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LIBRA: Sep 23 - Oct 22

Remember that you can read this Astrological Wisdom for a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising placement!

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Element: Air

Ruler: Venus

House: 7th

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Pink/ Green

Masculine (But the most balanced! Masculine/feminine energies...)

Libra is an air sign symbolized by the Scales, ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is charming, intelligent, analytical, intuitive, romantic, sensual, and masculinely and femininely balanced. As the Scales, coupled with being an air sign (masculine) ruled by Venus (feminine), Libra is arguably the most balanced Zodiac sign. Libras are peace-seekers, harmony-bringers, and incredibly just, fair, and diplomatic unifiers.

Libra excels in networking, bringing people together, and listening skills. They are cooperative, compromisable, and committed to teamwork as well as unity. Libra despises conflict at all costs, which has both its positives and setbacks. Positively, Libra makes an excellent diplomat, mediator, and counselor, able to offer fresh and fair perspectives. They radiate peace and harmony, further being empathic, caring, and sensitive to the needs of others. They are more selfless than selfish, although this shouldn’t be confused with Cancer or Pisces’ type of selflessness. Libra’s goal in life is to actually transcend the need to be a people-pleaser, becoming more self-assertive and self-respecting. Strengths to some are follies to others…

As an amazing listener, communicator, and empathy and wise counsel giver, Libra is generally non-judgmental. They listen and speak from the heart with an open mind. They’re gifted in multidimensional perception. Many Libras become counselors, coaches, or therapists! Further, Libra seeks harmony and cooperation in all life areas, including love, family, home, business, career, service, and vocations.

Romantic, sensual, and sensitive, Venus’ influence provides a gentle and graceful energy to Libra’s personality. This is the most feminine of all the air signs. Libra is more compassionate, empathic, yielding, compromisable, and soft than any of the masculine signs (fire and air). Luckily, they also possess many masculine traits. They’re assertive, independent, courageous, charismatic, charming, and expressive. They are passionate in a charming and considerate way- they don’t overpower others, for example. But, they are amazing in the spotlight. Libra knows how to shine like a social butterfly, with well-developed gifts of creativity and imagination. In fact, Libras are extremely artistic and creatively gifted, so much so that many go on to become artists, entertainers, musicians, performers, actors, and colorful ‘public’ personalities. They equally thrive in media, the Arts, and film or the fashion industry.

Libra is a realist, however they don’t lack imagination or innovative and inventive qualities. They are deeply analytical with core observation, perceptive, and problem-solving skills. As an air sign, they’re gifted cerebrally, intellectually, and intuitively, further having an ability to see multiple perspectives. Libra is very wise, although they can be shy and reserved. This largely stems from their shadow: being a people-pleaser. Similar to unconditionally loving and selfless Pisces, Libra has the tendency to become everyone’s doormat, if they’re not careful. Being loving, kind, and compromising is admirable, however there is no glory in being a pushover. This is something they need to heal to live their best life.

So, as the sign officially representing balance, peace, and harmony, Libra has a gift for drawing from a range of abilities, frequencies, and angles in everyday life, and in their career. They find opportunities and new connections come to them in abundance, they’re a very fortunate sign who attracts lots of luck. Charismatic, funny, full of laughter and lightness, colorful, and both intelligent and creative, Libra attracts a lot of admirers in life. They’re both magnetic and electric, emotional and mental, romantic and intellectual… They’re adaptable too, so they find themselves to be compatible with most people. Libra is like a social chameleon, however they need their quiet and down time.

This intelligent air sign needs their solitude. They love introspective activities, such as reading, writing, journaling, studying, experimenting with musical instruments and drawing styles, meditation, and personal contemplation. They’re very reflective as well as philosophical. Also, Libra may appear introverted in one moment and loud, bubbly, and extroverted in the next. They have perfected the ‘left brain-right brain’ balance. It’s from the introspective spaces that they grow, flourish, and evolve to new heights and levels within and around. Professionally, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, health wise, financially, and so forth; Libra needs quiet time to rest and recharge. They are not empaths, as such, at least not astrological speaking, but they do possess strong empathic abilities. This means they naturally take on counseling, supportive, and care-giving roles.

