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SCORPIO: Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruler: Pluto/ Mars

House: 8th

Quality: Fixed

Color: Deep Red/ Black


Scorpio is a water sign represented by the glyph of the Scorpion. The planetary ruler is Pluto, representing rebirth, alchemy, and transformation. Scorpio is deep, passionate, loyal, empathic, caring, intelligent, and resourceful. Pluto is a watery planet, yet Scorpio also has an ancient planetary ruler, Mars. Mars’ influence provides a strong sense of power, ambition, passion, healthy assertiveness, and resourcefulness in Scorpio’s life. They are both assertive and empathic, intellectual and emotionally gifted, strong-willed and sensitive, independent and romantic, and passionate and magnetic. Scorpio has many gifts and talents, yet comes across as quite secretive. Despite being sociable and friendly, they have a very private and shy side.

Scorpio is mastered in the realms of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, intuition, psychic gifts, and instincts. They’re instinctive and spiritual, connected to raw emotions and their Higher Self simultaneously. Sensitive, emotional, deep, open to the mystical and astral dimensions, and with access to subconscious wisdom, this deep and sensual water sign has evolved artistic and imaginative gifts. They’re incredibly creative, musical, and artistic, yet are just as intellectual. They’re blessed with fine-tuned perception and observation skills, as well as an imagination that verges on ‘creative genius.’ Their intuition is on a whole new level, so much so that they possess the gift of telepathy, which is the ability to read minds.

Scorpio is loyal, caring, generous, kind, loving, passionate, energetic, sexual, and creative in love. They have an extremely strong libido coupled with a kinky side, and are equally spiritual. They love romance, affection, cuddles, kisses, human touch, and physical and emotional intimacy. They prefer to connect on an emotional and spiritual frequency, as well as a physical/primal one, but do like deep and meaningful conversation as well. Mysterious, magnetic, irresistible, charming, wise, and soulful, Scorpio’s eyes can penetrate deep into your soul, connecting you on a timeless level. Fantasy intrigues them, however they always come back to reality, so you don’t have to worry about financial insecurity with them. They protect and provide for their lover…

Compatible star signs: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Taurus is another highly compatible sign (their “opposite”) where they can find balance, embodying the traits they lack through their romantic partner. Scorpio needs a soulmate who is creative and passionate, both ambitious and sweet, and independent and nurturing. It can be difficult to love a Scorpio at first, because it appears like they’re very picky with lots of rules and requirements! The truth is, Scorpio loves deeply and intensely, and when they give their heart they are completely committed. This makes them appear shy, secretive, somewhat detached, and apparently indifferent.

Analytical, observant, rational, and intuitive, Scorpio likes to observe to draw their own conclusions. They are not one to get lost in drama or gossip, nor will they ever dislike or hate someone based on rumors, opinions, or false candor. They evaluate, take their time, and explore all angles before determining whether information is true. This makes them respected and secretly admired in social circles, yet, as they are reserved and always maintain an aura of some level of privacy, they are not one to receive endless praise or attention. They’re fully aware of it, they just choose to receive the love in a subtle way, on an ethereal-energetic or even spiritual level, as opposed to directly such as the fire signs do. Why share this? Well, this is core to their personality, and it has its advantages and setbacks.

Negatively, Scorpio can come across as reserved, overly modest, uninterested, cold, and rude. They may appear to not care, when the reality is that they care deeply, also feeling things much more intensely and deeply than most. It takes someone with similar attributes to understand them. Positively, this means the people who do see and understand them gravitate towards them. A true friend, business partner, or soul companion of Scorpio instinctively knows how they operate, which is great for creative, spiritual, and collaborative projects. In fact, once Scorpio has established a bond- romantic or platonic, they are a power-force. Scorpio prefers like-minded deep, sweet, artistic, spiritual-inclined, sensitive, and cultured people, the type who won’t feed their demons or toxic traits, but, instead, prefer to evolve and elevate together; or at least co-create together (art, music, self-development activities, etc.).

