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Houses 10- 12.

10th House: Fame, Success, Prestige, and Social Status; Your Role in Society

The 10th house rules Capricorn and Saturn, also residing at the highest point (top) of the wheel. The 10th house symbolizes your place in society, public persona, social status and prestige, and many similar themes. Fame, achievements, professional and personal accomplishments, the legacy you are destined to create, and the structures and foundations that best serve you are symbolic of the 10th house. Honors, prestige, and rewards received through climbing the social ladder- promotions, hard work recognized, and so forth, come under the 10th house. The Midheaven (MC) is a secondary celestial aspect.

Your role in society coupled with the mark you’re meant to make is presented in this house. Whether you’re destined for big success or smaller victories can be learned, in addition to the level of modesty and humility you display. Capricorn is hard-worked, ambitious, and supremely determined to achieve success, but they’re also humble. There’s a down-to-earth and gracious influence with this house, despite it representing the topmost part of the wheel. Personal ambitions, intentions for success or fame, and everything to do with your social and public standing are seen here.

Financial rewards, wealth, prosperity, windfalls, and abundance linked to professional goals and status are also part of the main symbolism. In the best placements, hard-work, discipline, and ambitions lead to financial prosperity, and often in very large amounts! This is where the most abundance and financial stability can be attained. This house is further home to the energies and qualities of discipline, tradition, rules, boundaries, and regulations, moreover fatherly patriarchal energy. The wisdom is that boundaries, rules, and restrictions provide doorways to growth, in addition to opportunities for you to realize your highest potential.

An analogy: if you had the smoothest and quickest journey to the top of the mountain or hill, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. You’d stand there feeling victorious for a little while, feeling joy and pleasure from your accomplishment, but then you’d look around and realize how easy the path was, thus, returning to the bottom. From this space of restlessness you become idle, lazy, or unmotivated, further succumbing to toxic and self-limiting behaviors.

Yet, if there were challenges to complete that caused physical sweat as well as emotional, psychological, and spiritual resistance, tension, and struggle, you would feel like gold once reaching the top. The memory of all the setbacks and hardship you went through would stay with you, therefore you would be much more likely to continue to strive for victory. This is the essence of the 10th house. Not everyone can make the journey nor is everyone meant to. Our paths are unique, so the 10th house represents how likely you are to reach the top of your game of field in this life.

‘Climbing the mountain’ both literally and metaphorically is the main message. Achieving prestige, success, fame, big financial rewards, and social recognition will be determined by how many planets fall in the 10th house for you, if any. People with a strong 10th house tend to make a name for themselves, achieve fame or success, or reach expert level in their skill, profession, or trade. Service is a keyword connected here. Expertise, self-mastery, and professional greatness are all tied into a strong 10th house as well. These people don’t settle for less, and only wish to be the best or top of their field. Mastery of gifts, talents, and services are integral to this type of person’s personality.

Just as the 4th house, the opposite house, represents Cancer and motherly instincts, the 10th house represents fatherhood coupled with paternal instincts. How able are you at enforcing boundaries? Are you a strict and stern parent? Do you have traditional values? Can you put aside emotions, when needed, to adopt a more logical and rational approach? Masculine energy (Saturn) is associated with the mind, unlike feminine energy that links to emotions, feelings, and sensitivity. Patriarchal values are favored over matriarchal ones, hence the strong emphasis on ambition, determination to achieve and succeed, and self-discipline leading to inner strength and tenacity.

Finally, your attitude towards responsibility, duty, and ‘the father’ (either an actual father or male guardian, or society as a masculine entity), including paternal figures and bosses, are further associations. Whether you choose to abide by the law and respect authority are determined by the 10th house. As the house of social status, you are guided to evaluate what authority means to you, what type of characters and institutions you respect, and how you find the right balance between boundaries- self-respect, and respect for tradition, law, and order. Society is given more value over community, however this house equally signifies how community makes up the whole; society. Self-manifestation, self-mastery, and living up to your duties and chosen roles are core to the 10th house.