They’re deep and sensual. They’re artistic, imaginative, and philosophical. They’re wise, romantic, and open-minded, and they know how to charm their way into any social event- or out of any tricky situation- when they’re on top of their game. At their best, they are mature, emotionally intelligent, cultured, sophisticated, gracious, outgoing, and irresistibly friendly. They have a flirtatious personality that always retains a level of respect and class. Once healed and whole (shadow traits integrated), they command respect, admiration, and attention, moreover stand strong in their light and self-knowledge. They’re sincere, so these gifts lead to prosperity and infinite opportunities in life. They are deeply assertive and independent, yet companionable.

In love, Libra is a bit of an enigma. They crave intimacy and companionship, yet also need their space to remain independent. They’re romantic, supremely kind and generous, nurturing, cooperative, and considerate, yet require an intellectual and psychological connection. They can be romantic and deep in bed and then alternate to wild, upbeat, and playful! It all depends on their mood. They are practical and spiritual, as well focused on financial abundance/security and true intimacy. Ruled by Venus, they are lovers at heart.

Most compatible signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. As their “opposite” sign, Aries is another soulmate to Libra, both providing the other with qualities they lack. Balance and harmony, self-development, and integration can be found in this love match. Pisces is the only water sign that’s compatible with Libra, as Venus is exalted in Pisces, so there’s natural synergy and harmony here. The earth signs can both ground and limit Libra, providing a strong physical foundation and sense of security, yet simultaneously suppress their upbeat and positive personality. Effort and compromise are required for a Libra-earth match.

Good natured, altruistic, and well-rounded, Libra is suited to a number of careers. In addition to the Arts, musicianship, media, performing, and speaking- and counseling and career or relationship coaching, Libra also makes a fine manager, analyst, scientist, inventor, or technology specialist. A feng shui expert, designer, or decorator is also suited to them because they have a knack for aesthetics. Libra possesses the ability to tune in and see the bigger picture, observing with vision, beauty, and depth. They’re soulful and authentic, yet also love luxury, wealth, and the finer things in life. Libra adds a different dimension to any project or venture rooted around Venus’ energy… Natural beauty is a keyword for them.

Libra does have some shadow traits, however. They can be superficial when focused too much on logic and higher mental reasoning or analytical thinking. Despite being capable of real empathy and emotional depth, they may lack sensitivity and emotional intelligence in key moments. They are incredibly indecisive as well, as well as having problems with people- pleasing and being overly compromisable. Finally, when taken too far, the desire to shine in the spotlight to show off their talents, charm, and confidence can come across as egotistical verging on narcissism. There is a hidden element of narcissism buried deep within Libra, and neglecting their own needs, emotions, and well-being for too long can bring this out of them. The Scales may symbolize balance, but it also represents duality; all dualistic signs must be careful of falling

into extremes.

At their highest vibration, once masculine strength, courage, and boldness have been integrated, Libra is a warrior of truth and justice. They are powerful communicators, knowing how to speak with style and confidence, in addition to empathy, sensitivity, and grace. Their diplomatic yet assured approach is respected. They may actually take on a speaking position, speaking for justice, truth, and some charitable or humanitarian cause. They speak with a rare type of unified magnetic and electric flair, which is unique. Conflict manifesting externally in their life is a sign of inner disparity, or internal tension, disharmony, and chaos. Social cohesion and unity are important to them, so it’s equally as essential to work on themselves, engage in shadow work healing and integration, and create strong self-care routines.

Contrary to needing alone time for introspection and self-reflection, Libra’s identity is tied into social connections. Libra could easily work in events and hospitality or be part of several different groups and organizations. Social contacts and circles make their world. Community is also a keyword for them, and going into isolation for too long has a seriously detrimental effect on Libra’s health. The ultimate life goal is to become a teacher or wayshower for others, which usually occurs later in life, from age 25- 30 or above. Maturity and wisdom are gained through experience for Libra, actively participating and interacting in social engagements.

