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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In LEO

A Leo moon brings a combination of fun, play, and creativity, and self-authority, dominance, and personal power. Leo sits at the heart of the Zodiac and is ruled by the glyph of the Lion, an animal representing nobility, confidence, and regality. There are many themes to tune into, while the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are affected the most. (Be sure to check out which planets, if any, fall in these signs in your birth/natal chart!)

Creative Life Force and Vision

Imagination, creative gifts, and artistic vision are all part of Leo’s superpowers. Leo has immense creative life force- they are magnanimous, gifted imaginatively, and full of vibrant and fresh ideas. They’re innovative, independent, and open-minded; highly philosophical too. Leos have vision, higher perspective and bigger-picture insight… This means that these qualities are available to us over a Leo moon. It’s all about idealistic and visionary abilities linked to the psychological and intellectual realms. Leo is not particularly mystical, although they are majestic. They’re not spiritual in a Pisces or Scorpio type of way either. Leo’s spiritual and higher vision is rooted in the realm of real-world logic, intellect, and insight. Ideas pour from the ether as well as the astral and spiritual or higher realms in a very practical and innovative way, I.e. they have vision, but it’s rooted in the higher intellectual mind!

This essentially means that the kind of creativity available to you now are ones that can produce practical results. Leo thrives in business, money-making schemes, and original solutions that lead to success. Professional victory, public recognition or prestige, and social status are very important to them. So, now is the time to tune into your higher imaginative mind for artistic visions that can serve a greater purpose. Purpose, passion, and creativity are integral to a Leo moon. The gifts of social charm, grace, and charisma are linked here. Confidence, self-esteem, and fearlessness to go after your goals and dreams amplify. Leo is a fire sign, representing passion, excitement, and sheer boldness, yet they’re also Fixed, which signifies impeccable force and staying-power.

Enthusiasm, originality, self-autonomy, creative ambitions, and determination to create a name for yourself, leave a legacy, or simply expand your career and professional circle come into this first main theme. Leo is excellent at finding and securing professional bonds that can advance their aspirations. They’re charming, gregarius, and very friendly. They’re unique sense of extroversion combined with bright intelligence allows them to merge artistic vision with sensible and reasonable approaches. For instance, they are very level-headed, grounded, and pragmatic in their ways, yet they always show brilliant sparks of higher consciousness and imaginative awareness at the perfect time. They’re intuitive beyond belief, just usually prefer to show their intellectual and psychologically mastered side.

Consider how music, art, and creative channels and avenues can help your career in some way. A vocation or hobby might transform into something lucrative under a Leo moon, or you may find a mass increase in supporters and followers. Partnerships, collaborators, and co-creators feature strongly.

Passion, Boldness, and Courage!

Leo is one of the most fiery, zestful, and passionate zodiac signs. They command respect and attention, and they seek admiration too. Leo is happy to stand in the spotlight. In fact, they seek the spotlight- they have a peacock type-of-way about them. Positively, this can lead to the support and validation they desire, in addition to the right connections. Not so positively, the shadow side of this influence creates an egoistical, totally drama-loving, and self-centered individual who may bulldoze over anyone who doesn’t agree with them! Leo believes they’re always right, further having narcissistic tendencies. Like with all lunar cycles, these are the shadow or toxic traits you need to watch out for.

At a higher vibration, Leo represents supreme confidence and self-esteem, moreover healthy self-empowerment, self-authority, and self-love. Leo loves themselves, which means they have healthy boundaries. This is a perfect moon to fine-tune your own boundaries, work on inner strength, and develop the courage and confidence to speak your truth. Sharing your views, beliefs, opinions, and talents are key to a Leo moon. Also, Leo generally loves to talk; they’re incredibly social, friendly, and outgoing. They’re extroverted, independent, intelligent, humorous, and charming in social situations, and they’re more of a party trooper than a lone wolf. This is not a very introspective lunar transit, but it is an excellent gateway for standing strong in your light.

Musicians, artists, entertainers, performers, speakers, actresses, authors, publishers, coaches, politicians, public servants, and anyone in a position of authority or self-leadership benefits greatly from a Leo moon. Use a Leo New Moon to seek out new opportunities, jobs, roles, responsibilities, or clients in these fields, while making the most of a Leo Full Moon for fine-tuning, perfecting, and taking professional endeavors to the next level! Leo inspires using our voices in a way to heal, uplift, educate, inspire, or simply get our points across. Of course, be careful of the shadow side of this, which is becoming a bully or tyrant, or failing to listen to others’ needs and perspectives. Without patience, empathy, and some sensitivity you run the risk of being the only one speaking, further failing to acknowledge everyone else’s wisdom, expertise, and input.

Assertion, Self-Authority, and Empowered Masculinity

Linked to the last theme is powerful levels of masculine energy. This includes dominance, willpower, ambitions, logic, higher reasoning, and mental and intellectual gifts. Leo is one of the most responsible and ambitious signs, being very practical, level-headed, and respectful of societal rules and regulations. Although Leo is ruled by the Sun, which symbolizes optimism, life force, zest, passion, inspiration, confidence, ambition, and so forth, Saturn and this masculine planet’s energy compliments Leo’s nature very well. This means, essentially, that a Leo moon is a chance to step into self-empowerment and self-sovereignty in a way that respects tradition. Masculine authority is a key theme and influence, including the way it shows up in your life, your attitudes towards external authority, and beliefs regarding your own personal power.

