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CAPRICORN: Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Symbol: Goat

Element: Earth

Ruler: Saturn

House: 10th

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown / Charcoal Grey


Capricorn is an earth sign with the glyph of the Goat and ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are strong-willed, disciplined, self-autonomous, financially self-sovereign, hard-working, practical, and organized. Saturn represents order, structure, and authority, so, although they are a feminine earth sign, they are very self-assertive and self-authoritative. They possess masculine inner strength and confidence combined with feminine nurturance, gentleness, and sensitivity.

Capricorn is one of the most orderly, organized, and devoted star signs. They are excellent planners, managers, and service-driven powerhouses who don’t have a problem creating a plan and sticking to it. Capricorn is the worker-bee of society. They are masters of creating a strong foundation for loved ones and society as a whole to benefit from. Capricorn will spend their entire life working towards something, an end goal, a masterpiece, a business, or a dream. They have staying power and are totally committed. As they are a feminine element coupled with having a masculine planetary ruler, there's a good mix of energies and attributes to draw from. Intellectual, intelligent, and innovative, Capricorn possesses a bright and observant mind.

They’re skilled in observation, perception, and getting to the root of something, which contributes to their effectiveness in problem-solving. They know how to create solutions and can stay cool, calm, and collected. They handle stress and pressure extremely well, more so than most signs. They’re emotionally intelligent and self-aware too, combined practicality with empathic wisdom. Core feminine qualities they have include being nurturing, caring, generous, loyal, empathic, compassionate, and sensitive. They are incredibly kind and natural givers.

Capricorn does need to watch out for controlling and authoritarian tendencies. Despite being sensitive and nurturing, they can become deeply stern, cold, and overbearing in a moment’s notice. Their inner authoritarian comes out, and unless they’ve already gained the reputation of being a boss or someone to warrant respect, they may appear like a maniac or mean-spirited bully. Positively, this supremely self-respecting and disciplined side allows them to command respect and admiration, so they can lead and give orders that can contribute to some greater vision. At their best they are great leaders who do hold a lot of sincere respect and authority. But, this only works in a work or safe environment where people “see” them. If they try this approach with strangers or newcomers they can appear as a real arrogant, demanding bully or tyrant. This diminishes their reputation and social standing.

Positively, Capricorn excels in a position of leadership. They are self-controlled, further aiming for self-mastery. In fact, self-control is one of this earth sign’s greatest attributes. In love, business, and the realm of emotions and sexual needs, Capricorn is incredibly self-mastered. They have strong desires and passions, yet they’re disciplined with healthy boundaries and self- respect. They’re highly instinctive. Capricorn knows how to tune into the world of subtle vibrations, psychic impressions, and emotional and physical clues and responses to make the best decisions. They’re in tune with their bodies and the physical environments they find themselves

in. Their sense of empathy, emotional intelligence, and instinctual awareness is evolved, yet they don’t always make this apparent, as they project an aura of intellectual superiority. They’re certainly not ashamed of these psychic and instinctive gifts, they would just rather be seen as intelligent and socially acceptable.

Prestige, social status, achievements, public image, fame, success, material wealth, security, stability, are all keywords for Capricorn throughout life. They can be conformist, overly traditional, and rigid, further lacking flexibility and open-mindedness. These are key shadow traits they need to work on. Additionally, they may become too concerned with material possessions, wealth, and status or public image, so they need to learn to balance these desires with spirituality- seeing the bigger picture coupled with detaching from the material aspects of life. Balance is key for longevity, happiness, and true success and prosperity.

Earning money is never an issue for this hardworking and practical sign. Capricorn is blessed with many clients, jobs, and career choices, and they usually have lots of offers in business and work. They are amazing networkers, communicators, and resourceful business wo/men. Their communication style is direct, yet sensitive and cooperative. They know how to take charge, be bold, and speak and act with force, also being deeply charismatic and charming. When at their best they command attention without devolving to dramatic, oppressive, or controlling/ domineering tendencies.

