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SAGITTARIUS: Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Symbol: Archer (Also, the Centaur!)

Element: Fire

Ruler: Jupiter

House: 9th

Quality: Mutable

Color: Purple


Sagittarius (Sag for short) is a fire sign represented by the glyph of the Centaur, also known as the Archer. Jupiter is Sag’s ruling planet, the planet of philosophy, higher learning, truth seeking, wisdom, travel, adventure, and spiritual ideals. Abundance and expansion come under Jupiter’s realm too, which makes Sag very lucky. Key strengths of Sag include optimism, creative life force, artistic talent, intelligence, wisdom, intuition, open-mindedness, honesty, and positivity.

Sag is enthusiastic, passionate, and self-expressive with an upbeat and happy-go-lucky personality. They believe in the power of their visions, imagination, and creative talents, yet are equally as intellectual. Sag functions more on a psychological and physical level, with the spiritual body integrated. Emotions are not their strongest point- they can lack depth and sensitivity, for example, but they are one of the most honest and companionable Zodiac signs. Sagittarius is ultimately the free-spirit and independent truth seeker, the person who is always looking to expand their knowledge basis and their social circle. They’re incredibly friendly, sociable, outgoing, extroverted, and fun-loving.

If you want fun and play, seek a Sag! They crave freedom, travel, and total liberation from all oppressive and restrictive structures and regimes. They love conversing and connecting with new people- their inner fire, optimism, zest, and enthusiasm for life are contagious. Cultured, philosophical, and centered, balanced, and sophisticated when at their best, Sag spreads wisdom. They’re direct, supremely assertive, confident, and expressive. They know how to command attention as well as many admirers, and have a flirtatious, gregarious, and upbeat personality. Their ability to bring humor and light-heartedness to a situation is contagious. Also, they’re known for their ability to laugh loudly and unapologetically, which can bring the most mellow or depressive soul out of their bubble. It’s a real gift.

As the wisdom and truth seeker, it’s not uncommon to find Sag connected to many social circles, with many different friends, and involved in multiple groups, clubs, and hobbies. Anything that broadens their mental, physical, or spiritual horizons is appealing to them. They love culture, learning new languages, playing instruments, mastering a craft or specialist subject topic, and exploring different ideologies and belief systems.

Sag is concerned with finding truth in life, which can range from science to technology or metaphysics to the occult. Permaculture, spirituality, and alternative therapies also strike a soul cord. Jupiter is all about expansion, learning, and seeking higher things, so this reflects into all of Sag’s social connections and contacts. They can lack the ability to be still and slow down, introspect, etc., and they have strong frivolous and restless tendencies. Commitment is a big issue throughout life. Sag is one of the few signs who can “put their all” into a relationship, project, or venture and then apparently lose all interest! They can cut important romantic, kindred spirits, and business connections without a second thought; carelessness combined with insensitivity and emotional immaturity are their greatest weakness.

Also, this fiery and impulsive sign suffers from extreme impulsiveness, moving around and changing environments and relationships in a childish and excitable way. Staying power is not well developed, especially in youth, and usually friendly and warm-hearted Sag can become incredibly cold and heartless when acting absent-mindedly. Self-awareness, integrity, and kindness diminish or disappear altogether. Further, they’re impatient, not possessing the perseverance and willpower to focus, moreover stay the distance.

In a relationship, Sagittarius is loyal, playful, optimistic, imaginative, excitable, affectionate, and loving, with a powerful libido. They love to travel and be social with their lover, as well as share creative gifts and interests. They are very passionate and self-expressive, and don’t match too well with overly emotional or super-sensitive signs. They have a romantic side, yet are mostly upbeat, light-hearted, and intellectually attuned. They are highly companionable, believing in friendship within love and intimacy. It can take a while for Sag to commit, however, as they can be free-spirited, prone to wanderlust, and polyamorous until later in life.

Most compatible signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Gemini is compatible, but as their “opposite” is primarily ideal for finding inner harmony and balance. Water signs bring the depth, soul and magic, as well as the unique sense of artistry and creative vision Sag loves, yet can be a bit too clingy and codependent. Earth signs both provide structure, routine, and grounding and simultaneously restrict Sag’s big spirit. Effort, patience, and compromise are required for these bonds to work.

Sag loves the limelight. They love to be the center of attention, and they don’t have a problem showing off their talents. Sag is bold, courageous, full of life force, and the life and soul of a party or gathering. They are not one to shy away in a corner or blend into the background. They stand strong in their truth, being the outspoken and fiercely confident warrior at a higher vibration; and the self-righteous overly blunt blabbermouth at a lower one. They’re not good at keeping secrets, but do possess the ability to inspire and motivate others into conscious action and self-empowerment. They bring friendliness, acceptance, and strong levels of positive energy, which people pick up on.

Sagittarius values kindred spirit and soulmate bonds, despite being reckless, frivolous, and careless from time-to-time. They need a circle of loyal fans and followers, further feeling lost without social support. Sag can be a lone wolf, and are extremely independent, knowing how to hold their own, yet in a solidarity-aligned way (i.e. a lone wolf in a social group). Being so bold, honest, and straight-forward with evolved self-expression would make them the perfect motivational speaker, philosopher, lecturer or teacher, or entertainer. Other ideal professions include becoming a musician, performer, actor, comedian, or media personality, or a tour guide,

freelancer, or world nomad (due to their love of freedom and adventure!). Working in hospitality or even on a cruise ship would equally light up Sagittarius’ soul.

