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ECLIPSE CYCLE: November 2021- 2023: Key dates


November 19th 2021

It’s Scorpio season, the sign of spirituality, mystery, intuition, power, and artistic & imaginative gifts. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive and intense star signs, so when the Sun is in ‘The Scorpion’ (the astrological symbol for Scorpio) you can expect new levels of self-mastery and emotional wisdom, intelligence, and intuition. There’s also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, on November 19th. This Full Moon assists you in laying strong foundations for the next few months and years to come.

Let’s explore what this Full Moon (+ Lunar Eclipse) in Taurus means for you:-

  • Taurus is ‘the Bull,’ a grounded, down-to-earth, modest and sensual earth sign. Taurus's are creative, artistically gifted, hard-working, dedicated and passionate people; they thrive in a number of fields, from education and service industries to environmentalism and caring/counselling fields. Many Taurus's are excellent speakers, writers, authors, coaches, and motivational wayshowers for others. They’re gifted in the realm of speaking, writing, poetry, music, and teaching and they know how to get their hands dirty. This signifies they may work as a tree-surgeon, eco-activist, organic farmer or environmentalist.

  • You can tune into all of the above for success this month. Stay grounded as modesty is your key to prosperity and harmonious relationships. Ruled by Venus, Taurus dislikes conflict and a lack of harmony. They’re peace loving beings, devotional and caring, compassionate and generous. Beauty, feminine energy, romance and a love of music, nature, and art define this sign and this Full Moon. Tune into this energy.

In addition to the Full Moon aspect we also have the extra dimension of the Lunar Eclipse. Before exploring this, let’s look at the upcoming dates for this “7-series” Eclipse season, which lasts all the way until 2023.

  1. November 2021: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

  2. April 2022: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

  3. May 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

  4. October 2022: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

  5. November 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

  6. May 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

  7. October 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Significant Themes

1. Foundations, Security, and Strong Roots

You're given a real opportunity to create some strong roots, foundations, and practical structures in your life. Taurus is a grounded earth sign, as you're now aware. They possess extraordinary inner stamina, determination, willpower, and strength to succeed. Celestial & cosmic energies are pouring down on you to help with your longer term visions and aspirations! Dreams, goals and visions that were once born from sitting down in meditation, creating a vision board, or tuning into the subtle influences of the ether can now become a reality.

This lunar cycle is all about self-responsibility, duty to your fellow wo/man and the planet as a whole. Are you ready to get serious with your hopes and wishes, and all the work you've done in previous months & years? There's no time for being stuck in "the dreamer stage"- now is the time to go for it and take conscious, and practical, action!

2. Vision and Self-Alignment: Creating A Bright Future

In addition to being wise and down-to-earth, Taurus is sensual and surprisingly creative. This energy is assisting you to tune into your inner visionary. Imaginative currents and artistic and spiritual visions can flow to you effortlessly, it takes only a little bit of mindful meditation or introspection. I.e. connecting to the subtle and spiritual energies all around, or engaging in self-therapy, sound healing, or the like.

Don't be afraid of stepping into self-leadership and drawing on some levels of personal courage and confidence to manifest victory. Look towards Taurus' glyph, the Bull- a head-strong and incredibly willful animal who, quite literally, takes charge. Self-control and a genuine motivation to succeed can naturally expand your vision and keep you optimistic for your future in the process.

3. Beauty, Romance, and Female Energy

Prepare to feel the love flow and amplify... Venus is Taurus' ruler, so this puts an emphasis on sensuality, beauty (inner beauty), romance, self-love and the outward flow of unconditional love. Erotic love and female approaches to sexuality also come under Venus' realm. You may find your desires revving up and a general need for soul-merging, connecting to your own soul through self-pleasure and various forms of self-care, and soul-merging with another. A need for sex & intimacy are heightened.

You can channel this basic human desire into work, creativity, artistic & imaginative gifts, relationships, or your bigger dreams. It's important that you do spend some time at least energizing (paying attention to) your sexuality. Kundalini energy can be stimulated, awakened, and activated this way; and when you awaken your kundalini you will find all other areas of life improve. Venus helps spark a need for love, on all planes and dimensions, while helping you feel more connected to your body & senses.

Dance, paint, write poetry, garden, work with essential oils and aromatherapy; express yourself in whatever way you see fit. Supercharge the crystals and special gemstones from any of the Intention Candles you purchase from myself, and work on healing yourself this month. The light of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will bathe you in magnetism, romantic desires, and sensuality that allows for greater self-expression, and feelings of well-being.

4. Childhood Wounds Healing & Overcome Trauma

Finally, there is significant emotional, mental, and spiritual space for healing and integration of old wounds. This Full Moon's sign, Taurus, is very traditional with a link to roots and family. A conservative and traditional nature combined with such evolved emotional intelligence and empathy, means that we will all feel pulled towards exploring old wounds and trauma and then integrating the lessons. Karmic and family wounds and ancestral and personal traumas come under this.

A lot of our childhood memories and experiences are stored in the subconscious mind. The psyche (and subconscious) comes alive during "yin" activities- meditation, introspection, creative and imaginative/artistic development or expression, dreaming, and sound, color, light, music and nature therapy. These are just a few examples! Seeing a counsellor, past-life therapist, hypnotherapist or healer can have the same effect. To make the most of this Full Moon, connect to your past and look back at your family. Perhaps there are memories that you've forgotten, from your youth, and that have been in the shadowy realms of darkness and unconsciousness?

The memory is an interesting thing.... and Taurus' have excellent memories. There's equally a unique level of maturity and timeless, ageless, wisdom with this star sign. Emotions and sensations that were once repressed or suppressed can come up for healing and acknowledgement. Acceptance of your dark side (shadow self) leads to integration of your light. And harmony, bliss, and inner contentment flow in abundance once you've balanced your light and dark attributes. Meditate on/seek to cultivate the qualities of empathy, emotional intelligence, wisdom, emotional maturity, spiritual maturity, and self-awareness. Real healing can be achieved now...

This Eclipse lay the foundation for the following Eclipses lasting until 2023, so it's an important one to tune into and revisit!


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