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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Aries

An Aries moon is a time of passion, powerful instincts, and ambition. Here are the main themes influencing your life. An Aries moon affects the Cardinal signs the most, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, so be sure to check out which planets in your natal chart fall in these signs. This is the key to the best growth and self-evolution…

Call to Self-Leadership

An Aries Moon asks you to step into personal power, refind your inner glow, and seek pathways of self-autonomy. It’s all about self-leadership with an Aries New or Full Moon, refinding your voice while learning how to be assertive and direct. You’re given an opportunity to use your voice for change, inspiration, or stepping into the limelight; or, to share your gifts, wisdom, and talents with confidence! Aries doesn’t play it safe nor do they stay small or meek. Aries is a bold and courageous warrior who knows that assertion coupled with a direct and expressive communication style is the way to win in life.

Enthusiasm, excitement, and personal authority are amplified during an Aries moon. As a fearless and optimistic leader, this lunar cycle teaches you how to combine intuition and innovation with practical action. Aries is extremely intelligent, intellectual, and innovative, yet they’re also perceptive and observant with key skills in both problem-solving and original thinking. Aries rules the head, which connects with the Crown chakra. This is the energetic portal where higher energies can flow through, also linking to the divine, spiritual, and ethereal realms. Aries may not be as mystical or spiritually evolved as Pisces, their opposite in terms of character- the final and 12th sign. But, they apply a unique type of spiritual perception that’s rooted in realism and universal archetypes.

So, an Aries moon represents your capacity to tune into the intellectual and mental realms for advanced bigger-picture perception. Aries certainly has vision, and coupled with ruling the head there is no stopping your mental tenacity, will-power, or self-confidence to create and manifest. Linked to this achievement- this lunar cycle is all about stepping into being a high-flier and high-achiever. You can therefore tune into innovative and inventive energies linked to the higher mind for success in both business and your personal life. Apply creative solutions. Slow down, perceive, and observe with both a rational & logical and intuitive & imaginative mind…

One of Aries’ setbacks is being incredibly impulsive, which can prevent progress in love and your career.

Professional endeavors and family matters alike can go up in flames if you don’t let go of the shadow aspects associated with an Aries moon. Impulsiveness, impatience, and quick-to-anger verging on aggressive responses are common, or at least something to watch out for. Be mindful of your triggers. Self-leadership and self-autonomy may diminish if you don’t cool down your temper, work on your triggers, and think before you react or respond. Responsiveness should replace reaction for the best results.

Financial Autonomy

As a Cardinal sign, an Aries moon signifies initiation- the ability to initiate and create. This lunar transit is ideal for financial expansion! Aries is very materialistic, and when conscious and channeled in the correct ways isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, an Aries New or Full Moon is the perfect time to take control of your finances. Think about your resources. Act on any instinctive thoughts and gut feelings you have towards wealth accumulation. Follow the flow of your inner guidance and internal voice regarding new job opportunities, new clients, and potential collaborations or projects. This is one of the most lucrative times, and you can equally step into a position of self-control when it comes to monetary matters.

There’s a secondary influence to this theme. As Aries is ‘the Child’ (not just the fiery and expressive, ambitious, Ram!), aka the first sign of the Zodiac, there’s both positive and negative influences to watch out for. Positively, there’s a unique type of youthfulness and playfulness that creates a charming individual. You will find people respond well to playfulness, innocent charm, and positivity during an Aries lunar cycle. Your child-like nature will help you attract and magnetize new income and partnership opportunities to you; people respond very well to youthfulness, energy, and innocence at this time.

Not so positively, you need to be mindful of childish behavior. There’s a big difference between being in tune with your inner child, which is wonderful, and pulling temper tantrums, literally or metaphorically. There’s a tendency to become childish, self-entitled, and selfish during this lunar transit. The innocence and playfulness can lose its charm, and high energy coupled with excitement and enthusiasm may turn into something a little more dramatic. Just be careful, as your financial security and prosperity are on the line. Chaos, drama, and a love of and for theatrics may get in the way of significant business and professional bonds, or close work doors altogether. When controlled and brought into higher awareness, however, charisma, respect, and innocent curiosity can lead to some of your greatest wins and victories, least to mention deeper connection, friendship, and communication.

Additionally, Aries’ main glyph (astrological symbol) is the Ram, which provides powerful will. You can tune into the headstrong, willful, and empowered energies to create abundance in your life. If you’ve been looking for new clients, a new job, or more projects, partnerships, and collaborators, an Aries New or Full Moon is an excellent time to go for gold.

Passion, Power, and Potent Instincts! (+ Sports and Physical Vitality)

As it’s a fire sign moon, this cycle is all about connecting to your true passions and desires. Passivity, inaction, and stepping away from your true heart’s desires is not the way to go. Connected to this is the emphasis this transit has on physical movement. Vitality levels increase, while a general desire to move, exercise, and travel take over. Aries is big into movement, travel, and adventure, so you may find yourself going on trips for work, cultural or educational expansion, spiritual development, professional amplification, or love and recreation. As a Cardinal sign moon, there’s great potential for change, growth, and self-development.