They are slow to fall in love too, at least for something real and committed, however are quick to make their feelings, passions, and desires for intimacy known. Lust may be strong, especially in youth, although this calms down with age and maturity. Scorpio navigates life through a mixture of intellectual power, imaginative and creative gifts, and powerful intuition coupled with emotional intelligence. They’re very emotionally mature and empathic, even from a young age. Further, Scorpio is incredibly brave, courageous, and independent, despite having many admirers and companions in life. They tackle life head on with a mixture of fearless willpower, confidence, and self-assertion, and sensitivity, even from a young age. They have many gifts and are multidimensional, skilled in multidimensional perception.

As a water sign, they can also access subconscious wisdom, the realm of dreaming, the astral and ethereal planes, and the subtle planes rather effortlessly. A lot of their wisdom and self- knowledge, as well as deep understanding of Self, others, and the universe is found there. Scorpio is the sign of the shaman, the shape-shifting mystic with immense healing powers and abilities. They are psychic, instinctive, spiritually evolved, and skilled in extrasensory perception. Like their fellow water sign, Pisces, they possess healing hands and healing powers, which allows them to channel healing energy from the divine. It’s not unusual to find a Scorpio working as a spiritual counselor, healer, teacher, guide, coach, or therapist, or in some field like a psychic, tarot reader, medium, seer, or numerologist.

In addition to spiritual gifts, their intellectual, willful, and resourceful qualities make them excel as a manager, business specialist, planner, organizer, or independent boss. Key strengths include being hard-working, determined, ambitious, tenacious, persevering, and knowing how to stick to a long-term goal and plan. With such strong passions, visions, aspirations, and well-developed dreams, Scorpio has staying power. They are committed, devoted, and self-autonomous individuals. In fact, despite craving soul-merging and companionship on the deepest of levels, Scorpio is very self-sufficient and self-sovereign. Self-protection defines a lot of the intentions of their life. They have practical, financial, and domestic awareness that aligns them towards the need to protect, provide for, and support emotionally and physically.

Scorpio has a powerful presence, a demanding personality, and is slightly controlling. At their worst, they are super dominant and like people to submit to them, seeking control and unconsciously or consciously suppressing others. In love, there’s a chance of falling into a dom-sub dynamic whereby Scorpio’s sexual intensity and desires overpower their partner, actively wanting them to be completely submissive to them and their will. A Scorpio disconnected from their heart chakra and spiritual essence can also become an oppressive bully and domineering tyrant as a boss or when in a position of leadership and authority. Scorpio’s key is to balance self-authority and personal power with empathic self-awareness, magnetism, and kindness. Many Scorpios make sufficient wealth in their lifetime, achieving considerable fortune or at the very least abundance and financial security. Prestige and fame or big accomplishments are also possible.

Scorpio would make an excellent film or creative director, creative visionary, screenwriter, poet, wordsmith, singer, musician, photographer, or media crew. Their interest in metaphysics, esotericism, and spirituality as well as the Healing Arts is not just relevant for lucid dreaming, astral travel and projection, and entering altered states of consciousness (of which they’re natural masters of…) These passions allow them to gain specialist knowledge and wisdom, further tuning into the subtle and divine realms to enhance any artistic, musical, or creative project. Extrasensory and supernatural powers coupled with the ability to connect to the divine and spiritual multidimensional realms allows them to access hidden gifts and “superpowers” many of us can’t; clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience, and clairaudience, to name a few.

