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PISCES: Feb 19 - March 20

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Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Ruler: Neptune/ Jupiter

House: 12th

Quality: Mutable

Color: Purple/ Violet or Lilac/ Sea Green


Pisces is the final water sign, the Old Souls and Fish (glyph) ruled by planet Neptune. Pisces is sweet, dreamy, super magnetic, unconditionally loving, and psychic. They are blessed with mystical, spiritual, and divine powers unmatched by the other signs, which means they can tune into the divine and spiritual realms for extraordinary insights. Also, they are gifted creatively, artistically and musically.

Neptune symbolizes psychic gifts, intuition, instincts, mysticism, and illusions. Positively, this allows Pisces to see beyond the veil, uncovering hidden truths and getting to the root of deception or manipulation. Negatively, this sensitive sign can get lost in addictions or fantasy, further becoming an escapist. They need to watch out for addictions of all kinds, as well as running from their problems, they tend to avoid issues and can be overly passive. Key Pisces strengths include their nurturing and sensitive qualities, least to mention they are the empaths of the Zodiac (alongside Cancer).

Pisces exists on an emotional frequency with advanced emotional intelligence, higher awareness, and maturity. They’re very deep, strongly disliking superficiality, drama, fakeness, and conflict. Similar to Libra, they despise conflict and violence (emotional, psychological, spiritual or physical) at all costs, yet, unlike Libra, they have a difficult time voicing their needs and concerns. Pisces is one of the most caring, genuine, and selfless signs of the Zodiac, yet honoring their feelings and emotions is an area for improvement. So, Pisces represents unconditional love and universal compassion. Anyone who knows Pisces knows they are the sweetest, most caring, and loyal soul, in addition to being spiritually advanced. They possess psychic gifts most can only comprehend intellectually or logically.

Clairvoyant, telepathic, clairsentient, and clairaudient with precognitive gifts, many Pisces go on to become psychic, mediums, channels, or tarot readers. Other key careers include becoming a dream therapist, astrologer, numerologist, teacher of the Healing Arts, metaphysics specialist, spiritual healer, sound or yoga practitioner, holistic therapist, or shamanic energy worker. As one of the most creative spirits- incredibly multitalented and a bit of an enigma, Pisces would also make an excellent photographer, poet, musician, performer, spoken word artist, inspirational speaker, artist, painter, actor, or creative director.

In love, Pisces is sweet, caring, playful, creative, imaginative, very romantic, slightly submissive,

and nurturing. They’re extremely loyal, although they can be noncommittal in youth. It can take a while for Pisces to give their heart, as they believe love is eternal- their lover is their soulmate, probably a past life connection too! They are supremely generous, yielding, and passionate- a mixture of sexual and shy, fun loving and romantic, and spiritual and emotional. They prefer gentle and empathic lovers who appreciate their sensual, sensitive, and selfless nature.

Most compatible signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Virgo is another compatible sign, and as their “opposite” is the sign they can achieve the most balance and harmony with. Virgo teaches Pisces how to be more practical and grounded- two attributes this fish lacks. Pisces' wise wo/man, seer, and disciplined self comes out, allowing them to step into the role of natural teacher through sharing their artistic, imaginative, spiritual, psychic, and philosophical gifts. Fire signs provide the spark and inspiration Pisces seeks, although can be a bit too superficial and insensitive for their liking. Air signs are upbeat and optimistic, further helping Pisces become better communicators, yet lack depth and emotional sensitivity.

Pisces can be shy, reserved, and apparently motionless- there's a stillness and spaciness to them that makes it look like they’re about to drift off into the distance… This may be the case, but they’re also supremely humble. Humility and grace are two of their greatest attributes, which has its blessings and setbacks. Some people appreciate, respect, and admire these traits, while others see it as a chance to use them, treating them like a doormat or emotional dumping ground! They can be taken advantage of many times in life and lack boundaries.

