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Life Path 33

Life Path 33

Strengths and Gifts

Life path 33 is the highest and strongest vibration of energy and evolution here on the earth plane. This is the path of the Master Teacher. It’s the path associated with Christ, Buddha, and Krishan- ascended and enlightened deities, as well as experts and elders such as shamans or those who have reached the highest level of self-mastery and perfection in their field. Congratulations if this is you, because it’s a path that signifies having lived many lifetimes and having overcome many soul lessons.

Life path 33 symbolizes enlightenment, completion, and cleared karma. You have undergone many lifetimes to get to this stage, choosing to experience multiple challenges and hardships in order to step into self-leadership. You’re a way-shower, idealistic dreamer, and visionary. You’re here to change the world in some way, contributing to planetary consciousness and global ascension. Life path 33 is a combination of the essence of life path 9 (completion) along with holding the strengths and qualities of life path 6.

This path is associated with religious or spiritual ideals of the highest order. For example, if a life path were to be given to Jesus Christ himself, it would be 33; the same with other enlightened figures and deities like Buddha and Krishna. If this is your path, you’re either a highly religious person or someone who walks a spiritual path. This is the life path that makes priests, spiritual teachers, seers, master healers, shamanic elders, and gurus. Life path 33 symbolizes a powerful individual who has overcome trials and tribulations, in addition to many important life cycles. Transcending karma is associated with this path.

You may intuitively know that you've lived certain lives; past life memory and recall are strong. Your knowledge of sacred and ancient wisdom is powerful and evolved, and you have a direct cord to many things people aren’t aware of. Instead of repeating information, you might want to read up on life path, as the gifts and spiritual abilities mentioned there apply to you. You can learn about the main qualities of life path 6, the high vibrational characteristics of life paths 11 and 22, and the general essence and themes of life path 9 to understand yourself better.

As the master teacher, your focus in life is on inspiring the world in some way and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. Humanitarianism, selflessness, service, universal compassion, and unconditional love are key themes for life path 33. You’re full of devotion, passion, and higher perspectives to see lifelong dreams, goals, and aspirations manifested. You’re not too concerned with personal ambitions, your intentions and motivations are centered around healing, helping, or serving. You’re loyal, caring, and nurturing… dependable, responsible, and trustworthy. This is the path of Christ, Krishna, and Buddha consciousness.

You live by the values of purity, higher morals, ethics, and ideals, kindness, honesty, authenticity, and sacredness- respect for human and animal life, as well as universal and natural laws. You're a channel for the divine! God consciousness, Source energy, and ancient wisdom and connection are part of you. Individual ‘I’ consciousness is replaced with unity and cosmic consciousness- your primary concern is for the collective, not to serve the ego or other selfish motivations of the flesh. Material distractions, lower human traits, separation, faulty belief systems that aim to divide and conquer or lead to disconnection, and everything that can contribute to toxic timelines and cycles have been transcended, or will be along your journey.

You’re a spiritual leader. You have a larger destiny. You incarnated here to show humanity another way…. Also, you create beauty, bring harmony, and are essentially here to anchor in the New Earth energies. Many life path 33s are connected to the angelic and ascended master realms, the higher consciousness frequencies that lead humans to their higher selves and unlimited potential. You recognize the eternal nature of life, while communicating with spirit guides, ancestral powers connected to the earth, shamanic energies, and higher realm vibrations may come naturally to you. Remember that life path 6 is your base vibration.

Follies, Weaknesses, and Shadow Traits

Your main challenge is to completely transcend individual/personal and collective/planetary karma. You do this through healing your own shadows, follies, and toxic traits, and becoming the channel and conduit you were destined to be. Your body is a sacred conduit for higher consciousness energies and vibrations to flow. You're a divine channel, which signifies that working on yourself, doing the shadow work, and striving towards enlightenment heals both yourself and others. Staying addicted to toxic cycles, unhealthy relationships, foods and substances that suppress your soul spark and divine glow, and karmic behaviors that reap negative consequences are the ultimate purpose, path, and passion destroyers. You’re here to become self-mastered, so anything that gets in the way of that must go.

Seeing through illusions allows you to help others on their journeys. Like with master numbers 11 and 22, this is a high vibration path to hold, therefore all of your gifts and abilities, as well as your full potential, might not be realized until later in life. Religious dogma, toxic spirituality, and unhealthy or distorted belief systems may be an occurrence at early stages of life. Your role here is unique, as you carry the ability of alchemy- alchemical transformation. Your job may be to transcend family, personal, and collective or planetary karma, which holds a lot of responsibility, in addition to being difficult and challenging on multiple levels. Life path 33 isn’t an easy path to have, and you can observe the symbol/imagery of “Christ dying on the Cross to account for humanity’s sins” to understand the full scope of your mission here. Your life may have many similar metaphors and detours.

Ideal Careers:

  • Caregiver, animal or elderly companion, counselor, therapist, charity worker, humanitarian aid worker, nurse, physician, social worker, working in an institution like a hospital or jail, visionary, world leader, or environmentalist.

  • Singer, musician, poet, artist, wordsmith, painter, sculptor, graphic designer, digital nomad, work from home creative, film or t.v. director, or working in a creative and imaginative field of any kind.

  • Spiritual teacher or guide, guru, priest, psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, holistic health therapist, healer, shaman, master teacher/elder, visionary artist or speaker/teacher, clairvoyant, or dream worker/therapist.

Life Path 33 and Love

Wow on the love front! Alongside life path 11, this is the path most likely to achieve true love. You are romantic, sweet, nurturing, faithful, providing, and supportive. You're devoted to your own personal growth and well-being as well as your partner’s, and your love is real, sincere, and eternal. Oh yes, this is the path of ancient souls who have overcome lifetimes (or at least many challenges in this life) to find each other. You’re destined to find a higher love soulmate, achieve soul union, and live in divine bliss and matrimony. You’re certainly not here to settle or contribute to fear or toxic timelines and mindsets. Of course, there are some issues to overcome first, like super-sensitivity, codependency, and self-sacrifice, yet your future love is sent here as a gift from the angels and heavenly realm. Life path 33s usually only meet their true divine spouse and counterpart once their professional life is secured, such as having healed all wounds & shadow traits and living in flow and service.

You may go through long periods of celibacy, sexual repression, or isolation, or experiment with polyamory and open, tribal, love. As 33 is the path of the spiritual guru and master, it’s not uncommon to find tantric masters or leaders of conscious “open hearted” communities with this life path. Everything considered alternative, out-there, and eccentric or extreme are linked here. But, please do not think this path is associated with sexual predators or masters/gurus who prey on the innocent. It’s not. This is for the authentic, heart-centered, and truly spiritually evolved beings who live with soul, and honor the souls of others. Grace, integrity, purity, nobility, righteousness, and selflessness are applied to all matters of love and intimacy with life path 33.

Finally, your chosen partner or partners if into conscious polyamory are a reflection of you. You mirror your lover’s strengths, qualities, and most beautiful attributes, further reflecting back to them all that needs to be healed or released. Your energy alone stimulates catalytic change and healing, which makes you a magician (think of Tarot!) in sexual, romantic, and platonically intimate affairs. You’re highly desired and sought after and can bring strong feelings of love, unity, and unconditional acceptance to anyone you meet.

Associated Star Sign Personalities: Essentially, the strengths from all 12 signs. As the 12th and most advanced sign, the ‘Old Soul,’ Pisces would be a primary star sign personality.

Most compatible life paths: All of them! 6 and 9 are close to perfection.

© GIA KHAY, Ethereal Starseed

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