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Intro to the Houses! + Houses 1- 3.

Introduction to the 12 Astrological Houses

It is significant to be aware of the houses in astrology alongside your Sun, Moon, and other essential planetary placements. In addition to the sign specific planets land in they will also reside in a specific house; each house provides deeper insight into the type of lessons, challenges, and life teachings you will be dealt. Your strengths and weaknesses are also shown in your ruling house and in the house placements in your Natal (birth) chart.

The Zodiac is divided into 12 segments. Each house (segment) is ruled by a different sign. The first House corresponds with Aries, the first star sign, and ends the 12th sign, Pisces. The house system in astrology portrays how planets express themselves- the type of energy and characteristics expected to see associated with that planet. The house each planet lands in in your natal chart shows how, where, and why the energies play out: what are your strengths, gifts, hidden & subconscious desires, internal motivations, and passions?!

What are you most likely to achieve or not achieve, and what type of relationships do you expect to attract? Every aspect of life is brought into awareness and evaluation with the astrological houses.

If you are yet to know your planetary and house placements, here is a wonderful free online Natal Chart calculator! -

1st House: Personal Identity and Self-Expression; Your Core Personality

The 1st house rules Aries and corresponds with the planet Mars. The 1st house is all about the self; personal appearance, personal identity and social image, and the way you like to present yourself. Self-leadership, new beginnings, fresh starts, and mechanisms for self-protection and defense are ruled by this house. You can discover answers to important questions regarding your identity, as well as your social and public image. The type of energy, attributes, and characteristics you project out into the world too. The Ascendant or Rising sign further corresponds with the 1st house.

Positively, you can create a strong social image with a strong 1st house. Negatively, you may create a social facade or mask, not feeling comfortable in your shadow and only presenting your positive or light attributes. A weak 1st house placement (having no or little planets in the 1st house, or clashing signs) suggests you may be superficial in your appearance, mannerisms, and identity. Everything to do with one-to-one and personal interactions in social situations, or in a public light, regarding our core personality and self-identity are ruled by the 1st house. Also, the types of impressions we make, how we come across to others, general outlook on life, and our main beliefs and ideologies.

This house ultimately reflects the key components of your personality. It’s your ‘persona,’ as psychologist Carl Jung would suggest; the part of self others see first. Body language, choice of language and tone of voice, fashion and beauty statements or your lack of it, and the way you dress, your hairstyle, the clothes you wear, etc., all come under the 1st house. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual influences and characteristics gained through life reflect into the way you exert yourself.

Aries’ personality is seen in the first house. For instance, at a higher vibration (positively) the 1st house symbolizes a powerful, self-assured, headstrong, and willful individual who is not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. Inner strength, confidence, charisma, boldness, courage, self-leadership, and innovation are key to having a strong 1st house show up in your natal chart. Not so positively, a weak or poorly positioned 1st house signifies a superficial character who may put too much emphasis on physical looks and appearance, in addition to succumbing to narcissistic tendencies. Simultaneously, a weak placement (no positions in the 1st house) suggests a person who gives no thought or respect to the physical aspects of life- social and public identity and self-presentation included.

Self-discovery and the beginning of the voyage of the soul’s journey starts in the 1st house. The individual is in focus, not the individual’s part in the collective as is seen in later houses. Questions like, ‘who am I?’ ‘What are my passions and interests?’ ‘What are my strengths and weaknesses?’ What do I want to do as a career or vocation?’ ‘How does my personality and unique character relate to the way I present myself in the world?’ are all seen in this house. Further, self-realization- the realization of your identity, core soul self, and psyche are manifested here. It’s about realizing your full potential! Unique gifts and strengths are also seen in this house. Your personality signifies how you approach the world and the people you connect with. As Aries is the related sign, your physical body, instincts, and energy levels are indicated in 1st house placements. The head and face are specifically ruled by this house.

