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Houses 7- 9.

7th House: Partnerships, Real-World Relationships, and Contracts

The 7th house rules Libra and the planet Venus, but this time with more of a focus on the mental and intellectual realms (unlike the 2nd house which symbolizes monetary, material, and down-to-earth matters). The 7th house represents relationships and other people; partnerships within society, business bonds, intimate connections, karmic love contracts, marriage, soulmates, and kindred spirit bonds. Your attitude towards these things will also be shown in your 7th house placements (or lack of). The Descendant (Dsc) is also representative of this house.

Marriage, love contracts and agreements, companionship, lovers, love affairs, and the shadow self in relation to all of these themes are connected to the 7th house. How you relate in partnerships, both love and business, is determined here. Do you embody more of your shadow, the darker and less desirable traits; or are you more aligned with your inner light- your positive and favorable attributes? Both strengths and weaknesses, light and shadow, and beautiful qualities and flaws show up in partnerships and relationships, but the extent or degree of each is unique to you. Also, how much of your true self, which includes both light and darkness, are you willing to show to others, your partner, and the world?

The possibility of having an ‘alter-ego’ comes under this house. At a lower vibration, a weak 7th house can suggest either superficiality, ego, and narcissism, or no interest in love and long-lasting relationships at all. There’s either ego or apathy- too much force and willpower or too much passiveness and sacrifice. Love affairs and frequent flings are equally possible, in addition to fears of intimacy, a lack of commitment, and unwillingness to enter into mutually supportive and loving bonds.

At a higher vibration, the 7th house signifies harmonious and respectful short and long-term partnerships. There’s a healthy exchange of giving and receiving, mutual cooperation, trust, balance, diplomacy, and the ability to find compromise amongst the conflict or disagreements. Further associations include business bonds, competitors, lawyers, mediators, contracts, counselors, being or having a husband or wife, negotiators, companions, and parenthood as it pertains to traditional values (within a monogamous partnership). Focus is steered away from ‘self’ to ‘other.’ Empathy and mindful communication can be developed with a strong 7th house.

There’s a focus on accomplishing, creating, or achieving something- any desired goal or outcome- within a partnership. Purpose is key to the 7th house. No matter how great or small, the bond, connection, and intention are enough to fulfill many emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical desires (self-esteem, satisfaction, the need for intimacy or recognition, self-love, healing, etc.). A linked element to this is how a mutually supportive partnership or relationship can act as service to society or the world. Two people uniting and joining forces can serve as a positive current of harmonious change and manifestation or creation. Cooperation, purpose, and partnership can help to expand your life plan or destiny, and further contribute to the world as a whole.

This is achieved through turning away from ‘self,’ which includes the notion of selfishness, self-entitlement, and other self-serving tendencies, and instead putting more energy and love into others. You do have to be careful or at least mindful of people-pleasing, indecisive, and self-sacrificing tendencies with the 7th house, especially when there’s a conflicting or disharmonious placement. Well-being, self-love, personal boundaries, and finding the right balance between assertiveness and force or dominance and gentleness and compromise can be discovered with the 7th house.

Questions like, ‘why did I choose this partnership?’ ‘What are my motivations for this bond?’ ‘Can it, realistically, stand the tests of time?’ ‘Is this connection together for practical reasons, money, love, and other sincere qualities… or is it held together through fear, domination and control tactics, etc.?’ should be asked. For anyone who may struggle in the area of intimacy and relationships, both platonic and romantic or sexual, ask yourself: ‘Why do I keep repeating unhealthy patterns?’ ‘Have I truly explored my toxic traits?’ ‘Do I still need to integrate, heal, and make peace with my shadow, and/or my partner’s shadow?’ ‘Why do I seem to stay in the same self-limiting environments?!’

At the worst frequency, the 7th house can show a person who uses relationships and ‘false companions’ to fill a void. Emptiness, loneliness, depression, disconnection, and apathy may be present, but the other end of the scale is choosing companions, business partners, and bonds that are built off of a sincere love and need of joy, connection, harmony, intimacy, mutual give and take, and so forth!