Other shadow traits include naivety, gullibility, diminished self-worth and self-esteem- from a lack of boundaries, and over-emotionalism. They can be super-sensitive, also picking up on the needs and feelings of everyone else around them, and the planet as a whole! Their key in life is to let go of people-pleasing as well as overly submissive tendencies. Being selfless is one thing, it’s a beautiful gift that allows them to shine in their own unique, if not slightly strange, way, yet submissiveness is what makes them fall prey to predatory and abusive characters. As a natural empath and giver, this magnetic and impressionable water sign tends to attract narcissistic and abusive people- users and takers who go through life seeing others as commodities.

Pisces excels spiritually and emotionally, however does lack logic. They are intelligent, so do not underestimate their intelligence or extraordinary mind, but they are so attuned to an emotional and spiritual frequency that they often forget the importance of logic, rationality, and intellectual awareness in daily life. This is something they need to integrate if they wish to bring out their colorful, charismatic, and chameleon-like personality, which is often the basis for their soul-shine and glow. As a Mutable sign, Pisces is extremely adaptable. They usually take on different roles, adapt instantaneously to their surroundings, and can appear as totally different things to different people. Some people may know Pisces as the shy and sensitive friend in need, always willing to offer a helping hand; others may know them as a self-created boss with many gifts.

Other professions not yet mentioned include becoming a counselor, coach, therapist, charity worker, non-profit leader, elderly or disabled companion, vet, animal volunteer or helper, nurse, or midwife. In addition to creative and spiritual gifts, Pisces is deeply in tune with the feelings, needs, and emotions of others, to the point of knowing instinctively what type of care to provide.

At the highest vibration, Pisces emits a positive and friendly energy infused with warmth, emotional intelligence, and sensitivity to everyone’s needs. They are excellent friends, partners, and lovers, although do need to work on practicality issues before reaching maturity. Combined with gullibility, naivety, and a clear lack of boundaries, Pisces is not very skilled in the realm of finances and domesticity, at least not when younger. Grounding is a keyword for integration in life. Further, they need to transcend the need to be “everything for everyone,” something that leads to them becoming a doormat and emotional dumping ground as mentioned earlier. They have soft and gentle hearts, something those who respect come to cherish and admire.

Pisces has two planetary rulers, Neptune, their current one, and Jupiter their ancient one. Jupiter currently rules Sagittarius, the bold and fiery Archer, and this means Pisces finds a strong shared resonance with Sagittarius and those with a lot of Sag in their charts. Despite appearing shy, off with the fairies, and boring or dull, they have a deeply colorful, creative, and expressive side. Jupiter represents expansion, higher learning, philosophy, spiritual ideals, wisdom, a path of truth, travel, culture, adventure, and optimism. These are reflected in the Pisces personality. Also, Pisces is a real kindred spirit and soul brother or sister to many, often choosing a path of community, alternative living, and tribalistic values. As the sign of the mystic and dreamer,

Pisces may leave behind a 3D world family to seek their soul family, joining a traveling circus, or train with shamans to then teach their newfound wisdom to communities in the West. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the ultimate dreamer of the Zodiac. This signifies that they can access the dream worlds, receiving profound wisdom, guidance, and insight during sleep. Their subconscious mind is lit up, and they are able to tune into their Higher Self as well as the collective psyche and collective consciousness energy field for deeper understanding. Astral travel and projection coupled with lucid and shamanic dreaming are common for this sign. In fact, it’s effortless for many Pisces- they don’t even need to read about it or attend a workshop to help access these gifts. Just as Aries may be naturally fierce and assertive or Virgo practical and orderly, Pisces is a master of the dream space. In addition, it’s here where supernatural senses and divine inspiration are birthed. They possess the ability to transcend the mundane, the 3D world and realm, and ascend and evolve. Pisces symbolizes evolution of the soul, as well as enlightenment.