Optimistic, playful, and interested in learning, Libra also has a spiritual side. They’re spiritually perceptive and insightful, moreover open to new ideas, philosophies, and belief systems. They can be intellectually or spiritually superior, believing themselves to know best and be right once a set of beliefs and values are formed. However, they are quite adaptable, so remaining open and courteous.

Partnership is another significant theme for them. Partnerships, marriage, and stable commitment are a long-term goal, although promiscuity and unfaithfulness can take over before adulthood. Libra is a master of mirroring or reflection, which is being aware of how everyone is a reflection of us, and thus how we can mirror positive or negative qualities. We can project, connect to, and expand another’s pain, trauma, suffering, fear, etc., or we can mirror beautiful and harmonious qualities. Emotional intelligence combined with deep intellectual understanding allows Libra to be a positive mirror to others’ psyches.

Self-leadership skills are something they possess but need to be worked on. Libra is self- autonomous, self-sufficient, and resourceful, yet they might need a push or two perfecting, as well as embodying, these inherent attributes. Developing boundaries is something else to work on, as is expressing deeper emotions and feelings. Libra has a trickier time with their own raw and vulnerable emotions than they do with others’! As a natural giver, Libra is always happy to lend a helping hand, listening ear, or piece of valuable wisdom, yet they need to learn how to honor their own needs more. For example, self-care, daily acts of kindness coupled with self-compassion, and activities that serve only them, not others. Aries is Libra’s opposite sign with traits including putting themselves first, being selfish, and supreme self-respect, therefore Libra can learn from their opposite (the sign whose qualities they are supposed to integrate for wholeness).

Libra is extremely tactful, cool, calm, serene, wise, and perceptive. They are as cool as a cucumber, radiating warmth, maturity, and inner peace even in the most chaotic or drama-infused situation. Simply gazing at Libra for a moment amongst a social conflict or crisis can fill you with calmness and deeper understanding, self-awareness, and wisdom. They’re not bypassers like some, they are fully aware of what’s going on, and will always step in when needed, if needed. They just don’t like getting pulled into petty drama or trivialities; their peace is important to them.

One final key piece of advice for this sign is to not choose friends based on social or economic status, success, or physical accomplishments. It can be tempting to be pulled into the 3D world of fame, prestige, and so forth, but connecting with like-minded souls simply because they’re authentic, genuine, and share in your passions can be just as rewarding. Vibing with the top tier does have its benefits- professional advancements, connections, doorways… But it’s the normal people who bring out the best in you. Look for talent, passion, and shared interests, morals, and values over anything superficial. This is your path to true happiness and abundance.

Final thoughts:-

● Libra corresponds with the kidneys, lower back, buttocks, and adrenal glands.

Libra colors: light blue, pink, and black. Light blues of all tones aid in communication, self-expression, and mindfulness. Light blue is excellent for libra’s self-esteem, in addition to boosting confidence, inner serenity, and excitement/inspiration that is not overactive or overly enthusiastic (allowing them to retain their peaceful demeanor). Pink is the color for romance and matters of the heart, further increasing sensitivity, empathy,

and diplomacy. Black instills sophistication, class, and grounding. Black helps Libra to feel self-assured, strong-willed, and independent while seeking security. This desire for security is what keeps them from succumbing to conflict and drama.

Gemstones and crystals: Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Topaz, Jade, Aventurine, Opal, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Turquoise, Sodalite and Bloodstone.

● Libra rules the 7th house of relationships, partnerships, societal connections, intimacy, marriage, and love. Love affairs, soulmate bonds, companionship, and how you relate to others within intimate partnerships is ruled by the 7th house, making these areas Libra’s specialty. This astrological house can also represent lawyers, mediators, contracts, competitors, business bonds, and negotiations within marriage or parenthood.


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