There are many reasons for uniting with another, either physically or on any other plane. The partnerships we form teach a great deal about ourselves, our motivations, hidden desires, wants and needs, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for integration or self-development. Simultaneously, tensions within relationships are here to show us considerable lessons. As Libra has the glyph of the Scales, the 7th house represents an undeniable inner drive for balance, fairness, and harmony. Justice and equality can be the main aim of the game in some cases too. Divorce, lawsuits, and treaties are additional associations, while enemies created as a result of deteriorated and neglected relationships can be a less desired manifestation.

8th House: Sex, Rebirth, and Shared Resources

The 8th house rules Scorpio and Pluto, the planet of transformation, rebirth, and alchemy. The 8th house is all about birth, death, sex, transformation, secrets, deep bonds, intimacy, and mystery. This is where “taboos” as well as darker life themes and events come into the mix. Rebirth and transformation come under this house, and so do other people’s money, shared resources, and investments, moreover finances, inheritances, and bonds including real estate. Karmic and soul bonds are associated with this house due to the strong link to desires for soul-merging, depth, and intensity!

The 8th house is where you discover your attitudes and belief systems to sex, sharing resources, and intimacy. Unlike the 7th house, which focuses on partnerships, intimacy, and contracts, the 8th house takes these themes a step further by introducing the theme of applying power and ambition or force (within the themes). If we look at the two star signs, we can observe the differences clearly… Libra is ruled by Venus, a gentle and feminine planet, so the 7th house is more to do with cooperation, the balance of power, and seeking harmony above all else. Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled by an intense current ruler (Pluto) who adds emotional depth and intensity, and a fiery ancient one, Mars, who exhibits considerable power and force, least to mention personal authority, assertiveness, and boldness to get their way.

Holistically, this means that power struggles and issues of dominance, over-using will, power, or resources, and similar themes are common with the 8th house. Secrecy and privacy come into the equation too. You can discover just how open and trusting or closed off and private you are. You can ascertain how willing and open you are to sharing your resources, as well as how easily or naturally this comes for you, and the type of people you are happy to share with. The 8th house signifies your level of depth, soul, integrity, self-accountability, honesty, and trust for yourself and others as it pertains to resources, wealth, etc.

Beliefs about mysteries and secrets of the universe and secrets within intimate and close bonds come into this house. Bonding on the deepest level is discovered, understood, and explored. This level of depth and intensity provides insight into multiple life areas; your personality, passions, likes, dislikes, romantic needs, sexual needs, financial needs, belief systems, and what you require in a relationship, career, and so forth. All of these themes are reflected in other houses, of course, but the 8th house specifically approaches each topic from a unique level of soul and depth. Scorpio is the sign of emotional self-mastery, intuition, and psychic and spiritual gifts, so you are provided with a rare type of lens or eyes to uncover hidden truths, feelings, and impressions.

Desires that are usually hidden or repressed to come to light. As a spiritual and mysterious water sign, Scorpio and subsequently the 8th house link to the shadow self and realms, your inner darkness, and the human attributes you may usually try to repress or deny. For example, intense sexual desires, kink, lust, desires for power or money, fame, and success, and domination and control urges, impulses, and intentions… These are prevalent in this 8th house.

What do you desire in a relationship? Do you live your life with depth, soul, and sensitivity, or are you more superficial and shallow? What are your beliefs around intimacy in general; do you hold spiritual and alternative views, or more traditional ones? Do you have a strong level of emotional wisdom, maturity, and empathy? Are you in tune with your instincts and intuition, as well as psychic and spiritual abilities that can help you get to the root of secrets and truths? These are questions to ask yourself.

Emotional needs, wishes, and desires can be explored, while self-intimacy can be mastered to ripple out into your relationships. A strong 8th house suggests someone who has gained control over their emotional, sexual, and spiritual energies. This person is centered, aligned, and in control without needing to control others. Desires for intimacy and connection are projected in a positive way, a way that leads to deeper connection, understanding, wisdom, insight, self-love, compassion, empathy, and authentic relating. At the highest vibration, this is a self-sovereign yet equally warm, open-hearted, and loving individual who has significant close connections in this life.

A not so positive 8th house placement, or no planets in the 8th house, would either create a controlling and possessive individual who uses personal power, sexual allure, and resources to intimidate, suppress, or claim ownership over another; or, someone who is isolated, closed off, and prone to extreme loneliness and lone wolf syndrome. These are the extremes with possibilities along the middle… Sexuality, resources, the way you use your money and fame, and alchemical transformation are key themes.