Finally, early childhood including the experiences that shape us is symbolic of the 1st house. Your beliefs, opinions, and ideologies are formed from the sensory experiences you are subjected to. In this respect, our core personalities and the weaknesses or follies that accompany them are not always in our hands, at least not from a linear perspective. It is not our fault if our upbringing creates some distorted, ignorant, or negative behaviors and mindsets. The human 3D experience is shaped and created by the 1st house, the astrological and planetary forces linked, and our destinies… in a very linear way. Unlike the 12th house, for example, which ruled Old Souls, Pisces, and endings, completions, and spiritual enlightenment, the 1st house represents 3D, physical, and real-world structures and influences that give rise to our unique personality blueprint.

2nd House: Possessions, Material Comforts, and Self-Worth

The 2nd house rules Taurus and relates to physical date, information, and experiences in your immediate environment. Taste, smells, sounds, sights, and touch are included in the 2nd house. The way you exhibit your senses as well as your capability of experiencing physical sensations come under the 2nd house. How you interact with the physical world, why you do so, and how you earn money are main themes. Material resources, possessions, and comforts are a primary objective of the 2nd house, so people with a strong 2nd house will excel in these areas.

Associated with earth sign Taurus and planet Venus, the 2nd house represents pleasure, sensuality, romance, beauty, and a connection to both your body and the earth. Seeking pleasure and your openness to living life in pleasure, connecting to the earthly realms where sensory experiences are seen as joyous, is determined by the 2nd house. How in tune are you with your body, do you express yourself sensually, do you feel at one with nature, and how open to beauty are you…? These are some of the questions associated.

Money, income, resources, self-worth, and your feelings and attitudes to self-esteem also come under this house. Self-worth is tied into the material wealth and possessions you hold. Material comforts, security, self-preservation, and structures and foundations for protection are linked here. Venus is a feminine planet who emphasizes beauty and luxury, while Taurus is down-to-earth and modest. There is a lesson in these qualities. An ideal 2nd house placement signifies someone who’s light is turned on by the idea of money, resources, and financial security, without becoming lost to greed.

At a lower vibration, a weak 2nd house can create a gluttonous, greeting, and selfish individual who is only concerned with gaining material assets; or who gets lost to idleness, laziness, and lethargy. Positively, a strong 2nd house shows someone who is self-autonomous, abundant, and full of material blessings, moreover comfortable living the good life. Luxury and pleasure can be balanced with beauty, romance, and self-care for harmonious and blissful living. Manifestation of wealth and resources is a further main theme, in addition to our beliefs and perceptions surrounding the money we make, and how we earn it.

The inner self is also reflected in the 2nd house. As your money, wealth, resources, material possessions, and income is linked to self-worth, your abilities, needs, and internal wants are core to this house. Ownership and possessions are not exclusive to material things, they also relate to ownership of yourself, and this includes your feelings and emotions. This is amplified due to Venus being a feminine planet with powerful female qualities and characteristics. The Self is one of the greatest things you can claim possession over; self-autonomy, self-sovereignty, and self-empowerment are ultimate goals of the 2nd house.

Using your possessions to explore, find solace in, and make peace with your inner world is core here. Additionally, you can explore your inner self to find ways to monetize your skills, gifts, and abilities, coupled with going deeper into your core self to attract and manifest abundance. Income, manifestation powers, investments, moveable property like jewelry, clothes, non-contractual items, etc., and financial savings, budgeting, and earnings come under the 2nd house. Short-term or minor debt is ruled here too. Personal freedom through your approach to money and financial security, stability, and protection is determined here. And, how and why you make money, such as to support loved ones or contribute to a future sustainable or humanitarian goal, are included.

Do you earn money or have intentions for big wealth accumulation to feed greed and desire? Or do you strive for self-autonomy to create a secure, prosperous, and happy future that you can share with loved ones? Also, is your positive self-esteem and self-worth with your resources serving your highest self, or is it currently serving an ego timeline? The 2nd house asks you to evaluate your motivations and intentions in addition to the face-value positive impact wealth and luxury might provide. Your level of responsibility, accountability, and sensibility are also connected to this 2nd house of wealth and material possessions.