Structures and authoritative boundaries in our lives show up during a Leo moon. Fortunately, this is a great time to examine, evaluate, and make important changes, such as through working on your communication style or listening skills, moreover strengthening confidence and self-expression levels. The more you work on yourself the more you can interact in a gracious, charming, and socially acceptable way. This is the message of Leo! Leos tend to make excellent parents too. They’re fiercely protective, so much so that alongside water sign Cancer, Leo can be seen as the embodiment of unconditional love for close friends and family (not in a universal way like the all-encompassing water signs, however). Leo rules the heart of the zodiac, both physically in terms of the human anatomy and geographically. So, heart chakra energy is strong. Protective, supportive, generous, loving, and providing, a Leo parent is more than happy to be the breadwinner or work hard to support their loved ones. There’s a lesson here.

Connected to this is the theme of children. Ruled by the 5th house, Leo energy asks us to use masculine assertion and self-authority linked to the themes of romance, play, creativity, children, drama, and the Arts. You may receive intuitive messages to become a children’s teacher or to apply for a job at your local theater. Drama at a higher level is conscious, fun, and pleasurable self-expression. And, Leo seeks expression and fun in all that they do, therefore this is an excellent cycle for turning passions or hobbies into a vocation or career. Leo has mastered finding the joy in all life experiences, despite being a bit dramatic and self-serving sometimes. The positive in this is their ability to seek pleasure and happiness without sacrificing financial flow, professional success, or social and public respect. They make business look fun! This can be achieved in your life with the right attitude and effort.

Benevolence, Kindness, and Open-Hearted Bonding

Romance expands during a Leo moon. You may feel more romantic towards peers, friends, and colleagues, so make sure you don’t mistake platonic intimacy and your desires for deeper bonding with sexual urges. Heart chakra vibrations ripple out in abundance, and you don’t want to confuse this for something negative. Show your heart, be affectionate to friends, and don’t be scared of being vulnerable. Mindful and empathic communication links here, such as speaking and sharing with heart, empathy, and sensitivity, moreover conscious awareness. Try to transcend absentmindedness or dramatic outbursts. If you have real emotions to show- express them, but mindfully and consciously. The same goes for sharing your needs, feelings, opinions, and boundaries.

You will likely be feeling more kind and generous, however this isn’t the type of selfless and somewhat gullible kindness Pisces shows (sorry Pisces!). Leo is much too self-respecting and assertive to let someone take advantage of their kindness. No, a Leo moon is all about being kind, engaging in charity, and showing selflessness within strict parameters. For example, ask yourself how you will benefit… It’s not about giving to receive or having a hidden motive, but about recognizing that we are part of a community. All exchanges must involve an exchange of energy, otherwise life becomes imbalanced. For instance, you may give a gift because you genuinely want to create or strengthen a loving connection with someone; this amplifies the emotional satisfaction you receive. You may show extreme kindness to a boss or colleague; this allows you to show and receive respect simultaneously. You may buy some food for a homeless person; this fills your heart with joy and contentment. Sincerity is the keyword to remember.

Benevolence, sincerity, the need for love and affection, romantic feelings, platonic intimacy, and desires for sexual union all amplify during a Leo transit. It’s important to channel your energy, because passions can run high! Either consider working or volunteering with children- or spending more time around children, partaking in more self-care and self-loving rituals and activities, or practicing tantric breathwork, qi gong, and exercise that move Root chakra energy up. Leo has a very active root chakra, like all fire signs. But, don’t let this potent life force become stagnant or gather in the lower energy centers. The aim of the game is to let energy flow through movement, exercise, innocent play, self-expression, or conscious love-making. Be careful of impulsive and aggressive behavior as well birthed from frustrations. Another shadow trait of Leo’s is being irritable, angry, and prone to lashing out at loved ones. Not only does this weaken close bonds, but it can get in the way of professional success…

Nobility and Regality… For Success

Finally, Leo is deeply noble and regal with a majestic vibe. All you have to do is observe their glyph, the Lion, to figure out how proud and regal they are. Passionate, loyal, and majestic, Leos are much more soulful than one may originally assume. This is because they like to show off their intellect and intelligence, moreover their confident and optimistic nature in a social setting. Yet, they are incredibly soulful- charming, gracious, artistically gifted, caring, and soft hearted too, behind closed doors. They may come across as superficial or only concerned with society’s impressions of them, but they are quite deep. They’re sensitive with BIG hearts, so there’s a lesson in authenticity and moderation to be learned here.

A Leo moon is a portal and opportunity to explore our sensitivities, insecurities, and vulnerabilities as well as our truest desires and needs without falling into extremes. For example, without becoming codependent, needy, dramatic, attention-seeking, or overly vain or prideful. Once we start to see our beauty and brilliance- our strengths and self-esteem, it’s only natural to become a little conceited, overly confident, or complacent. At their worst, Leo is smug, vain, arrogant, and extremely egotistical, yet, at their best, they connect to their strengths and gifts to inspire others. The message is to work on yourself, heal your shadows, and then integrate them, so you can step into the spotlight. This is true success.


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