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LEO: July 23 - August 22

Remember that you can read this Astrological Wisdom for a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising placement!

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Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire

Ruler: Sun

House: 5th

Quality: Fixed

Color: Gold, Yellow/ Orange


Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun with the glyph of the Lion. A masculine Fixed sign, Leo is one of the most dominant, expressive, and passionate signs of the Zodiac. They are playful, charming, charismatic, bold, supremely confident, and full of life force and zest. They know how to bring spirit and energy to any group, event, or social situation, and possess immense creative life force energy. They’re courageous and both assertive & self-authoritative and loyal & affectionate.

Leo craves intimacy, attention, and companionship, which has both its positives and setbacks. They can be attention-seeking and a real drama king or queen, giving into ridiculously o.t.t displays of theatrics. They are also known for being aggressive, very bullyish, and tyrannical- their ego is overpowering and overbearing. Yet, they are one of the most loyal, generous, and affectionate signs, giving just as much kindness and love as they wish to receive. Other strengths include being benevolent, gregarious, understanding, intelligent, romantic, sensual, and committed.

Ultimately, Leo is a fierce protector of friends and family who also excels in business. They’re practical, self-aware, wise, observant, perceptive, intellectual, imaginative, and domestic, moreover with spiritual inclinations. They don’t lack vision- idealistic tendencies included, yet they’re also very connected to the real-world of finances and duties. Responsibility comes naturally to them. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is extremely bold, dominant, and self-assured, so much so that they can ‘Lord it over others’ when at their lowest. If channeled correctly and applied with some sensitivity and empathy, or at least the capacity to play fair, cooperate, and work as a

team, Leo makes an excellent addition to any cause or project.

At work, Leo could be the domineering and powerful boss or the employee who works hard to support their family. They are not so much followers, as they possess strong leadership skills, but they know how to take orders. They’re respectful, further incredibly respectful of rules, traditions, and structures that can lead to some positive outcome for themselves. Honest, accountable, cheerful, optimistic, excitable, and enthusiastic, Leo tends to shine wherever they go, even when they don’t intend to. When they do intend to, they can stand fearless directly in the limelight, commanding attention from virtually anyone. Bravery and devotion are two of their greatest attributes.

They’re equally creative, artistic, and imaginative, so would flourish in any creative field. The Arts, acting, entertainment, musicianship, performing, entertaining, public speaking, or being the leader of an organization are ideal careers. Business, management, and being a boss or CEO are other suitable professions, in addition to sports or working with children. This is because, in addition to being extremely gifted artistically, they are also very physical. They have strong energy and vitality levels, moreover their ruling house is the 5th astrological house (which is why they would make amazing children’s teachers or counselors). Leo at the highest vibration seeks the spotlight to shine in a way that empowers, educates, and uplifts others.

At a lower vibration, this temperamental and egocentric fire sign is deeply overpowering, with such a strong ego that explosive reactions coupled with totally unjust and irrational outbursts are common. They believe they’re always right, you see. There’s an air of superiority due to their regal and lion-like nature; pride is immense, least to mention well-developed. Healthy pride is one thing, but craving attention, admiration, and the spotlight at the expense of others creates a narcissistic, self-serving, and selfish individual. These are some of Leo’s greatest downfalls. In saying this, an evolved and mature Leo uses their personal power and authority to take center stage, to inspire others… They’re not afraid to use their voice, nor do they hold back in speaking

their truth to initiate change or stand up for an underdog. This is a very admirable quality which gains them respect and support.

Leo in a committed relationship is loyal, caring, devoted, attention-seeking, companionable, romantic, sensual, compassionate, dominant, and imaginative. They believe in equal give and take and are happy to take on a providing and protective role, both emotionally and financially or physically. In bed they are very spontaneous and playful- upbeat and electric too, yet they equally need romance, nurturing, and sensitivity. They have humongous hearts and shower their partner in gifts, affection, and love. A relationship with a deeply submissive person can be a bit dangerous, however Leo does try to seek harmony in their own uniquely assertive and self-respecting way.

Most compatible star signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. Aquarius is the sign Leo can find the most balance with, as their “opposite” sign, therefore this partnership would provide for a unification of opposites or differences. Unless there are more compatible Moon, Venus, and Rising signs, earth signs would suppress Leo’s spirit, making them feel trapped in a box or mundane routine, cut off from playfulness, adventure, and perpetual optimism. Water signs tend to be very submissive and perhaps too emotional for Leo's upbeat and intellectual character, especially Cancer and Pisces.

Zestful, full of confidence, sociable, ambitious, and self-autonomous, Leo seeks creative, successful, and intellectual companions in life. From friends to lovers and business associates to kindred spirits, they have a dignified, regal, and novel nature, for the most part. They’re sophisticated, although slightly stuck-up and smug, yet are one of the most kind, sincere, and generous Zodiac signs.