Other shadow traits to work on throughout life include aggressiveness and supreme self- righteousness. They can be selfish and believe they’re always right. They’re impractical too, so much so that this Archer may appear to wander aimlessly through life… Their lack of staying power and awareness of other people’s needs and feelings can be incredibly frustrating. They look past the deeper parts of life, others’ and their own inner emotions and currents, absentmindedly. Considering how caring, loyal, and companionable they are, it would appear as if they don’t care. This is something they need to work on if they wish to reach adulthood with authentic bonds, not just superficial acquaintances and connections. Aggression and anger are two other negative attributes to heal and transcend, which can be worked through with self-care, greater sensitivity, and spiritual healing.

Sagittarius is an idealist when at their best. Despite being so impractical and irresponsible, at least in youth, they have strong ambitions coupled with a potent sense of achievement, accomplishment, and vision. They possess long-term goals, dreams, and aspirations. Chasing fame, fortune, success, and prestige is common with this passionate sign. Sag can achieve a lot of recognition, fortune, and fame or success if they stop burning bridges! Transcending superficiality and shallowness is another key component on the Sag path to wholeness. Doing so allows them to find deeper intimacy and authentic connections in both love and business. Positively, Sag has immense heart and spirit, so, combined with their capacity for shining in the spotlight and not shying away from being seen or heard, they are on a winning path.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sag is a lucky soul with infinite resources and opportunities. New connections, cultural openings, doorways, portals to growth, and opportunities for education, study, learning, travel, and love seem to find them. Things flow for a Sagittarius on the right path. Staying positive is never a bad thing, nor is using laughter as a medicine when things get tricky. Failure is also a key element to their lifelong journey, as failure helps them to find wisdom and maturity. Sag learns best through direct experience, setbacks, and lessons learned. As a lifelong student, it’s part of many Sag’s destinies to become a teacher or wayshower, taking all their wisdom and self-knowledge to step into a leading or expert role. Sag at a higher vibration is an inspiring role model.

Sag’s glyph further speaks a lot about their personality. They are shown as the Archer and Centaur; the Archer reaches towards the heavens and stars, representing philosophy, higher learning, and expansion. Yet the Centaur depicts this fire sign’s primal nature. Sagittarius is extremely sexual, arguably the most sexual and furthermore passionate alongside Aries and Scorpio (the only two signs with Mars as a current and ancient ruler respectively). The Centaur is half human and half animal, specifically horse. Well, the horse symbolizes passion, libido, physical instincts and vitality, sexuality, and freedom. In short, Sag has a strong sex drive that craves expression.

It’s therefore wise for Sag to channel their energy into sport and higher pathways to self- knowledge. These are the two final themes of Sagittarius. Physical activity, exercise, sports, and so forth are essential for them- many Sages go on to become athletes on a professional level, or at least immerse themselves in a physical hobby or vocation. This is advised. The second way to let life force energy flow is to reach higher states of consciousness, such as through tantra, mysticism, or becoming a shaman or yogi. Spirituality is a favored path for many people born into this sign. Tantric breathwork, ancient practices, and sex (tantra/tantric sex) is a direct path to the Higher Self, which both enables them to rise above lust- a shadow trait common with this sign- and find the truth and self-actualization they’ve been seeking.

Courageous, incredibly freedom-seeking, independent, witty, companionable, and intuitive with strong instincts, Sag relies on wisdom gained through experience. Spontaneity can turn into impulsiveness and the need for liberation into a complete disregard to duties and responsibilities, however grounding and centering can help them evolve. Open-minded, non-judgmental, and creative friends and collaborators with vision are their ideal companions in life. As a Mutable sign, they know how to put the midas touch on any creative project. They add fire and optimism!

Final thoughts:-

● Sagittarius corresponds with the thighs, hips, and sciatica nerve.

Sagittarius colors: orange, red, yellow, and purple. Oranges, reds, and yellows bring life force and inspiration to Sag’s life. Red provides passion while charging and grounding libido simultaneously. It evoked the fire within… Orange increases warmth, friendship, emotional vulnerability, creativity, imagination, and sexual vitality and intimacy, while yellow enhances inspiration, willpower, optimism, inner strength, ambition, and positivity, as well as self-esteem, confidence, and purpose! Purple corresponds with the third eye chakra and is therefore excellent for sparking higher wisdom, vision, and spiritual insight and perception, in addition to potent intuition. Purple is also great for when fiery and often impulsive Sag needs to raise energy from the lower chakras to their higher ones.

Gemstones and crystals: Labradorite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Malachite, Turquoise, Jade, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Azurite and Citrine.

● Sag is ruled by the 9th house, the house of long-distance travel, international affairs, the higher mind, expansion, and learning opportunities. Also, speaking, publishing, foreign languages, lecturing, teaching, education, inspiration, luck, morals and ethics, and risk-taking. These all symbolize Sag’s character at a higher vibration.


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