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The Healing Power of Herbs & Gemstones

Why I love creating innovative products with herbs, plants & flowers, and gemstones!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

This famous quote by scientist & inventor Nikola Tesla sums up the power of crystals and special gemstones perfectly. Everything is energy, there is a subtle and spiritual essence to everything in the physical universe. It’s when we tune into this subtle energy that we find healing, wholeness, and inner harmony- qualities that lead to a beautiful and abundant life. This is why I chose to create my Intention Candles with rare gemstones!

What about herbs, plants, and flowers?

''Those about to study medicine should light their torches at the fires of the Ancients.''

(Quote by Carl von Rokitansky, a Bohemian physician, pathologist, humanist philosopher and liberal politician.)

Plants, flowers, and herbs are equally as powerful. These gifts from nature work directly on a physical level, further influencing us on the mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and astral planes. Gemstones have metaphysical healing properties, yet simultaneously provide benefits on the physical plane…

We have been using herbs, plants, and gemstones for thousands of years. It’s only in the modern age where we’ve become disconnected from the power of the natural world, and of the universe.

Working with herbs, plants and crystals create a direct and powerful link, or connection to, nature’s infinite energy source. Crystal healers and Herbalists alike know just how significant they are in revitalizing the body’s internal systems, and once you commit to healing yourself you can then be a catalyst or wayshower for others. We’re all interconnected (an important theme from my book, A Twin Flame Mystery, if you’d like to explore this more!). We are, in fact, not separate from nature at all; once we start to see this and rebuild our connection with our true selves, we realize that it’s only the mind’s illusions and self-imposed limitations that create the disconnection.

This ultimately keeps us stuck, or blocked, in a lower vibration, which is where all illness, dis-ease, and disharmony arise.

What is herbal healing + medicine?

Herbal remedies and medicine aim to restore harmony and balance to all of the body’s systems, and the subtle bodies. Burning herbs and flowers like rose petals and marigold allows the healing properties to travel to where they’re needed through scent. Applying them to oils for massage, a bath, or water for self-care allows you to directly absorb the healing properties. All of the flowers and herbs from my Intention Candles can be used both ways.

Consuming herbs internally can protect your cells from free radical damage, and improve all bodily systems, including the immune, circulatory, digestive, nervous, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal and muscular systems. Herbal & flower/plant remedies allow for a balancing of the mind, body and spirit- all are connected as the body functions as a holistic system, one living organism seeking homeostasis.

You absorb the life force energy of the plant, which opens meridians (energy pathways). This then attunes you to the natural world, the frequency of Gaia, Mother Earth, and the planet. Why is this important? Well, from this space your life is filled with magic & opportunity!

You can use the flowers & herbs as part of any aromatherapy, healing, or meditation practice. For example, you may add them to a massage blend for reflexology, aromatherapy massage, or acupressure. You could infuse the herbs in distilled or mineral water and create a healing drink. Or, you may add them to a bowl of hot water for a steam distillation experience, or a hot bath! The choice is yours. Anything that involves balancing your energy systems can benefit from flowers, herbs, & medicinal plants.

Looking to Ancient cultures

Ancient Egyptians were believed to have lived in a golden age of health. Knowledge of herbs (and gemstones) were advanced; they were experienced in natural healing herbs, natural medicines, and accessing extrasensory & supernatural gifts through spiritual healing practices. The quote shared above about lighting one’s torch in the fires of the ancients is actually mentioned in the Papyrus Ebers, an Egyptian book on herbal medicine and knowledge; the oldest and most important book, in fact.

Other cultures knew of the power of herbs & plants, such as the ancient Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern societies. If we take a more holistic and cosmic perspective, we can see that humans have been using plants to heal since the beginning of our journey, times dating back to aboriginal, native, and tribal cultures and communities. Shamans live and breathe for a deeper and more loving connection to the natural world- practices and daily ceremonial actions using plants are integrated as a fundamental part of life, and an essential aspect to our well-being.


Crystals or “rare gems” (gemstones) are powerful little things, although some of them are not so little! Crystals emit an electromagnetic energy field just like we do. The crystal’s energy field interacts with our own, similar to how we each have an aura and this aura projects emotions, thoughts and feelings, subtle intentions, beliefs, and memories from our past. But, the difference with crystals as ‘living entities’ without the full consciousness of homo sapiens; or homo lumens if you’ve achieved an ascended light body frequency, is that the crystal’s power lies in their metaphysical healing properties.

