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VIRGO: August 23 - Sep 22

Remember that you can read this Astrological Wisdom for a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising placement!

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Symbol: Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruler: Mercury

House: 6th

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey/ Yellow


Virgo is an earth sign with the Virgin or Maiden glyph. The ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, self-expression, and networking. Virgo is an excellent planner, organizer, manager, analyst, and problem-solver. This modest earth sign excels in all things practical and duty related. They’re responsible, dependable, hard-working, methodological, humble, and down-to-earth. They’re blessed with perseverance, advanced intelligence, and instinctual awareness. Mercury makes them deeply analytical, bright, and perceptive, while being an earth sign provides many nurturing qualities.

Sensitive, empathic, gracious, kind, generous, and considerate with copious humility, Virgo lives for helpfulness. They’re one of the most service-oriented Zodiac signs, enriched with a powerful sense of duty and responsibility coupled with the desire to create. They live for long-term aspirations, dreams, and goals. When they create a plan, they stick to it without a fault. They are completely devoted, committed, and disciplined, further striving towards perfection. Perfectionism is both a curse and a blessing- it’s a blessing when they learn that there is beauty and opportunities for learning and self-evolution within the imperfection.

Negatively, being a perfectionist can lead to cynicism, being overly critical of self and others, and believing they're always right! There’s a demeanor of intellectual and psychological superiority with them, despite their kind, humble, and gentle nature. Nitpicking, over-analyzing feelings and emotions out of existence, and a worrisome mind are common, moreover they tend to suffer from anxiety, stress, and overthinking. Virgo is one of the most stressful and worrisome verging on pessimistic signs of the Zodiac. Furthermore, they focus on the small details, neglecting the big picture. This makes them lack vision, holistic and multidimensional awareness, and spiritual sight.

The positive aspect of this is that Virgo is an excellent taskmaster. As mentioned, they are incredible organizers, planners, and managers, committing to long-term goals and fulfilling them with ease. They are the worker bees of society, deeply practical and incredibly self-sufficient. Virgo loves to help others, attend to chores, run errands, and be of service, both personally to friends and professionally. They thrive in domestic matters as well. The harmonization of a witty and bright mind with instinctual self-awareness, being in tune with their senses, and potent feelings and subtle impressions make them incredibly intuitive. They’re an asset in any project, job, or group activity, also being great team players.

Virgo possesses advanced powers of cognition, observation, logic, analysis, and perception. Merged with their down-to-earth and sweet nature, there’s an element of artistry and creative talent. Their creativity is linked to the need to perfect their skill, such as becoming an extraordinary painter or mastering the violin; it’s not like Pisces’ creativity, which is free-flowing verging on genius, or Leo’s creativity which is full of fire, inspiration, and passion. Virgo is all about skilled mastery and perfection- fine-tuning their gifts, abilities, and talents. Coupled with the need for perfection is their strong sense of honor, duty, and integrity, least to mention purity.

Virgo strives for purity and self-mastery, further reflecting their innocence into intimate relationships. As the Virgin (astrological glyph), this sincere earth sign likes to engage in acts of charity and devotion, such as attending church, creating a sacred space at home, sitting in prayer, or committing to a regular self-care practice. Any spirituality entered into is usually grounded, like working with crystals and gemstones, meditation, and yoga. Physical and holistic therapies can be a route to spirituality for this often close-minded sign. It’s not that they’re ignorant, at least not intentionally, however always attuning to the smaller and insignificant details cuts them off spiritually. Being so analytical and rational can also disconnect them from their bodies, which incorporates the realm of earthly sensations, senses, and psychic impressions. There’s a mind, body, and spirit broken bridge that needs to be addressed throughout life. Regarding charity though, they can be extremely charitable, selfless, and compassionate. They’re definitely not selfish or self-serving!

In love, Virgo is sweet, nurturing, kind, somewhat people-pleasing and over-generous, practical, domestic, and protective. They like to support their partner, further creating a lot of security, comfort, and domestic bliss on the home-front. They’re romantic, sensual, loving, modest, and enjoy their creature comforts. There’s a lack of motivation for travel, new adventures, and fun, but what they lack in spontaneity they make up for in practical support and wisdom. They focus a lot on physical foundations, therefore they enjoy activities like cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, movies, entertainment, media, and unwinding after a long day’s work. Virgo may appear to like the mundane a bit too much, being preoccupied with routines, security, and practicalities, yet they do have a playful, sexual, and funky side that comes out when they feel safe and seen.

Most compatible star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Pisces is Virgo’s “opposite”- this pairing would be able to learn a lot from each other, providing harmony and balance. Fire signs would appear more flighty and in need of constant stimulation for Virgo’s liking, while air signs are a bit too superficial, energetic, and emotionally disconnected. Water and earth signs are the best matches unless there are other significant planetary placements (Venus, Moon, or Rising…).