It’s a highly favored time for sports people too. If you have a hobby or career in sports, look for ways you can increase your connection and amplify your gifts. It’s all about the next level. For a New Moon, you can find fresh starts and important new collaborators, while a Full Moon allows you to see rewards for your hard work and efforts. Whatever you do, don’t slack! It’s not the time to be idle, lazy, or lethargic. Aries brings high spirits, energy, optimism, passion, excitement, and a get-up and go outlook. Your mind is supercharged with inspiration and zest, which tells your body to be active and explore new limits.

Inner fire, instincts, self-awareness linked to your body’s physical and emotional needs, and gut feelings are all increased. You may lack sensitivity, perhaps even becoming self-centered and selfish, but you can bet your physical health will soar! Watch out for extreme irritability, arrogance, and impulsiveness, and if you find yourself giving into any of these tendencies engage in movement. If you’re not a sporty person, dance, tai chi, yoga, walks in nature, or even love-making (sexual intimacy) are excellent ways to release some tension and stress. This will align you with a positive mindset necessary for success.

Self-Image and Identity

Aries rules the 1st house, which is the house of self-identity, personal image, the ego and self, and your primary personality. Your individuality, the way you dress, your susceptibility to fashion, and physical appearance all come under the first house, therefore this is a great time to make some important changes in these areas. If you’re someone who already gives a lot of time to these areas, find ways to monetize them. For example, you may find your true north is aligned to being a beauty therapist, make-up artist, or working in fashion! Playing to your strengths is key to this ambitious and fiery moon. And, if you’re already working in these fields, you will find incredible abundance, expansion, and talents & gift self-mastery if you put in some more time and effort to expand your abilities and services.

If you're someone who pays little attention to physical appearance and self-identity, for example, if you’re more focused on the spiritual and/or emotional aspects of life or tend to live more in the 12th house (spirituality, the soul, empathic and psychic gifts…) consider how you can heal this missing part of yourself. Beauty, hygiene, and self-care rituals and regimes are essential to a holistic, healthy, and abundant life. You don’t have to conform to societal trends or beauty statements to work on yourself. The message of an Aries moon is not about becoming superficial, which is a shadow trait of physical appearance and it’s significance going too far, but about self-respect and self-love.

At a higher vibration, Aries men and women are physically beautiful, clean, and very appealing to the eyes. They like to pamper themselves, engage in a bit of glamor, and look good for and to others. They are like this because they recognize that looks and appearances do matter in a traditional and societal setting. The aim is for moderation and balance, therefore get honest with yourself. Honesty is one of Aries’ greatest strengths, making this the perfect time for perfecting and fine-tuning your social and self-identity. Further, individual expression is linked to the 1st astrological house, so find ways to express yourself more authentically, in addition to with more passion and self-assertion.

A Karmic Influence…

Alongside all the typical associations of an Aries Moon, such as self-leadership, a call to action, personal power, self-authority, self-autonomy, boldness, courage, and enhanced ambitions, there’s a powerful karmic aspect. This is because Aries strives to be number 1 in all they do. They are competitive beyond belief, always wanting to be the best and outshine everyone. This is said from a neutral space, i.e. it’s not good or bad until intention, energy, and karmic repercussions come into play.

Reaping (Full Moon) and creating (New Moon) good or bad karma is integral to an Aries lunar transit. This is a time to get clear on your intentions, also working on the shadow qualities associated with this fiery and headstrong 1st sign. At a lower vibration, Aries is extremely selfish, self-centered, and competitive to the point of becoming bully-ish or tyrannical. It’s what it is, there is a light and darkness within everyone and all things… This means we can create unconscious karma for ourselves, creating chaos, distortion, or destruction instead of peace, harmony, cooperation, unity, and so forth. Teamwork and basic human decency coupled with etiquette and respect can go out of the window, and this usually charming and poised Ram can become a living nightmare. This influence is possible within us all during an Aries moon.

So, it’s important to keep your energy and intentions in check. This means slowing down, learning to respond instead of react explosively or from ego, and combine competitiveness, which can be healthy, with compromise, cooperation, and some desires for harmony. Also, to look back on your past- explore past actions, interactions that have struck a chord with your soul, and intentions projected out into relationships, projects, and so forth. Being ‘number 1’ naturally gives this courageous warrior-spirit sign a level of responsibility. We enter into karmic bonds and contracts whether conscious or unconscious every day. Our energy flows, merges, interacts with others; sometimes it’s conscious, and other times it’s not.

An Aries New Moon is the perfect time to seek to make changes to your karmic contracts, themes and issues around competitiveness and the shadow traits mentioned, and repressed or unconscious (destructive) desires. An Aries Full Moon asks you to seek healing in these areas. Try to balance and merge dominance with some receptivity, assertiveness with gentleness and passivity, and power and autonomy with teamwork and desires for unity. In addition, learn how to say sorry when you’ve done someone wrong. Be honest and stay accountable. At their worst, Aries is a bulldozer who believes they are always right, further giving into childish and self-entitled tendencies. This only creates separation, disconnection, and blocks to personal growth and evolution…


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