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Remember that a New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings- a new cycle to plant seeds for manifestation and creation... A Full Moon is a time of completion, projects, romance, results, and seeing the fruits and rewards of your labor. The main themes apply to both!

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Annual New & Full Moon In Taurus

A Taurus moon is a time of sensuality, romance, benevolence, fertility, charity, friendship, hard-work, responsibilities, and practicalities. As a Fixed sign, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are affected most, so remember to pay attention to the planets (in your natal chart) that fall in these signs. Let’s explore the main themes of a Taurus New or Full Moon.

Romance, Sensuality, and Self-Care

A Taurus moon is the perfect time for energizing romance, as well as for self-care routines. Taurus is sensual, down-to-earth, and deeply romantic. They’re also empathic, caring, benevolent, the ultimate friend and lover, and wonderfully loyal. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, feminine sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, romance, and wealth. This is the ideal lunar cycle for all matters related to love, beauty, and romance. Sensual self-expression such as through dance, massage, and gardening or cooking can really help you in multiple life areas!

For example, you may find cooking, working in your gardening, planting seeds, light exercise, gentle chi kung or tai chi movements, or artistic hobbies really ground you. Grounding is a keyword for a Taurus moon, as is connecting to your body. Some of Taurus’ best qualities come out when in tune with your divine earthly vessel and your sensuality. Inner strength and physical health lead to emotional health, and these can be achieved through connecting to your sensuality as well as your body. Movement, dance, and so forth stimulate trapped or repressed emotions. Grounding activities help to release blocks on multiple planes.

Artistic gifts are connected to romance, sensuality, and self-care- they both stimulate the other. A Taurus New Moon sparks your need for new romance or a fresh and excitable intimacy in your romantic bond. A Full Moon brings a sense of completion, which signifies strengthening, integrating, and expanding on already formed intimacy and connection. In terms of self-care, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, writing poetry, arts and crafts, and musical and imaginative expression are great ways to stimulate life force energy.

Channeling your energy into any of the artistic and self-care activities mentioned are advised. Also, consider using this lunar cycle as a chance to get deeper. Get deep with your lover, friends, and family, and potentially even your business and work collaborators and partners. A love of beauty and both romantic and platonic intimacy strengthens bonds in more ways than you can imagine- we don’t just live in a masculinely logical and rational world. There’s also the world of feelings, emotions, subtleties, and instincts! So, explore how platonic and romantic intimacy in addition to being more sensually-inclined can enhance personal relationships. Sensuality is not the same as sexuality…

Taurus is deeply in tune with their senses. A Taurus moon further highlights the mind, body, & spirit connection, how emotions, thoughts, belief systems, past experiences, personality, spirit, and soul all intertwine and influence one another. When you heal, unblock, and energize one area, other areas undoubtedly get positively affected. Solo self-care can help romantic intentions while getting in touch with your romantic side will inspire all creative, artistic, and self-care routines and pathways.

Practicalities and Responsibilities

Taurus is very practical, hard-working, and responsible, moreover devoted. This is one of the most pro-commitment and disciplined star signs. This is due to them being earth, yet they are also Fixed by nature, which gives them a double-dose of stability and reliability. Reliable, dutiful, hard-working, persevering, determined to accomplish goals and tasks, and completely self-autonomous, this humble and benevolent earth sign is as modest and independent as they come. A Taurus gives you immense physical strength and stamina to pursue, achieve, and manifest. You can lay important groundwork while working towards a strong foundation.

A Taurus moon is all about manifestation. It’s a cosmic window to go after your long-term dreams, aspirations, and visions with personal power and autonomy. One thing you should know is that Taurus possess advanced levels of humility, yet they are equally headstrong as well as willful. This symbolizes your capacity for seeking- and achieving or securing- connection, collaboration, and significant work, service, or community bonds. You are given an opportunity to embody greater grace, gentleness, and modesty so you can find the connections that best serve your goals and visions.

This is the perfect time to create strong foundations and relationships, ones that support and empower your life path, purpose, and future self-alignment. People are likely to see you as dependable and trustworthy too. A Taurus moon is an opportunity to command respect, not demand it like a lower vibrational Aries or Leo may do. Earth is stabilizing, supportive, and harmonizing; commanding respect involves presence, power, and social grace… coupled with fine doses of humility! Fortunately, these qualities are all available to you. Holistically, a Taurus lunar cycle represents our desires to work hard and “get stuff done”- to put in the physical effort, so we can see fruitful rewards of our labor. A lot can be achieved at this time, so don’t give into the shadow attributes of this transit, which includes idleness, laziness, and lethargy. Being a lack of motivation may be an issue, but with mindful awareness you should be able to step into practical action coupled with upping the self-discipline.

Altruistic and Humanitarian Values/Service

Taurus is a visionary and practical dreamer! They love to be of service, and they possess highly evolved altruistic, humanitarian, and benevolent tendencies. Taurus energy lets us connect to our inner sweetheart, our nurturing, caring, and loving self that thrives off of authentic bonds and intimacy. Superficial energy and interactions are less advised during a Taurus moon, although there is a fair amount of level-headedness, logic, and cognitive abilities to work with. Taurus is very intelligent, but just as soulful, generous, and sensitive. Earth is a feminine quality while Venus is a feminine planet- the Goddess and planet of female love and sexuality, in fact. This makes us more open to empathy and compassion in all our dealings.