3rd House: Communications, Local Communities, and Immediate Contacts

The 3rd house rules Gemini and is associated with the planet Mercury. This house is all about communication, technology, and internal thought processes. Written emails, letters, spoken communication, information shared online and through social media, and daily exchanges come under the 3rd house. Self-talk, inner reflections, contemplation, belief systems formed through repetition of observation, and self-talk are also connected to the 3rd house.

This house signifies the type of communications we enter into, specifically in local environments and communities, such as with siblings, neighbors, immediate family, and peer and social groups in your hometown. Gadgets and devices, local travel, and community bonds are presented here. The 3rd house is the connections you keep in your local neighborhood and immediate living, work, or socializing environment. Community groups, hobbies, schools, organizations in youth like drama, scouts, clubs, choirs, etc., and libraries are ruled by the 3rd house. Your susceptibility to all of these things will be shown in your natal chart with regards to 3rd house placements.

How one chooses to interact with such things provides key insights into your true self, character, and personality, moreover your passions and interests. Communication rules all aspects of life. Early community and environmental influences shape a lot of who we are; we discover our likes and dislikes, hidden strengths and talents, and weaknesses or follies through experiences and connections in our local neighborhoods. Upbringing, youth, and environmental influences pertaining to communication, observation, and daily interactions pertain to this astrological house.

Also, the ‘lower mind,’ including language skills as well as how we formulate our thoughts and beliefs… Media influence, speaking skills, writing your thoughts and reflections in a journal or diary, and so forth. Becoming a professional writer, ghost writer, editor, or author, or choosing a career as a speaker, coach, or counselor would suggest a strong 3rd house in your natal chart. Writing essays, frequent educational study material coupled with coursework, university, diplomas, learning, and highly charged mental activities all relate to the 3rd house.

How you are able to express yourself, philosophies, perspectives, ideas, opinions, and beliefs, in addition to underlying emotional and psychological currents are included in the 3rd house’s powers. Ask yourself, ‘does communication come easy to me?’ ‘Am I able to express myself confidently and with style, grace, and poise?’ ‘Are my communication skills serving me- am I living up to my full potential?’ ‘Are there still blocks in my throat chakra to work through?’ ‘Do I value the methods for communication in place and available in my life?’

Furthermore, the level of consciousness or full conscious awareness present in your daily communications and interactions comes into the 3rd house. The focus is on the individual in relation to others (in immediate environments/local communities). Kindred spirits and mental connections, intelligence, intellect, the higher and lower mind, logic, wit, imaginative abilities, and mental tenacity and strength are linked here. Whether you’re more left brain or right brain steered will be reflected in this house, in addition to how much each genuinely interests you. Some of us sincerely love engaging in analytical and logical thinking- some of us are repelled by it!

Your views of the world as it pertains to your personality and communication style are shown in the 3rd house. Full potential can be realized through working on your communication skills. In an outer sense, you can become a master of communication, using it for professional and personal, business or vocational, and service or love and family related intentions. In an inner world sense, you can begin a journey of personal discovery into your primary motivations in life, the sensory experiences and observations that have shaped you (related to language, speech, and learning), and early educational doorways and opportunities, or the lack of them.

Finally, once we feel confident and secure in our speaking, writing, language, and communication skills, the 3rd house shows how we might share them with others. Short-term travel for work, education, study, cultural pursuits, learning, and spirituality, sports, or self-care/healing are presented in this house. Short trips and vacations can be a doorway to higher learning, professional expansion, and educational advancement, while leaving the comfort zones of your local neighborhood and home can be the catalyst needed for moving towards the other houses (3+ ), in addition to the North Node. All forms of thought and self-reflection processes in every life area and field are ruled by the 3rd house.

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