11th House: Technology, Innovation, Conscious Change, and Social Justice

The 11th house rules Aquarius and the planet Uranus. This house represents group organizations, friendships, social circles and groups, technology, innovation, and science. The 11th house is home to our inner drive towards innovation, originality, inventiveness, eccentricity, rebellion, and change. At a higher vibration, this house creates conscious rebellion- powerful revolutionary ideas and actions that can stimulate lasting positive change and transformation. It’s the house of networking, social media, social justice, charity, selfless service, humanitarianism, altruism, and new concepts in science and technology…

The 11th house symbolizes all of the systems in place that stimulate our need for community. Community, unity, togetherness, social cohesion, solidarity, and altruism are keywords of the 11th house. Our hopes and wishes for a better world are linked here. Having dreams and aspirations that will serve the collective, planet earth, or humanity as a whole will be shown in this astrological house, so you can make sense of larger-vision ideas and motivations.

If you have aspirations rooted in helping others, a group, animals, or the environment, you most likely have a strong 11th house placement. Simultaneously, you may choose to get involved in local community groups in some way, or further travel afield for humanitarian and welfare causes. The intention is for collective, planetary, and global healing, or at least communities and societal structures that aim to initiate change. Transformation, renewal of old structures, and new friendships rooted in a common shared goal or mission, both professional and informal, come into the 11th house.

Questions such as, ‘does this friendship serve my bigger-picture goals and visions?’ ‘Is this social group honoring my Higher Self?’ ‘How can I connect with others to co-create lasting change?’ ‘Are my desires for global transformation pure and rooted in altruism?’ ‘What type of connections do I value in this life?’ ‘Am I aware of my soul contacts and life’s purpose, or am I still drifting aimlessly along?’ should be asked. The friendships you hold and value as well as the acquaintances you meet along your journey are main associations, in addition to the social groups and circles you engage with.

Hobbies, recreational activities, professional organizations you’re connected to, your service in your community or communities, your mission, and the destiny you are aligned with, no matter how great or small, come under the 11th house’s realm. Organizations and social & friendship groups are meant to serve you, not limit, restrict, or oppress you. The message of this house is that the circles you keep can lead to your evolution or devolution; living with purpose, passion, and aspirations are core to realizing your highest potential, and then sharing your wisdom, gifts, and passions with the world.

The 11th house is approaching the end of your soul’s journey, therefore there’s a general vibe of sharing, teaching, and collaborating. You take all of the wisdom and experience, moreover lessons, linked to the previous 10 houses and share it to benefit others. Selfless service, altruism, and charity and humanitarian themes are strong in this house. Your hopes and wishes for both fellow humans and our planet, coupled with their strength, will be determined by your 11th house.

Furthermore, all of Aquarius' key qualities are reflected in the 11th house; originality, eccentricity, wit, logic, analytical thinking, intuition, and intelligence. Also, their love of astronomy, astrology, science, futuristic technology, spirituality, holistic and alternative health, metaphysics, esoteric subjects, and exciting as well as game-changing pathways to self-evolution. At a higher vibration, this house represents conscious rebellion. At a lower one, we may become rebellious simply for the sake of feeding our impulsiveness and need to go against conventional systems in place. There’s a sense of anti-conformism linked to this house.

Positively, we can begin to see the infinite possibilities and limitless potential available when we awaken to our destinies. It’s all about a bigger picture vision, greater purpose, and choices that serve our souls (in addition to the collective soul). We seek deeper meaning that can translate into tangible, real-world, results and manifestations with a strong 11th house. Hard-work, discipline, and devotion built up over time accumulates as projects, connections, and blessings that lead to ultimate wish fulfillment, as well as continued expansion and evolutionary relationships (relationships that serve our and others’ evolution).

Helpfulness, service, healing, holistic and alternative living, community values, kindred spirits, and professional partnerships built off of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation are key to a strong 11th house. People with a lot of planets in this house tend to be visionaries and global change-makers! It’s all about humankind, as well as our planet’s health and well-being.

12th House: Endings, Clearing Karma, Spiritual Maturity, and Soul Completion

The 12th house rules Pisces and is associated with the planet Neptune. This house is all about endings, karmic completions, and the soul’s journey to attaining enlightenment. Ruling Pisces, the Old Souls who represent the highest expression of spiritual perception and illumination, the 12th house relates to our ability to transcend, elevate, and evolve; to see things from higher quantum perspectives. There’s an element of sacredness, timelessness, and soul competition. Old age, going with the flow, surrendering to life’s plan, recognizing our divinity, and tying up loose ends as well as karmic contracts are key themes.

