and instinctive beyond belief, further being able to mind-read and see into another’s inner workings. This includes their mind, psyche, soul, and physical health. Mysticism, clairvoyance, and even telepathy define their personality, so they are able to see beyond (and through) the veil of illusion on a planetary and collective and personal and individual level. Everything hidden and invisible can be seen, sensed, and felt by this spiritual sign. Intuition is well developed, again, to the point of extrasensory and supernatural powers…

In love, Cancer is incredibly nurturing, sweet, loyal, generous, romantic, sensual, powerfully magnetic, and caring. They need to be mindful of codependency as well as mollycoddling- being overly protective, generous, and nurturing, yet they’re instincts to protect and support are extraordinary. Cancer represents unconditional love through advanced and developed empathy, coupled with emotional intelligence. Imagination and creativity are applied to their partner, and they make excellent parents. They’re compassionate, protective, practical, spiritual, attentive, somewhat people-pleasing, and submissive. They pair best with other sensitive lovers who are natural givers and romantics. Finally, they believe in a deep soul bond.

Most compatible star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. As Cancer’s “opposite” sign, Capricorn is another compatible one who can teach them ambition, grounding, and other non-emotional qualities, including intellectual power, responsibility, and the importance of receiving energy too. Cancer goes with flow, also being attuned to an emotional and imaginative frequency, while Capricorn likes structure, order, and strong physical foundations. Harmony can be found here.

Domesticity, home, roots, the mother, maternal instincts, and subconscious influences, moreover the capacity to explore our pasts through introspection and dreaming, are all part of Cancer’s strengths. Dreaming is an intrinsic part of this water sign’s life! The places we explore during sleep is an essential part of life to many Cancers, dreaming being just as important as waking life. Dreams provide a portal to self-knowledge, higher wisdom, spiritual insights, divine guidance and inspiration, symbolism, imagery, and contact with the spiritual realm. Cancer instinctively knows that dreaming is a gateway to self-evolution as well as the soul. Most Cancers can dream at will, mastering lucid dreaming, astral travel and projection, and entering into a deep sleep to receive Higher Self guidance and wisdom. The subconscious mind comes alive during sleep, which ripples out into waking life to provide for further self-development,

healing, and growth.

The ability to access the dream space is so powerful that Cancer even possesses telepathic abilities. They are also the empaths of the Zodiac. This means they can “mind-read,” sense things on such a deep and spiritual level that it feels like their own feelings, pain, or happiness, and momentarily sacrifice their own needs to help another. They do this through sharing their advanced wisdom, intuition, and psychic impressions, as well as an almost angelic level of compassion, concern, and caring. Cancer is one of the rare signs to truly treat a stranger like family, if they’re in genuine need.

Shadow personality traits Cancer needs to watch out for are being impractical, moody, depressive, and codependent, in addition to being overly submissive and self-sacrificing. They can be super-sensitive as mentioned, taking everything personally or unable to view and think from a logical and psychological, or mental, perspective. This prevents them from “lightening up,” having fun, and not feeling like they’re being attacked. Defensiveness is common.

At the highest vibration, Cancer is an amazing support system for loved ones who provides a safe and nurturing environment to flourish and thrive in. They’re protective, intuitive beyond belief, artistically gifted, and wonderful listeners, also making very powerful wise counsel givers. Cancer feels their way through experiences, relationships, and events. They’re happy to blend into the crowd and project a humble, modest, and sensual vibe when balanced. They are social, but on their own terms. This means they require a lot of solitude, introspection, and rest to recharge energies, moreover gather thoughts and feelings. They love get-togethers, dinners, dancing, creative events, cultural outings, and entertainment like theater or the Arts with friends and family. Cancer is social and friendly with depth, soul, and a somewhat reserved and passive character.

Despite appearing shy and quiet, Cancer is an amazing party-planner. They know how to create an event full of laughter, great food, color, inspiration, positive vibes, and music that unifies and uplifts everyone. They prefer to take on the role of healer and counselor or caregiver in a social gathering. People know Cancer is the warm, empathic, welcoming, nurturing, and sensitive one in a group. They reflect unconditional love, purity, and understanding to everyone they meet, which allows them to thrive in both business and love. Also, Cancer’s inner child is fully integrated. Freedom and liberation from oppressive structures and regimes are craved, while spiritual insights and clues are often followed on. Becoming more in tune with the inner child is the perfect way to naturally overcome their shadow traits (depression, mood swings, social anxiety, etc.).