And, it makes us want to be of service through fine-tuning innate kind, gentle, and compassionate gifts. You may feel like joining a volunteer work-exchange website like Workaway. Spending some time working on a farm, on the land, or with animals and nature could be just what your soul needs! You may get strong signs and subtle messages to pack your belongings and possessions up and join an eco-community working towards sustainability, as well as real ecological values. A Taurus moon applies to our spiritual, holistic, and visionary selves just as it does to our down-to-earth side. In other words, there’s a fine blend of higher vibration energies rooted in service and altruism, and grounded, modest, and practical ones simultaneously.

Do some research. Trust your instincts. A Taurus New or Full moon makes us incredibly instinctively when it comes to matters of the heart. You can follow your passions while acting on subtle impressions and external guidance without becoming over-excited. Impulse including brash decisions are not things you need to worry about with a Taurus moon. It’s a chance, instead, for slowing down, taking your time, and making the most logical and Higher Self aligned decisions. This is entirely possible, as Taurus is known for their deliberate and intentional, moreover mature nature. If you’ve been wanting a fresh start or change aligned with humanitarian service, a Taurus moon is the perfect one for making an emotionally intelligent decision that’s built off of sound wisdom, research, and intellectual and intuitive analysis.

Logic & Intellect Vs Sensitivity & Emotional Intelligence

Another main theme is the balance available between logic & intellect and sensitivity & emotional intelligence. Taurus strives for balance and harmony in all they do, in fact. They make excellent friends, lovers, and business partners for this reason. They are great bosses, team-players, and collaborators- Taurus tends to have many potential romantic suitors and many business collaborators. This is accomplished through such fine-tuned levels of sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and wisdom. Any project, goal, objective, vision, or endeavor, or important conversation you need to have, can be achieved at very high levels. Make the most of a Taurus New Moon for getting things off the ground, and use the Taurus Full Moon portal to put practical touches on things.

One linked theme to add here is how Taurus represents the abundance of the earth. Fertility is strong, while you can tune into a number of gifts for a number of purposes. Financial prosperity, flow, and increase are all attainable, and this is largely due to Taurus’ glyph being the Bull. The Bull energy is headstrong, assertive, willful, confident, and bold, yet somewhat stubborn. Being aware of the shadow or darker attributes of a Taurus moon will powerfully assist you in connecting to the light attributes available for integration and embodiment. Self-worth, avenues to better security, and resourcefulness are other key themes, all of which can be increased and integrated with the balance mentioned.

Taurus is both sensitive and assertive, receptive and active (physical instincts and vitality linked to ‘the Bull’), passive and dominant, and magnetic and electric. Actually, many people overlook Taurus because they are so down-to-earth and humble, but this tenacious earth sign has many gifts! This would be an excellent lunar portal to address issues of feeling not seen or heard, further stepping into self-leadership and personal power, whilst remaining graceful and humble. Integrity, friendship, and a genuine desire to form lasting bonds are amplified at this time.

Community and Creativity

Everyone sees Taurus as this willful and slightly stubborn, hard-working force of nature, which they are. They’re devoted and disciplined to the point of being a lot of people’s rock both personally and professionally, however, they also have a deeply creative and artistic side. You can be in touch with artistic and imaginative gifts in a down-to-earth way, i.e. vision and higher perspectives that can ‘take root.’ This may include using creativity as a way to create practical solutions, unify different groups of people, or make changes around the home or office. Visionary works of art, poetry, and music can also be created, but in a modest and structured way, i.e. not like mystical and spiritually advanced Pisces or Cancer who’s in tune with the subconscious.

In saying this, Taurus is tuned into subconscious forces, so you may be surprised at the types of genius creations you can muster up. The idea is to focus on structure, physical foundations, and material-inspired creativity, however, such as artistic visions and manifestations that serve your bank account or immediate practical or physical foundations! (Home, office, environments…) Seeking new community connections as well as friendship circles are also tied into creative expression. This is primarily centered around your service to society or greater purpose with a Taurus moon. You may find yourself wanting to leave behind toxic or immature social circles, as Taurus is extremely mature and wise. You could become involved in a charitable, volunteer, or profitable project that requires more interaction with others… A Taurus moon assists in working on mindful and empathic communication.

Taurus energy is very mindful and further empathic, rooted in empathy, higher awareness, and compassion. This is something to combine and balance, where possible, with the practical, devoted, and level-headed nature of Taurus the earth Bull. Finally, the wonderful thing about a Taurus moon is that you have a lot of different energies to work with; if ever in doubt, remind yourself of the subtle vibrations coming from Venus. Venus helps you to glow from the inside in a magnetic, subtle, and somewhat irresistible way, least to mention charming and sincere way that draws people in (without control and conquer tactics or manipulation). Sincerity, authenticity, and integrity are three of Taurus’ best qualities.


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