Virgo emits sensations of serenity and calm. They have a peaceful and chilled demeanor, and air that says ‘I am safe to know and be around.’ They may stress out where their own life is concerned, but to other people they are cool, calm, and collected. They don’t radiate chaos or drama like some of the other signs. People who know Virgo know they can simply “hang out”- life is easy, peaceful, and centered around values of teamwork, cooperation, and togetherness.

They are very natural in their communication, mannerisms, and expressions. Their loyalty is real too, as are their affections; Virgo is not manipulative in any way, nor do they seek control or the spotlight. The only issue they may have is when their need to ‘help’ another becomes an obsessive desire to change them. From thinking they know best, they become critical to the point of attempting to mold, shape, and change virtually anything or everything about someone they love. They’re intentions may be pure, yet it isn’t always received well. This is when a truly laid-back approach should be implemented.

Mental health needs to be taken care of due to mental exhaustion from over-thinking, over-worrying, etc. More time for rest, sleep, and pure, liberated, relaxation is also needed. Emotional intelligence is developed in most Virgos, yet it does need help coming out. Making a conscious effort to amplify and strengthen empathic, nurturing, sensual, and sensitive qualities, in addition to emotional vulnerability and openness, are needed. Simultaneously, relying on logic and higher reasoning alone creates many professional and educational opportunities, but can limit intimate, romantic, and family connections. Virgo is a harmonious and self-autonomous individual, yet isn’t very balanced when it comes to the four different “bodies” (psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual). These are all follies that need to be worked on.

Self-discipline is one of Virgo's greatest attributes. There is no sign quite like them when it comes to creating a long-term plan and actually staying the entire course, apart from Capricorn. They may appear shy, reserved, quiet, modest, and humble, which they are (very much so, and it’s admirable to people who respect these qualities), yet Virgo is not a pushover. They know the art of boundaries, they know how to stand their ground, and they can use their voice to protect themselves and loved ones when it’s truly needed. Virgo is not attention seeking nor are they dramatic, so they won’t shout or dominate simply for the sake of seeking the spotlight. When they do become chatty, communicative, and charismatic, however, it’s always because they have something important to say. Virgo has a lot of self-knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to share.

Contrary to their sensitivity and empathy, this sign has a cold and callous sign too. Perhaps surprisingly, they can push people out, adopting a “none of your business" attitude. This is usually birthed from being cynical, critical, and judgmental; these weaknesses further lead to becoming stand-offish and detached. Energy is channeled into ambitions and can last months to years when in this life chapter, or just be a temporary thing. Communication is key. They do possess a great sense of humor, which is more on the lines of dry wit. They’re witty and intelligent, so any expression of fun and laughter is centered around some wisdom or intellectual


Finally, Virgo is a self-leader and the boss of their life, and they’re extremely resourceful. They like to keep themselves to themselves unless they’ve created a strong bond with you, so don’t take this sense of privacy or reservation personally. They keep their circles small. They don’t do shallowness or superficiality, they’re only concerned with genuine connections and relationships; and mutual respect is of utmost importance to them. Other key attributes include sincerity, honesty, accountability, diplomacy, great listening skills, seeing multiple perspectives, and humility.

Final thoughts:-

● Virgo corresponds with the solar plexus, nervous system, pancreas, and intestines.

Virgo colors: light blue, moss or earth green, and peach/pink. All of these colors aid in enhancing feminine and nurturing qualities, also adding to their unique sensitivity. This naturally softens the more masculine and analytical/thinking part of their personality too. Soft, light, and pale colors help to soothe anxiety and nervous tension, further contributing to the ability to connect to emotional vulnerability, empathy, and intelligence within. Blues are ideal for communication, moreover balancing analytical and logical thinking with intuition and the imagination, which is important to do. Light sea or sky blues are best. These blues also help them express feelings, while light and earthy greens enhance love, friendship, romance, sensitivity, warmth, and tolerance. Pink is perfect for warming the heart, amplifying romantic and sentimental feelings in the process. Peach is a unique color to work with that balances artistic and creative gifts with modesty and sophistication.

Gemstones and crystals: Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Jasper, Green Aventurine, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Sodalite, Turquoise and Moss Agate.

● Virgo rules the 6th house of work, daily tasks and routines, errands, chores, service, health, and well-being. All of these themes are reflected in other houses, however Virgo’s energy represents the smaller details; the daily, mundane, and practical (i.e. not visionary work or service). Daily habits and cycles are presented by the 6th house, which is what Virgo is perfect at. Fitness, diet and lifestyle choices, and self-development are all linked



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