In love they are sweet, nurturing, supportive, providing, magnetic, charismatic, assertive, forceful, and receptive. They can both lead and follow, be assertive and cooperative, and say serious, practical, and committed to responsibilities while making time for play. Capricorn has a strong sex drive and requires physical expression, intimacy, and both wild and romantic intimacy. Yet, responsibilities and duties will always come first, so they are suited to a lover who appreciates their self-controlled and grounded outlook. Extremely protective, Capricorn is a gem of a partner, as long as you’re happy to occasionally be the follower.

Most compatible star signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. As their “opposite” sign, Cancer is another sign with strong soulmate potential. Capricorn learns how to be more emotional, playful, and imaginative while lightening up, and equally gets to shine in their best dominant and protective way. Cancer and Capricorn integrate what they lack through the other. Fire signs can be a bit too spontaneous and over zealous for Capricorn’s personality, although they do bring the vision and optimism they love. Air signs can make Capricorn feel strange or wrong for being so responsible, ordered, and grounded, yet are great for colorful intellectual conversation and fun.

There’s a karmic aspect to Capricorn’s personality, which stems from Saturn’s influence. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma or Father of Time, providing a masculine, structured, linear, restrictive, and patriarchal energy. When channeled positively and consciously, Capricorn’s energy and intention alone serve karma. This means they dish out their own karma, whether they’re conscious of it or not. Once a connection is established, any injustice, imbalance, or wrongdoing will be sensed on a physical, instinctual, and spiritual level. Capricorn holds great power, so don’t be fooled by their modest and respectful nature.

This tenacious earth sign is extremely patient, modest, and humble; humility is one of their greatest gifts. They know how to hold space for themselves and others in a way that allows all light to shine. They are most serious, which brings through a beneficial vibration to people who need that stern and grounded energy, yet equally have a wild side. It’s important that they do seek fun, play, self-expression, artistic and imaginative outlets, and liberation. Getting in tune with their inner wild, sexual, sensual, primal, and playful essence increases their inner light, amplifying their personal power and capacity to live their dreams. They have strong potential that can be enhanced through liberating their inner child.

The inner child and its freedom is deeply relevant to their emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being, in fact. Innocence allows this mostly determined and impeccable responsible earth sign to let loose, lighten up, and access hidden gifts. Also, to connect with others, finding soul union, harmonious friendships, and beauty and wonder. As an earth sign, their ability to have fun and play is often tied into nature, such as outdoor pursuits, forest walks, treks in nature, or wild foraging. Oh yes, Capricorn may thrive in business and an office environment, but they also have natural skills (and instincts) linked to the great outdoors. Unique professions for them include tree surgeon, herbalist, permaculturist, organic farmer, or environmentalist.

Despite their advanced emotional intelligence, empathy, and caring and nurturing attributes, Capricorn has issues with emotional trust and vulnerability. They can be closed off, repressed, and incredibly suppressed. Suppressing their emotions and raw feelings is something they must work on in life for the best possible future alignment. They're rational and logical- realists with potent intellect, so this makes them forget the importance of “getting deep” with themselves and others. Ambition can lead to amazing success, prestige, accomplishment, fame, and financial wealth, yet it can also get in the way of intimate relationships. One thing that can’t be denied is that Capricorn is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to service and society.

Key strengths include longevity, sweetness, and being respectful, courteous, and tactful. They have strong family instincts and know how to create order and structure to the highest of standards. Acutely perceptive, logical, and gifted mentally and with problem-solving, Capricorn is a master of manifestation as well as building, creating, and forging. Capricorn has presence. They possess strong willpower, purpose, and a grounded type of passion. They are certainly passionate, just not in an Aries or Sagittarius type of way. They know how to keep their cool and play cool, shielding their often intense and powerful emotions behind a calm exterior. It’s sometimes extremely difficult to read a Capricorn, which has both its pros and cons.

