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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Cancer

A Cancer moon is a time of depth, emotions, sensitivity, dreams, and advanced creativity. Cancer is one of the most sweet and nurturing signs- they’re known as the natural caregiver. They’re the empaths of the zodiac; the healers, domestic homebodies, and imaginative souls in tune with the subconscious realm. Cardinal signs are most influenced by a Cancer moon, so refresh your memory on which planets fall in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn in your natal chart.

Nurturing, Kindness, and Sensitivity

Known as the great nurturer and ultimate caregiver, Cancer is the zodiac’s sweetheart. Unconditionally loving, generous, and full of compassion, this sensitive water sign shows us how to live with grace and emotional intelligence. They are deep, supremely kind, and selfless without fault. Cancer always places the needs of loved ones, friends, and family above their own, and combined with such evolved levels of intuition and selflessness, this is the ideal moon to focus on nurturing close bonds. Intimacy is heightened, as are instincts. Cancer energy is extremely instinctive, which is due to their planetary ruler, la luna (the moon) herself. A New Moon in Cancer can spark the need for deeper connection, intimacy, and friendship. Also, the need for greater sensitivity and self-awareness coupled with loving kindness in the way you interact with others, present yourself to the world, and engage in self-care.

Self-care is extremely important over a Cancer moon. One of Cancer’s worst traits is being people-pleasing and self-sacrificing, moreover way too selfless. Selflessness is beautiful- it can lead to deeper connection and so forth. But extreme self-sacrifice combined with mollycoddling and codependent tendencies is not healthy. This is a major lesson of this lunar cycle. If you’re quite sensitive and emotional with a lot of water in your natal chart, the universe is steering you to lose the shadow aspects associated with this water sign. If you’re the complete opposite, perhaps more dominant and independent with a lot of fire and/or air in your chart, the message is to become more like Cancer; integrate their strengths.

Overall, as Cancer is ruled by the planet of emotions, feelings, and inner world sensations herself, the moon, this is the perfect time to seek to strengthen and integrate these themes. Instincts are at an all time high, while emotional sensitivity, vulnerability, and empathy can be used to form deeper bonds, whether it’s in love or business. In fact, Cancer is known as the empath of the zodiac, alongside final sign Pisces. Fine-tuned empathy is a gift that allows you to know exactly what it’s like to be in another’s shoes; to feel another human or animal’s feelings…. To sense their inner well-being. Empathy is often linked to telepathy, a gift Cancer has evolved in as well! Telepathy involves a type of mind-reading built off of powerful senses, instincts, and intuition. You should know that Cancer is one of the most intuitive and psychic people, therefore these gifts will be available to you regardless of your sun sign.

Overall, these unique qualities and attributes can be connected to through meditation, self-care, and creating a sacred space. Consider setting up an altar or shrine area at home for meditation and prayer. Sacred ritual is linked to Cancer energy, but in a down-to-earth and grounded way due to Cancer ruling the 4th house, the house of home, family, security, physical foundations, and roots. Spirituality and associated gifts can be connected with in a way that brings feelings of comfort and security. Tune into these subtle yet powerful gifts for love, friendship, health, well-being, healing, self-care rituals, domestic routines, money, finances, vocation, and career. The emphasis is more on emotions and instincts than logic or analytical thinking.

Dreams and Spiritual Gifts

Ruled by the moon, Cancer symbolizes our ability to connect to the world of dreams. This includes the subconscious mind and all its amazing wisdom. Deep and extraordinary insights flow during a Cancer moon, in both the dream-space and waking life. You have a private cord to all things hidden and unseen, the invisible realms that may only be accessed (usually) through transcendental meditation, trance-like states brought on by shamanic drumming or hypnosis, long periods of conscious fasting, or visionary plant-medicines. During a Cancer moon, these extrasensory and divine abilities are enhanced and strengthened. Your body is a channel. Spirit flows through all living things, and being so sensitive, spiritual, and empathic amplifies this cord.

Divine revelations may come to you in waking life; you may remember certain events from your past that have been pushed down to your subconscious. Alternatively, past wounds, traumas, and fears or insecurities can come swimming back up into conscious awareness. Hopefully, you are self-aware and in control, so you can connect to Cancer’s strengths, like emotional intelligence and wisdom. This allows you to see the blessings, teachings, and message, as opposed to staying stuck in darkness or despair. A lower vibrational manifestation of a Cancer moon is the tendency towards depression. There’s an ‘emotional heaviness’ associated with this self-sacrificing and caregiving sign, therefore be mindful of this. You don’t want to attune to the darker aspects of a Cancer moon, because this is the most depressive and prone-to-suffering star sign (when fully in their shadow).

Positively, this super-sensitive and psychically-inclined inclination opens a cosmic doorway to ego transcendence. In other words, you can rise above the needs of the human ego and connect to something more transcendental and otherworldly. This is great for creativity, artistic expression, career expansion, self-development, healing, and love and family matters! You’re given a golden key to universal wisdom as well as sacred knowledge, information that mystics, seers, master shamans, and advanced spiritual beings only have access to. Under the light of a Cancer moon, it’s available to all of us. Explore conscious dreaming such as lucid dreaming, astral travel, astral projection, or using crystals and specific sound frequencies, like binaural beats, for enhanced dream recall. Open yourself up to the world of limitless possibilities- quite literally- through embracing the subtle, spiritual, and invisible aspects of life. Become more conscious of spiritual forces within and around too. There are multiple frequencies, vibrations, and dimensions… Cancer teaches us that there are many hidden and behind the scenes gifts and strengths available to us.