Other core associations include our responses to crisis and changes, regeneration (rebirth), addictions, psychological drives, divorce, karmic entanglement, soul bonds, and inheritances. Endings leading to new beginnings are found here, as is renewal of the soul, life chapters, and new cycles for growth and self-evolution. Sex, death, and rebirth are placed on the same level, hence why this house is often seen as symbolic of taboos. This can manifest literally or metaphorically. Failed relationships lead to new ones, old jobs lead to fresh careers, and stagnation, death (endings), and detours lead to fresh opportunities and magical synchronicity.

9th House: Higher Learning, Philosophy, Truth, and Travel

The 9th house rules Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. The 9th house is all about the higher mind, expansion, long-distance travel, international affairs, cultural doorways, and philosophy. This house represents higher learning and truth seeking, including cultural, travel, spiritual, philosophical, and educational opportunities. Publishing, authorship, speaking, writing, lecturing, teaching, and foreign languages are other main themes. Inspiration is well developed in those with a strong 9th house.

Long-distance travel, expanding your horizons, and higher learning specifically relating to philosophy and spirituality are determined by the 9th house. Also, luck, courage to risk-take, adventures, morals, ethics, wisdom, and intuitive forces. Sagittarius is wise, philosophical, and truth-seeking with a strong intuition. They’re also impulsive, flighty, impatience, prone to anger and aggression, and combative, however. In the pursuit of truth and higher knowledge you may become arrogant and too focused on truth leading to bluntness (at a lower vibration).

Religious, moral, and spiritual values, ideals, and belief systems come into this house. A strong 9th house indicates someone who seeks truth, wisdom, and self-knowledge everywhere they go. They actively participate in new experiences and learning/educational activities that will expand their horizons, and they are happy to move, travel, and vacate to fulfill their need for adventure and self-discovery. There’s a free-spirited aspect to this house that is turned on by travel, adventure, and change, as long as the change leads to mental, psychological, or physical stimulation and spiritual growth.

At the highest vibration, the 9th house creates an individual who is committed to a path of higher truth and continuously seeking to expand their horizons, with boundaries and respect for practicalities, routines, and commitments. Sacred and ancient knowledge, wisdom, and universal truths are key to a strong 9th house. There’s an innate love of and for freedom, in addition to being liberated from oppressive structures and routines. This can lead to further growth and expansion.

Observing the world and interacting with it through forming sound logical and intuitive perspectives is a core component. You wish to interact with the world philosophically. Being able to slow down, observe, reflect, and form opinions and belief systems without super-impulsiveness, intolerance, or ignorance are part of a strong 9th house. This house is about understanding, evaluating, researching, exploring, being open-minded, and transcending judgment and ignorance…. To rise to higher heights within and around, on all the planes and dimensions. Feeling can be combined with intellect, logic, and higher reasoning, while imaginative, innovative, and intuitive forces can be harmonized with the left brain mind.

In addition, there’s a sense of idealism as well as higher visionary gifts. Creative and artistic gifts that stem from an interest in learning, education, culture, and so forth are linked here. Self-realization coupled with finding deeper truth are main themes. A weak 9th house might suggest someone who is frivolous and reckless, always jumping from experience to new experience. This person gets bored easily, can be very impractical, and is generally anti-commitments; there’s no staying power or respect for bonds, connection, beliefs, or ideologies formed.

Positively, understanding new concepts and theories leads to a deeper and better understanding of yourself and the world you reside in. You can grow spiritually and psychologically with this house, further being reminded that we’re all on a lifelong journey of truth. The message is: you are an eternal student to life, so always appreciate your blessings, and don’t take anything for granted. Secondly, this theme presents the wisdom of being both the student and teacher simultaneously. Once you have gathered the life experience, wisdom, and firm belief systems, you can then teach it to others. Being a way-shower, teacher, leader, visionary, religious figure, or guide to others is common in those with a lot of planets in the 9th house.

Finally, this house can make excellent lawyers, publishers, researchers, esoteric or metaphysical teachers, lecturers, writers, authors, and so forth. Searching for meaning and truth has many implications that extend into many fields, pathways, and professions. Generally speaking, luck and expansion come to those who try to find life’s deeper meanings, and then teach or share their wisdom with others. The key to making the most of this house is to not use knowledge or wisdom for personal selfish gain, but to educate or inspire in some way.

© GIA KHAY, Ethereal Starseed


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