All of the energies and qualities of Neptune are highlighted, which include psychic vision, powerful instincts, access to dreams and transcendental states, spiritual gifts, and the ability to see through illusions. At a lower vibration, this house gives rise to addictions, fantasy, and escapism, moreover depression and despair linked to recognizing the pain and suffering in Self and others. Positively, this is the house where psychic and spiritual gifts can be found and enhanced, ranging from clairvoyance and potent empathy to telepathy and precognition!

As the house of endings and old age, there are a number of linked themes. Actual old age is presented here, so what type of end of life you will experience. Hospitals, jails, institutions like care homes or psych wards, and so forth tie into the 12th house. Your fate is reflected in this house, and this is largely a result of positive or negative karma. Also, how spiritually evolved, mature, and wise you are, for instance, if you’ve learned the lessons presented to you on your path or chosen to ignore them. Karmic cycles often repeat themselves until we integrate the message wanting to be shown… Until then, we may accumulate negative karma if we repeatedly go against our intuition, moreover our Higher Self and soul’s guidance.

So, the 12th house is about learning, self-evolution, and the completion of important life cycles. Platonic and romantic karmic contracts can be understood and finished- we can ‘close chapters’ of our lives that no longer serve us or our future, aligned, and best timelines. A strong 12th house indicates a person who has been willing to go within, explore both their roots and their history, and evolve, learn, and grow. The key to this house lies in letting go. It’s important to surrender and not hold onto anything out of fear, childish notions, ignorance, or any other limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors.

As the associates sign is Pisces, this astrological house also rules the Arts, imagination, music, creativity, film, dance, poetry, mysticism, spirituality, and higher ideals. And, the subconscious mind, relating to entering lucid, astral, and dream states for multidimensional awareness and wisdom! How able you are to access these subconscious and transcendental states is determined by your 12th house, while openness to spirituality, higher dimensional consciousness, and everything considered advanced (spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, divine contact, etc.) are equally accessible.

Subconscious needs, wants, and desires can be uncovered with the 12th house. You can see into the root of truth, bypassing illusions, and tuning into psychic instincts coupled with powerful intuition for a number of purposes. Private affairs, discovering wisdom and truth from waking life in your dreams, walking an authentic spiritual path, healing/transcending personal and collective karma, and the inner world of feelings and subtle sensations are all symbolic of the 12th house.

Secrets, deception and manipulation from others, and hidden enemies are part of the main symbolism of the 12th house too, therefore it’s not uncommon to find out some darker truths once you’ve reached a certain age of spiritual maturity. As the house of soul completion and spiritual enlightenment, everything residing in darkness must come to light. This includes ‘frenemies,’ BS, lies, secret agendas, and false intentions by those we may have once trusted. Separation from restrictive or soul-suppressing physical environments and structures come into this house.

Someone with a strong house wants to break free from all the limitations and restrictions placed on them from a suppressive world, including societal rules, norms, and irrational or unnecessary boundaries. Pisces is concerned with transcending boundaries, hence their glyph of the two Fish swimming in opposite directions; one fish swims upwards towards the heavens, away from earth, symbolizing the strong desire to break free, transform, evolve, and ascend… the other fish swims towards the earth, which represents spirit being grounded in human form. This is the main theme of the 12th house.

One may be in control of their own health when there is a strong 12th house planetary placement, such as through moving away from hospitals and traditional forms of medicine; or reach a level of spiritual maturity and self-mastery so that jail, fines, or societal punishments aren’t a possibility. When one is in a state of spiritual awareness embodying a higher vibration, there is no need for secret enemies or hidden agendas. Everyone is family, soul family, or extended family- brothers and sisters belonging to the same world. Integrity, selflessness, humility, grace, universal compassion, non-judgment, tolerance, evolved empathy, kindness, sensitivity, unconditional love, and transcendence of fear are key qualities available with this house. At the highest vibration, we see everyone as a mirror of us, with healthy boundaries and discernment moreover our intuition intact, so living in fear, hatred, or separation is futile. It serves no purpose.

Transcending toxic cycles and patterns of behavior are a final key theme here. Unconscious habits and forces can come to conscious light; the invisible and shadow realms can be seen, accepted, and understood for what they are, fully. We come to terms with our failures. We find the light, and thus become the light within. Closure can be attained in multiple life areas, from heartbreak to loss and pain and suffering to acceptance of bonds and projects diminished. New cycles and fresh chapters can begin....

© GIA KHAY, Ethereal Starseed


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