An additional folly that has not yet been mentioned: they can be very manipulative when they feel their emotional needs are not being met. As givers who are incredibly generous, imbalanced dynamics may result in people-pleasing tendencies, which then leads to Cancer feeling undervalued, overlooked, and underappreciated. Resentment builds up over time, and communication can be an issue; Cancer is deeply passive, often not knowing how to speak up, moreover voice their concerns and needs. Projection thus occurs, whereby this sensitive yet deeply loyal and affectionate sign “projects” their own issues and securities into others, also perhaps intentionally becoming deceptive. Overcoming this toxic trait is a key life lesson to master.

Cancer has a quirky and funny side that only people really close to them see. Complete openness can take time to develop, and trust needs to be built before they can fully let their guards down. Yet, a Cancer who feels safe and secure in your presence is one of the most loving, honest, kind, warm-hearted, and selfless kindred spirits you could be blessed to know. Don’t abuse their trust, treat them like a doormat, or take them for granted to the point of it becoming a repeat behavior, however! A Cancer who’s sensitive heart has been broken, by a friend or lover, ultimately closes the door. Once a connection is lost, it’s done. They will forgive, yet they'll never forget, and as Cancer is an empath, giver, and selfless unconditionally loving earth angel, treating them with coldness or similar energy will leave them losing all faith in you. Faith and forgiveness are two of their greatest strengths, yet a mature and grown Cancer also has boundaries. Once self-love and self-respect have been found and integrated, anything that disrespects them is considered no longer worthy of their time and energy. Just something to keep in mind.

Best careers for Cancer include support or social worker, nurse, physician, therapist (any type), counselor, elderly companion, mediator, animal helper, charity worker, psychic, astrologer, metaphysical or spiritual teacher and/or healer, or yoga or shamanic practitioner. Other perfect professions include musician, artist, photographer, painter, poet, writer or teacher. Although artistic, spiritual, and dreamy, they are domestic, practical, and responsible. Transcending the need to “withdraw into a crab-like shell” is a lifelong goal to lasting happiness, health, harmony,

peace, and prosperity.

Business is not one of their strongest points; not because they don’t know how to make money-they do! They’re very creative and innovative in this realm, least to mention always thinking about loved ones, which makes them ambitious in their own unique way. But, Cancer is the sign of the mother and home-provider, which signifies they will always choose to be a role model and support system at home over climbing the social ladder. They’re selfless in this respect, sacrificing their own dreams and aspirations to provide a wonderful creative and nourishing home environment, enriched with educational, intellectual, artistic, physical (sports), and emotionally sustaining activities for their children. It’s not unusual for Cancer to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, but, if they do choose to become a professional, working with children or becoming a chef would suit them well (in addition to the careers already mentioned).

Finally, the Moon makes them dreamy, magnetic, and very irresistible to people who like a modest and spiritual vibe. Just as Aries or Gemini might appear undoubtedly sexy, attractive, and real-deal potential to people who like upbeat and fiery energy, Cancer is a real catch to those who prefer a sensual and gentle, loving-nurturing, vibe. When their magnetism is applied to creative projects, art and music included, Cancer can create works of art that are truly mind-blowing.

Final thoughts:-

● Cancer corresponds with the lymphatic system, stomach, chest, and breasts in women.

Cancer colors: Sky and sea blue in addition to sea green are perfect for enhancing feelings of peace, serenity, and tranquility. Blue helps to calm Cancer’s nervous system, allowing them to be more rational and logical while combining evolved psychological gifts with imagination and intuition. Green stimulates and strengthens compassion, self-love, and empathy, qualities already available within. Silver and white are two unique colors for Cancer; silver promotes celestial contact and connection with the divine, spirit, and ether. White sparks the Crown chakra as well as higher consciousness! Orange is a final color to work with for harmony and integration, as orange stimulates creativity, emotional warmth and vulnerability, friendliness, charisma, and confidence.

Gemstones and crystals: Moonstone, Amber, Ruby, Emerald, Rhodonite, Aquamarine, Selenite, Pearl, Coral, Opal, Chalcedony and Smoky Quartz.

● Cancer rules the 4th house of the home, roots, maternal instincts, intuition, potent instincts, and physical foundations. Privacy, security, basic drive, feminine energy, and parenting come under the 4th house and Cancer’s realm.


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