Because they are super-sensitive, everybody’s empath, and hyper-emotional, compassionate yet naive Pisces has many lessons to learn before they can reach adulthood and spiritual maturity. There’s a tendency to be the free counselor or therapist to virtually everyone they meet. The positive aspect of this is that people feel very safe around them. There’s no hostility or negativity in their energy field, Pisces often finds complete strangers approaching them to share their problems. They emit a frequency of emotional support, openness, and complete non-judgement. Not so positively, this leads to the diminished boundaries already shared. Furthermore, Pisces may get majorly conned at some point in their life, either in love or with regards to finances and practical security. It’s important, therefore, that they recognize the importance of security, physicality, and the material world so they don’t repeat the same unfortunate cycles.

A positive spirit with many friends and soulmates, Pisces functions best around creative, optimistic, free-spirited, and colorful people. They can flourish in a traditional work setting, however they need freedom. A set-in-stone routine is not good for them, as they feel restricted, suppressed, and oppressed. They are deeply loyal in love and friendship, yet can project (unconsciously) the vibration of illusion due to Neptune. This essentially means that their partner might question them and their intentions, despite having total love and deep feelings. Pisces is genuine in their words, actions, and affections. This is only because they are so sweet, submissive, and unconditionally loving, which can come across as codependent or in need of complete soul-merging, on a mind, body, and spirit level, while being independent simultaneously. Pisces can alternate between an inseparable bond to self-sovereign and autonomous, as if they don’t care at all.

This is linked to Pisces’ dual nature- Pisces is one of the signs of duality alongside Gemini and Libra (the Twins and the Scales!). Their glyph signifies two fish swimming in opposite directions, one towards the heavens, which symbolizes transcending the mundane and earthly matters, leaving the world of drama, illusion, and chaos- the 3D realm, and rising above to meet the divine. The other fish shows Pisces; need for structure and physical foundations, honoring the material world because it’s the channel or conduit for Pisces’ creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Pisces is incredibly inspiring when at their best.

Furthermore, they’re a bit of a creative genius! Their imagination and musical and lyrical abilities are so advanced that gifts some people may need to spend years in training for, or complete a diploma or university course in, comes naturally to them. Storytelling, the spoken and written word, music, art, drawing, acting, tuning into divine revelations and universal archetypes… These all come organically. Pisces know how to shine as well command attention and the spotlight, but in a magnetic and subtle way. Subtly is a keyword for them. And, they would rather come across as nurturing, caring, and selfless or compassionate than anything overly sexy or alluring. The dual aspect to this is they can lack physical awareness, i.e. neglect their physical appearance in some way.

Pisces, at heart, is a true bohemian soul warrior who would rather focus on the spiritual aspects of life, and find ways to connect us all in unity and solidarity. They believe in the collective, humankind, and idealistic visions. Plus they’re visionaries and changemakers who often work towards a better, more harmonious, and beautiful world. Selflessness can lead to some of the most inspirational and game-changing connections, just as it can result in them being overlooked, not seen, and fading into the background. They may get lost in the world of egos, drama, and superficial fakeness, blending into the background and sacrificing themselves for others, yet simultaneously find their real tribe and soul family by staying true to themselves.

Final thoughts:-

● Pisces corresponds with the pineal gland, feet, and lymphatic system.

Pisces colors: aquamarine, sea green, light blue, purple, and violet. Aquamarine, sea green, and all shades of light blue are perfect for enhancing inner peace, soothing emotions, balancing and stabilizing mood, and inducing sensations of calmness, serenity, and divine inspiration as well as self-alignment. Purple and violet align Pisces with their sense of purpose and personal power, in addition to enhancing intuition, psychic gifts, and higher awareness. These colors also amplify their ability to perceive subtle energy and access lucid and dream states.

Gemstones and crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Turquoise, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Agate, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Labradorite, Emerald, and Phenacite (rare).

● Pisces rules the 12th house of spirituality, completions, the ending of karmic contracts, self-evolution, and the soul. The imagination, the Arts, creativity, film, media, fantasy, illusions, dance, poetry, dreams, and the subconscious mind are also linked here, therefore are areas Pisces excels. The 12th house represents spiritual enlightenment and illumination, disconnecting from societal structures & foundations that limit personal


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