Some key shadow traits to work on include being jealous, possessive, and quick to react when betrayed or hurt. You can become very manipulative and vengeful, despite being powerfully against other people manipulating you, and extreme secrecy is common. This is true especially after heartbreak, but also at various points throughout life. Going into solitude and becoming a lone wolf is common with this sensitive and deep sign. Their intensity makes them feel things very passionately, and they are genuine in their emotions, affections, and expressions, therefore infidelity, betrayal, or life-changing deception of any kind can bring out the ‘Scorpio sting.’ This is when the usually caring and compassionate Scorpio becomes full of vengeance, spite, and resentment, further wishing to get revenge. Forgiveness is difficult for them, while seeking to create and dish out their own karma is not uncommon either. Rejection, unfaithfulness, and betrayal are three of Scorpio’s biggest fears.

Scorpio is actually the sign of shadow work, which is linked to shamanic principles but also to the ability Scorpio has to see other people’s shadow, as well as recognize shadow traits in the collective psyche and mind. Scorpio is concerned with self-mastery, alchemy, and authentic connection. Their power is penetrative, meaning they often just have to scan you for a little while to sense your vibe. Most Scorpios can read auras, even those who aren’t consciously aware of it. Self-knowledge coupled with non-judgement enables them to see directly into another’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, health (inner vibratory state), and even pasts and belief systems. This signifies that they can see both the light and shadow in others, allowing for connection, deeper intimacy, and higher wisdom.

Extremely loyal, pro-commitment, and devoted in love, family, and business, Scorpios kindness and generosity is at a “selfless” level. They’re not self-sacrificing like fellow sister signs Cancer and Pisces, but they are attracted to charity, acts of kindness, and genuine selflessness. They don’t let their guard down easily, yet once you’re seen as a friend and trustworthy you’re in it for life. Betray their trust and you may feel their wrath, or receive such an intense and heartless level of coldness, rejection, and indifference that you could be entwined in your own negative karma for a while. All signs hold power, but Scorpio is the sign of power with the ancient ruler Mars. Stay mindful because although they appear detached, they are sweethearts with supreme grace, gentleness, and caring on the inside.

A final folly to work through is insecurities projected outwards. Being overly sensitive can lead to projection, which causes problems in relationships. Also, they can be mysterious and in tune with their and the collective shadow to the point of darkness, depression, and despair. There’s an 'emo’ aspect to this usually charismatic and friendly sign, thus take note. Positively, they are very witty. They can make people laugh simply through being their authentic, intelligent, and intuitive selves.

Once Scorpio is well-balanced and older with a range of life experience, fine-tune skills, and maturity to draw from, they are an extremely charismatic, charming, and optimistic person. They’re individualistic, great communicators, positive, and good listeners. Story-telling is an ability that might pop up throughout life, being more and more perfected each time they practice or perform. As a sultry, sexy, and sensational water sign with a lot of fire, Scorpio is a mixture of instinctual, intellectual, empathic, primal, spiritual, majestic, mysterious, outgoing, and philosophical, with extraordinary sex appeal…

Final thoughts:-

● Scorpio corresponds with the reproductive organs and genitalia, and also the colon.

Scorpio colors: Black, deep red, brown, and moss green. Black amplifies psychic gifts and intellectual power, while increasing self-protection. Black connects Scorpio to the Higher Self and multidimensional awareness, activating the spiritual body, and aligning them with the astral and ethereal planes. Simultaneously, black enhances sophistication, charm, and charisma. Deep red evokes immense passion and can both spark and stabilize libido. Sexual life force energy is stimulated with deep red, in addition to self-knowledge (“know thyself!”) and courage and devotion. Brown helps to tame over-excitability linked to sexuality and desire, also enhancing feelings of comfort, stability, and protection when they’re feeling super-spiritual or mystical. Finally, moss green is great for instilling a deeper bond with Mother Earth and the planet that sustains us. Nature is a great healer for Scorpio when they need to ground, recharge, and rejuvenate their energies.

Gemstones and crystals: Malachite, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Diamond, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Labradorite, Red Jasper, Citrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Amazonite.

● Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, transformation, death, rebirth, mysteries, shared resources, inheritances, other people’s money, and shared resources. Intimacy, emotional bonds, and soul and karmic contracts come under the 8th house.


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