Each gemstone has a unique set of healing properties and powers. Gemstones also relate to the chakras, the energy portals connected to the physical body. In addition to the main 7 chakras, the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras, we also have others serving as a bridge or portal to our multidimensional selves. These include but are not limited to the Root-Star chakra, which connects us (and grounds us) to the earth, Gaia; the Soul-star chakra, located just above the Crown, which links us to cosmic and super-consciousness, the angelic and subtle realms on the higher planes; and the feet and hand chakras.

It’s useful to know this! Subtle energy, life force, universal life force energy, chi, prana, ki…. It flows through your body just as it flows through the earth. Through your feet chakras, your energy is grounded and connected to the Great Mother. Through your hands or palm chakras, you’re able to “channel” life force energy more effectively and efficiently. All great healers, shamans, mystics and spiritual channels began their journey through discovering their connection to the cosmos. Supernatural forces are available to everyone, and our hands are naturally designed to heal… Crystals can stimulate these innate gifts.

Cleansing & Charging your Crystals

Before using any crystals it’s essential that you first cleanse and charge them. The gemstones you will receive in the Intention Candles will already be cleansed and charged, so these ones are fine to use for a while. But, after time and when purchasing new ones from other places, you will need to make sure there is no psychic pollution or negative energy in the crystal’s energy field.

To cleanse your crystal, simply hold it under cold running water. This can be done for as little as 5 minutes. You can also place it in a bowl of mineral, spring, purified or filtered water for optimum effect. Then you will need to charge it… This activates the gemstone’s healing powers. Place the cleansed gemstone in sunlight for 6- 12 hours. You can ‘supercharge’ it in moonlight as well for a more balanced effect, a harmonization of yin and yang energies (this is particularly useful for feminine stones like Moonstone, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, and Rhodonite, etc.)

Crystals and gemstones can also be placed outside during a potent celestial transit: A Solar or Lunar Eclipse, and the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Scientific proof?

Scientists and quantum physicists have discovered some amazing things regarding the law of frequency and vibration, and the power of our minds. Not only are our thoughts powerful influencers, shapers and creators of reality, but they can also be used to change the course of a future direction, action, or timeline. The ‘double slit experiment’ proves this. Scientists recorded the effect of an observer on subatomic particles, which were traveling towards a screen. They found that the presence of an observer, i.e. a human eye- consciousness, actively changed the course and direction of the subatomic particles. Wow.

There has also been much more research done discovering that we can change the molecular structures of plants, water, and our own cells from the thoughts we project. Experiments done by various researchers throughout the 20th and 21st century have come to the conclusion that reality itself is an illusion; a hologram or holographic web of consciousness, consisting of integrating thoughts, emotions and subtle impressions that interact with one another. It’s our own thoughts and beliefs, our internal projection, that create and shape reality.

Two other powerful pieces of “evidence” are the studies and research of Dr Emoto, and the more recent findings of Kirlian photography.


Crystals have been formed through immense amounts of energetic pressure and astrological influence from the elements and planets. You’re aware of how the Sun influences you and makes you feel full of life, vitality, and energy? The Sun gives you passion and aids in your longevity. The Moon helps you connect to your psyche, emotions, and subconscious mind; the Moon is an intrinsic part of daily life on earth. Well, the other planets are constantly interacting with us. They have an astral body, too.

Quite simply, gemstones have been formed through the astral and subtle pulls and energetic fields of the planets. Each planet emits its own frequency with it’s own set of vibrations, qualities, and intentions… Crystals absorb these energetic vibrations.

So, Citrine is representative of the Sun due to its healing properties: working directly on the Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra for confidence, self-esteem, ambition and willpower. Rose Quartz receives the subtle vibrations from Venus, making it perfect for the Heart and Sacral chakras; Rose Quartz aids in emotional balance, emotional stability, love and compassion! Moonstone is deeply connected to the Moon, which allows it to be used for emotional wisdom, healing, intuition, and a spark of instincts & imaginative gifts.

Hopefully you’re starting to see just how powerful crystals are. And without meaning to sound like a record on repeat, these are the reasons for my Intention Candles, which I hope you buy! All with the right intentions, of course. ;)


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