Profound Imagination!

Higher perspectives, archetypal thought forms, and subtle-psychic vibrations amplify… in abundance. Whatever your career or livelihood, you can tap into profound imagination for self-evolution, healing, and potent self-development. Psychic, clairvoyant, deeply empathic, sensitive, and extraordinarily gifted in subtle and spiritual perception, Cancer is the ultimate natural healer and empath. These skills are not just beneficial to business, finance, friendships, family bonds, or domestic affairs, you can also use them for creative and work projects. Actually, whatever you want to balance or manifest, these subtle powers will help you evolve.

Magnetic and passive gifts are linked here. Cancer is more passive and receptive than dominant or forceful, so the key to navigating a Cancer moon is to recognize that overly assertive or dominant methods won’t work. You can achieve the most success through being magnetic, kind, and gentle. Of course, if you are supremely ‘yin’ + femininely-inclined, you may need to watch out for shadow attributes, like people-pleasing and self-sacrifice. But the general theme is to be more passive and gentle or graceful in your dealings and mannerisms. For example, you may start to learn (New Moon) or strengthen and perfect/master (Full Moon) your ability to utilize the Law of Attraction and other universal laws. Being ruled by the moon signifies a connection to ancient and sacred wisdom, moreover self-knowledge rooted in our ancestral and celestial connection.

Feminine qualities are heightened and more easily accessible. This links to a powerful motherly energy and instincts…

Domestic and Family Bonds

With the 4th house ruler, this lunar cycle is all about domestic, home, and family bonds- your roots. Physical foundations related to home and living, which incorporate our needs for security and self-preservation, come into main focus. Your needs for comfort and a stable and harmonious living environment will come into evaluation, or you will see significant changes being made in this area. Feelings and the inner world of subtle sensations, impressions, and emotional needs are the main focus, which make you crave intimacy and connection in a way that stimulates positive lifestyle choices. Anything that creates feelings of chaos, disharmony, or emotional turmoil won’t cut it, in other words! We may be happy or content with drama and chaos over a Leo or Aries moon, for instance, but Cancer symbolizes our inner caregiver. We want to nurture and receive emotional support in equal measure.

So, this is the perfect time to attend to domestic and practical affairs on the home-front, in addition to exploring how you give and receive care, support and provide for others, and communicate with emotional intelligence, maturity, and empathy. Energy exchanges come under a Cancer moon, specifically with regards to emotions and feelings. How balanced are you, do you give and receive in equal measure? A shadow side of Cancer is giving too much, too much kindness, love, attention, help, and support. This can create major imbalances, resentment over time, and distortions and frustrations that eventually lead to relationship breakdowns (worst case scenario). It can leave one depleted, also disallowing others to take care of themselves. Becoming everyone’s mother or carer is a negative influence, while tuning into motherly and feminine instincts to create mutually loving, supportive, and harmonious relationships is one of the best ways to channel Cancer moon energy.

Further, imbalances in this area come to light under a Cancer moon. You may start to see things you were previously unaware of, such as emotional manipulations, secrets, or hidden agendas. Simultaneously, you’re more intuitive to imbalances at home and within relationship dynamics. All aspects of relationships, intimate bonds, and connections built off of emotional trust and openness come into conscious light. Things that have been pushed down to the subconscious mind start to bubble up to the surface; the full scope of these will be felt and seen, depending on how naturally psychic and spiritually aware you are. If secrets, hidden motives, or distortions have gone on for too long, they will be brought into full consciousness. The way you respond to this insight and new found wisdom determines how smoothly your New or Full Moon and following weeks go...

Advanced Creativity and Compassion

Most people assume Cancer is all nurturing, sweetness, and kindness, yet they have an incredibly creative side. In fact, this sign produces some of the best artists, musicians, and creative directors and visionaries. Cancer creativity is both practical and spiritual, connecting to practical vision and the divine realm in equal measure. Rest and introspection are integral to a Cancer moon, further being the pathways to advanced creativity and compassion. Cancer is a symbol for unconditional love and compassion, soulful and humble with evolved levels of higher perspective insight. Thus, part of the two themes of creativity and compassion is recharging. Centering, grounding, and creating a safe space within and externally are core to being able to connect to such advanced levels of artistic expression, psychic gifts, etc.

You might want to explore holistic and complementary therapies during a Cancer moon, such as starting a path as a holistic therapist. Or training in shamanic or spiritual studies. A Cancer moon is an excellent transit for spiritual healers, metaphysical teachers, practitioners of reiki or the mystic arts, tarot readers, astrologers, psychics, and counselors. Also, for caregivers, social or support workers, coaches, nurses, physicians, and elderly or animal companions. If you already work in one of these fields, a Cancer Moon is a time to initiate new connections and clients, as well as put the extra effort into your career.


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