Leo is actually a bit of an all-rounder. Their physical vitality makes them excel in sports, plus they love to travel! Being ruled by the Sun makes them intellectual, intelligent, and incredibly willful- they certainly don’t lack self-esteem or personal authority and empowerment. They’re romantic and caring, which makes them majestic, sensual, and spiritually aware; and they are surprisingly emotionally intelligent, coupled with being mature, grounded, and centered; rooted in both the emotional and psychological realms. Additionally, as a fire sign, they of course possess advanced imagination, passion, and creative energy and vision to manifest their goals. Also, they’re highly resourceful, determined to succeed, achievement-oriented, and ambitious.

Other shadow personality traits not yet mentioned include lacking sensitivity and depth. They can be so “me focused,” similar to fellow fire sign Aries, that they forget other people’s needs and feelings altogether. When a Leo is truly in self-respecting slash selfish mode, they can- quite literally- bulldoze over everyone else’s feelings, needs, and voice. It’s sometimes impossible to speak around a Leo in fully blown bully or tyrant mode. Leo’s lessons, therefore, are to 1. Develop greater sensitivity, empathy, and self-awareness, being more of a team-player and generally considerate of the needs of others. And, 2. Channel their raw emotions and vulnerability, moreover passionate nature, into inspirational and helpful pursuits. Use all that energy to spark change, unity, and togetherness, not to create further separation and trauma.

Further, they shouldn’t seek to control others. Charismatic, courageous, and charming, the best Leos are the ones who become a role model for others. They are born to shine, so staying committed to a path of light, charity, justice, kindness, service, talent, wisdom sharing, and inspirational pathways are essential. Many Leos develop a platform or following, or receive a lot of recognition for their gifts and strength. They are hardworking and can combine practicality with creativity and innovation for the best results in life. They also make excellent parents, however being overly strict is something to watch out for. Independence Vs attachment and connection is a major theme for Leo. Although they come across as fierce and self-respecting, they are very sensitive deep down. They aren’t disconnected from their emotions, feelings, or insecurities, thus fine-tuning their sensitivities for companionship and authentic relating are important. Most Leos find that integrating their kind, gentle, and sensitive side naturally leads to a lot of opportunities for prosperity, abundance, and professional advancement. People like them when they're confident, colorful, and bold with graceful charm and emotional vulnerability. Travel, adventure, and the need for freedom are other key life areas to be aware of. Regardless of their personal or work life, it’s very important to make time for these things, integrating them into a healthy work, rest, and play balance.

Other positive qualities include strong morals and ethics, a speaker of truth and justice, integrity, diplomacy, and warm-heartedness. Self-expression is intrinsic to a Leo’s well-being and health, moreover their finances. An out of balance or depressed Leo will tend to be lacking in a creative outlet. Leo should always aim to stay emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced so they can stay connected to their light, without succumbing to their follies (shadow aspects!).

Celebrations, parties, weddings, ceremonies, and presentations are further where they excel. It’s not unusual for Leo to turn up to someone else’s birthday or event and think it’s all about them! When maturer and older, this innate pull towards being the center of attention actually has its advantages. Many Leos become amazing fashion designers, event hosts, master of ceremonies, actors, and advisors. They command respect, are very wise, and have a lot of wisdom and expertise to draw from, from being so sociable throughout life. Travel and cultural opportunities earlier in life may be forgotten, pushed down to a subconscious level, yet this fiery and

gregarious optimistic sign often finds that it was all preparation for something larger. Forgotten experiences may come out at the most unexpected times, sparking an electric cord of excitement in them and the people they share with. Accomplishment, legacy, achievement, and prestige are keywords for Leo.

Final thoughts:-

● Leo corresponds with the back, spine, and heart.

Leo colors: yellow, gold, magenta, and royal blues and purples. Yellow is the best color to use or work with daily for inspiration, fire, passion, vitality, optimism, and a sunny disposition. It enhances zest and spark for life, similar to gold, which additionally amplifies self-respect, personal magnetism, and spiritual life force as well as ambitions. Gold helps Leo step into personal self-leadership and a sense of stardom, honoring their divine and evolved nature without becoming spiritually disconnected (which steers them away from arrogance, superiority, and selfishness). It aids in abundance and fortune too. Magenta, royal blue, and royal purple bring out their majestic and noble side. Dark blue aids in communication, self-expression, integrity, modesty, and purification of the mind and emotions. Dark purple opens the third eye, sparking intuition, higher reasoning and intellect, problem-solving skills, spiritual awareness, and subtle perception. Indigo can also be used for connection with the divine realm.

Gemstones and crystals: Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Ruby, Rhodonite, Topaz, Pyrite, Hematite, Peridot, Sunstone, Amber, Opal, Diamond, Citrine and Black Onyx.

● Leo rules the 5th house, the house of self-expression, creativity, drama, the Arts, children, romance, and pleasure. This all symbolizes Leo personality. The inner child is strong, while daily outings, events, and social gatherings are favorable hobbies and pastimes. Sex, intimacy- both platonic and romantic, liberation, and ideas about soulmates and true love come into the 5th house.


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