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TAURUS: April 20 - May 20

Remember that you can read this Astrological Wisdom for a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising placement!

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Symbol: Bull

Element: Earth

Ruler: Venus

House: 2nd

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green/ Pink


Taurus is an earth sign represented by the glyph of the Bull. Venus is their ruling planet, the planet of female sexuality, beauty, sensuality, romance, pleasure, and wealth. At a lower vibration, Venus can manifest as hedonistic and gluttonistic tendencies, putting more emphasis on pleasure as well as materialism than soulful or spiritual, non-physical, values.

Taurus is determined, practical, responsible, and headstrong, moreover kind, generous, benevolent, compassionate, and nurturing. Earth is a feminine principle, therefore Taurus is deeply romantic, sensitive, and empathic. They possess strong instincts to nurture, protect, and provide for loved ones, in addition to being a powerful practical and domestic support system for friends and family.

Taurus is one of the most reliable, patient, and wise signs of the Zodiac. Coupled with their down-to-earth, grounded, and modest nature, many people tend to look toward Taurus for guidance and inspiration. It’s not the loud, in-your-face, extroverted type of inspiration you might find in a fire sign; it’s methodological, sound, and well-thought out advice. Taurus is both logical and intuitive, analytical and imaginative, and intellectual and creative. They possess evolved earthly wisdom combined with practical and spiritual sight, qualities that allow them to be seen as trustworthy and dependable. They are, in fact, full of self-awareness and self-knowledge, and possess a healthy sense of self-esteem, respect, and boundaries.

With a ruling planet like Venus, Taurus is very similar to mystical and spiritual Pisces who has one foot in this world and one in another, despite being a grounded earth sign (Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means Venus is in it’s best- highest possible vibration- placement when in Pisces!). This signifies that Taurus is not material and spiritual. Venus represents pleasure, wealth, and abundance, which makes them focus largely on the material, practical, and financial aspects of life; they like to create a strong physical foundation, in addition to being surrounded by material comforts. Venus is also the planet of sensuality, beauty, and romance- the ‘Goddess of sexuality…’ This makes Taurus sweet, sensual, and super-empathic to the needs, interests, and well-being of others. This humble and modest earth sign is very compassionate. They’re benevolent with a strong sense of nurturing instincts, care, and sincerity.

Despite being so nurturing, compassionate, and sweet, Taurus is a real achiever and doer. They create a set plan for life enriched with aspirations, long-term ambitions, and goals, and then they work diligently and methodologically towards the end result. They possess vision. They’re idealistic, imaginative, and deeply intuitive, yet just as intellectual, intelligent, and concerned with problem-solving and higher reasoning. Taurus is one of the most balanced signs, signifying that they are in tune with their emotional, psychological and intellectual, spiritual, and physical bodies and life force. In fact, Taurus has many gifts and abilities. Their only problem is that they can be super-modest, moreover shy and reserved! This is something they need to work on if they wish to come out of their comfort zones, interact with their community, and stand in the spotlight. Taurus knows how to shine like a star, they just need a push getting there. Their down-to-earth and sincerely humble character makes them blend into the background, not living up to their full potential and shying away from opportunities. Or actively passing them down to give others a chance to shine...

Positively, this makes Taurus admirable, selfless, beautiful (inner beauty), and a real team-player. Negatively, this prevents them from stepping into self-leadership, as well as not giving their talents, wisdom, and expertise a chance to shine. It’s a catch-22. Why? Because people are attracted to Taurus’ modest and humble nature, it’s what makes them gather lots of friends and genuine supporters and fans in life. Taurus builds a reputation off of their capacity to be a team-player, harmonious, and compromisable. Their inner beauty reflects out into their

relationships and the world at large. Yet, this also holds them back professionally and personally, so the long-term effect is that they can withdraw into excess materialism and comfort zones as previously mentioned.

A shadow trait is a tendency to become a “couch potato!” Taurus’ lesson, therefore, is to transcend greed, desire, and materialistic tendencies, food, excessive reliance on material comforts, and solitude included. At a higher vibration, this sensual Bull craves intimacy, companionship, and self-care, which leads to many opportunities throughout life. At a lower frequency, their instinctive need for daily self-care can lead to the follies described. This is why community, family, and social bonds are very important to Taurus. Unlike the more upbeat and optimistic signs, for instance, Taurus is deeply sensual and “deep.” This depth makes them generous, benevolent, caring, an amazing friend and lover, and fearlessly protective and supportive. Yet the same level of depth and sensitivity can manifest as codependency, mollycoddling, and becoming absorbed in a bubble of creature comforts, all of which sound appealing but, in reality, limit personal growth and expansion. Root chakra living should be balanced and harmonized with the Higher Self, spiritual perspectives, and creative and imaginative self-expression.