Gaining large wealth, abundance, and prosperity is common for many Capricorns. Many Capricorns make amazing CEO’s, bosses, leaders of organizations and corporations, and decision-makers. They have evolved powers of persuasion, in addition to excellent organizational skills. They further know how to focus on the small details to contribute to the bigger picture. They have vision with idealistic, philosophical, and spiritual tendencies, and there is purpose in everything they do, even if it appears to be mundane or rooted in physical and material needs & desires. Survival, security, and deep authentic bonds are integral to their self-esteem and personal identity. Social and personal identity are very important to their self-worth and ability to continue attracting abundance.

Faith, self-preservation, and self-belief are well developed. Being ruled by Saturn gives them very strong morals and ethics, least to mention a powerful sense of virtue. Patience is a major attribute that rarely dwindles. Integrity is another keyword for them, it’s unlikely to find a Capricorn acting without integrity. They are sensible, methodological, and self-aware with a deep respect for tradition. Whereas rules, regulations, and law and order might frighten or anger most people, Capricorn has a unique and admirable way of finding common ground. They have empathy and consideration for things many get triggered by. It’s not that they don’t value their or their loved one’s freedom, they just have highly evolved respect. Further, domestic and community ties take up a lot of time. Without these, Capricorn becomes lost, also succumbing to laziness, lethargy, and a lack of motivation or inspiration.

Despite being so business-minded, Capricorn is a sweet and beautiful lover and family person. They love creating and nurturing a beautiful, comforting, warm, and pleasure-infused living environment, yet do so in moderation. Harmony is essential for their well-being and peace of mind at home. An unclean or chaotic disordered house or home is reflective of an unhappy inner world. On this note, it’s significant for Capricorn to connect to the spiritual aspects of life, so they can disconnect from the 3D world and realm from time-to-time. There are multiple realms, dimensions, and vibrations; there’s also many aspects of consciousness to tune into. Capricorn is primarily psychological, intellectual and instinctual verging on emotional, but they can lack spiritual depth and physical (sexual) drive. Actually, they don’t lack desires, they just tend to suppress or not act on them in pursuit of ambitions and professional achievements.

One thing to be mindful of is anxiety. Stress, nervous tension, and health problems can take hold from overworking. Luckily, Capricorn has great “dry wit,” similar to fellow earth sign Virgo. They love a good belly laugh and like to make jokes rooted in practical awareness and reality. Some of their humor might come across as sadistic to some people, yet, to them, it’s perfectly normal. Being so serious means that when they do seek laughter and release, they use their intellectual analysis to create jokes and banter around the total opposite; i.e. not taking life or themselves too seriously. When they’re in a playful mood they are adorable, attractive, charming, and surprisingly friendly. They lose all sense of reservation and become colorful and creative in their mode of thinking, communication, and expression... Meeting imaginative, open-hearted, and open-minded people can spark hidden talents and beliefs in a liberating way.

Finally, receiving the fruits of their labor, the rewards for their long-term efforts, and abundance and windfalls for their ability to stay committed to their end vision are part of Capricorn’s destiny. Legacy is a keyword for them.

Final thoughts:-

● Capricorn corresponds with bones, teeth, and knees.

Capricorn colors: brown, earth or moss green, silver-white, and black. Black is excellent for grounding, security, sophistication, and intellectual wisdom and power, while brown helps them to establish a strong connection with Mother Earth as well as their own body (senses and instincts included). Silver-white connects them with higher awareness, celestial and divine inspiration, and both subconscious wisdom and spiritual perspectives. All shades of green, specifically earth or moss green, align Capricorn with their Higher Self, while simultaneously amplifying empathy, patience, virtue, non-judgement, self- love, kindness, generosity, and all other qualities linked to the heart chakra.

Gemstones and crystals: Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Hematite, Jet, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Diamond, Azurite, Malachite, Fluorite, Sodalite, Obsidian, Moss Agate, and Amethyst.

● Capricorn rules the 10th house of public image, social status, success, prestige, achievements, fame, material abundance, foundations, honors, awards, and role or service in society. Also, fatherly and patriarchal energy, tradition, regulatory systems, rules, and boundaries.


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