Taurus is wonderfully creative, artistic, and intuitive, so there are little problems here. They’re productive, excellent organizers and planners, and great at becoming their own boss. They know how to lead with heart and soul and intellectual power. They are highly respected and respectful individuals, and lucrative opportunities, partnerships, and doorways to abundance and financial wealth flow to them rather effortlessly. This earth sign is gracious, genuine, and inspirational. Despite the tendency to get trapped in comfort zones, they possess spiritual insight, evolved wisdom, potent intuition, and innovative and inventive qualities. Security and stability are immensely important to them. They’re passionate too, but passionate in a grounded and modest way. They excel in the realm of commitments and responsibilities; they have staying power, are not frivolous or flighty at all (unlike fire and air signs), and are extremely loyal.

Faithful, devoted, and going all-in in love, Taurus is a disciplined being who puts their whole heart into a connection, project, or venture. Service is another keyword to describe this kind and tenacious earth sign. Environmentalism, permaculture, charity, humanitarianism, non-profits, and other altruistic pathways light up Taurus’ soul! This is one of the few signs who could easily find themselves as head of a big business, a CEO or boss- with a lot of wealth and fortune, just as easily as they could be selflessly devoted to a project or cause, living the simple life. Further, they are not afraid to “get their hands dirty.” Many Tauruses become tree surgeons, farm workers, etc., doing the work themselves (instead of delegating to others). But, they simultaneously possess holistic vision, able to see the bigger picture and focus on the generational effect their service and efforts will have. This makes them an essential part of a team or organization. They may not be the one dictating orders, however they have valuable insight, knowledge, skills, gifts, ideas, and experience to contribute.

Taurus in love is romantic, sensual, generous, giving, loving, affectionate, and providing. They believe in family and commitment, further playing a number of different roles at home. Patience is one of their strongest virtues. Being in love is a life goal! Taurus is the ultimate family wo/man, whilst simultaneously being a natural lover. Passionate, devoted, balanced, harmonious, dutiful, and playful, Taurus pairs best with other gentle and empathic signs.

Most compatible star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Scorpio is also highly compatible, but this is considered the “opposite” sign in astrology, so it’s the sign they can find the most balance and harmony with. Integration of dualistic forces or polar opposites (qualities, characters, etc.) is possible with this match.

Taurus does need to watch out for idleness, laziness, and lethargy. They can become greedy, focused a little too much on accumulating “things,” or, in some cases, their social status and reputation. It’s only because they care so much about the mark they can leave on the world. Self- worth, identity, and self-esteem are intrinsically tied into their resources and value. If a Taurus feels useless, this will almost always reflect low self-esteem and other insecurities; or a lack of motivation and willpower to be the inspirational and talented individual they were born to be. Taurus shines in a subtle way, you see, but it’s important they do shine to organically heal from their shadow traits (laziness… lethargy…). At their best, Taurus makes an incredible speaker, coach, singer, musician, entertainer, artist, writer, journalist, author, or networker. They excel when they have a platform to share their wisdom and knowledge.

Taurus at the highest vibration is self-mastered, self-controlled, supremely disciplined- yet playful and fun-loving, compassionate, altruistic, and completely aligned with their service or soul mission. They believe in having a life path and plan, a deeper purpose, and staying the distance; longevity is their gift. Also, they need to feel safe around others, secure and at peace in another’s energy. They may have a difficult time listening to red flags and perpetual triggers at first, Taurus is very trusting and compassionate, after all. Yet, it’s in their best interests to heal the need to always play the role of peace-maker or nurturer. Wanting to bring others together in solidarity and unity is a beautiful gift, however, it can also lead to resentment and diminished self-love and self-respect. Stubbornness is another major shadow trait of the Bull.

Faithful and generous without fault, humility combined with sincerity allow this sign to be admired in all the right ways- they’re nothing superficial about them. Deep, spiritual, creative, artistic, intellectual, and an incredible listener, Taurus also has natural healing tendencies. Paradoxically, you love to be surrounded by luxurious and aesthetic items, therefore striking a balance is a lifelong goal for your best well-being. Taurus is magnetic, soulful, and passionate about what they love. They’re a keeper in both love and business for sure.

Final thoughts:-

● Taurus corresponds with the thyroid, throat, and neck.

Taurus colors: earthy greens, light or sea/sky blue, reds, and pinks. Greens help to connect them to their love for nature, in addition to empathy, respect, understanding, patience, and tolerance. All shades of greens enhance their connection with Mother Earth, coupled with respect for their divine physical vessel so they make the right diet and lifestyle choices. Light blue is perfect for enhancing communication and the ability to

express feelings, while sea or sky blues increase energy flow (chi) to the throat and thyroid (ruled by Taurus). Red is great for passion, vitality, energy, libido, and creating a spark in both business and romance, while pink increases warmth, friendliness, and love.

Gemstones and crystals: Emerald, Jade, Malachite, Tigers Eye, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Carnelian, Selenite and Lapis Lazuli.

● Taurus rules the 2nd house, the house of the senses, one’s immediate environment, value and resources, self-worth, material possessions, and the physical world. Real-world themes and affairs come under the 2nd house, wealth manifestation and how we earn/make money included, which reflects Taurus’ personality.


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